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South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Uros Island March 12th 2016

Our guide picked us up near the harbour and took us a short journey around the lake to the most obscure little jetty I've ever seen; we drive over a very bumpy set of railway tracks and then down a rough concrete ramp. A small open boat was waiting for us and we gingerly clambered aboard. Our skipper pushed off into the reeds with his paddle and we soon emerged into a 12 foot channel that went this way and that way, like water roads. Ed and I knelt in the front and leant on the prow, as the spray blasted us, it really was a joint 'Yeehaa' moment. We looked behind us and Cas and Hat had huge beaming smiles. The reeds go on for as far as the eye can see. Despite being at ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno March 11th 2016

The air was so thin that I couldn't sleep a wink. Every time my breathing slowed down I had to wake up to take a deep gasp. Fortunately, the kids and Cas were able to sleep through. Cas woke with a headache and we are both feeling the effects of attitude sickness; it's like having a very bad hangover. There was a bowl of coco leaves next to the hot water at breakfast and I'd read that drinking coco tea can help. They look like bay leaves and the taste is very mild. We had a wander around Puno and went to visit a quirky exhibition of traditional costumes. However, it was empty when we arrived. The kids are clearly going through a growth spurt, Hat in particular, as their attention quite quickly turned to 'are ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca February 5th 2016

Right away when I got off my tour bus and into the lobby of the bus station, a man came right up and asked me if I needed a taxi. Usually I go past the first ranks to the less pushy guys, but I was exhausted. So I said ok: he didn't know where my hostel, Cozy Hostel, was located but I showed him on a map and agreed to the price. Then he asked if I wanted to set up a tour of the islands. Again, tired, but also want to get this taken care of before I go to bed. So, he actually had an office at the bus station and I felt much better about the whole set up. Plus, the price he gave me for the tour was the same I had ... read more
Puno - grilled trout and wine
Local women singing
Alex and Alex showing us the construction of the islands

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca January 13th 2016

Machu Picchu was stunning! Absolutely heavenly. I have to admit that by the fourth day of the Inca Trail, I was over it. My ankles and knees killed me. They are still killing me. I feel like I hiked solo all four days. As soon as we started hiking, my group was already halfway down the mountain. I was left to small talk in Spanglish with the tour guide for hours. It felt like not having a place to sit at the lunch table in school and eating in the classroom because I had no friends. *Violin sounds.* The beginning of arriving at Machu Picchu would’ve gone a lot better if it wasn’t for: A. Dying physically and… B. Under the assumption 140 soles was taken from me. The night before the group was compiling tip ... read more
Aguas Calientes Shop
House in Machu Picchu
Hot Springs

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca January 9th 2016

PERU...Lake Titicaca Homestays. I've been robbed of my money and passport when travelling, had numerous slips and falls, even rolled a car upside down in a creek, travelled with a necrotic leg, been locked up, nearly drowned countless times, been freaked out in the deepest dark caverns, hung onto various cliffs for dear life to avoid being blown off, had food poisoning, bites, stings, disappointments that would crush many men. But nothing...I mean nothing...comes close to suffering camera failure in Peru. Fair go. I'm a tough old rooster. But camera failure when the sun is clouds in sight potentially dropsy or accident to explain it. There I was taking a portrait photo in Ollantaytambo and the camera wouldn't focus. Talk about a disaster. ****** Fortunately I have the world's most understanding dance partner. Fortunately ... read more
Water Tornado over Titicaca

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Uros Island December 17th 2015

Yesterday was really just a travel day, but wow! The sites you can see on the bus from Bolivia to Peru. The Bolivian countryside had some mountains, was this beautiful verdant green and was this strange mix of traditional and modern life. Traditional Bolivians worked the fields, perhaps tended sheep or their garden plots, while on the modern side of things there is a massive road building effort which had us in construction most of the way. We were required to first cross the lake via ferry, while our large bus was also ferried over separately. That was a fun experience and then further down the road we had the privilege of leaving Bolivia and walking across the border back to Peru where we find ourselves right now. So, on to today, a fantastic experience that ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno November 21st 2015

Geo: -12.122, -77.0266Yesterday we flew LAN A319 to Lima, a 100min flight landing at 1520. Got to Juliaca airport (an hour's drive from Puno) two hours early and spent more than an hour waiting in line to check-in. In Lima (pop 10M) it was an hour's drive to our hotel in the up-market Miraflores district.Our hotel room is on the 16th floor and has large picture windows. Sadly the haze/fog/pollution has not lifted and it is a very grey outlook. Not dissimilar to China. Our guide said it rarely rains in Lima; there is no wet season. We went for a walk and saw several good-looking and busy cafes and, surprisingly for a downtown area, a few large and lavishly decorated casinos. Our guide recommended a local restaurant for dinner and we had a good meal ... read more
Surquillo Market, Miraflores
Sky Kitchen
Fresh tasting

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno November 20th 2015

After arriving at 5am into Arequipa we managed to crash in the common room area of our hostel before being allowed in our room. We spent a lot of the day sleeping off the overnight bus before venturing into the centre to check out the Plaza de Armas. This was a fairly typical (and well kept) square that had a massive cathedral at one end. The cathedral was flanked by massive snow-capped volcanoes on either side of it (stunning El Misti is visible from all over the city and is around 6,000m high). In the evening we hung out with some English chaps that had been on the Peru Hop buses with us, drinking Pisco Sours and other local cocktails, and we agreed that we should do a 2 day trek with them into the (relatively) ... read more
Santa Catalina Monastery
Flower lined street in the monastery
El Misti in the background

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno November 20th 2015

Do Puna jsem z Cusca jel nočním autobusem. Za 240 Kč asi osmihodinová cesta v obrovských spacích sedadlech. Uvažoval jsem i o vlaku, ale ten stál přes 6000 Kč, takže volba byla jasná. Cestou jsme projížděli město Juliaca. Byly asi 3 v noci a já si připadal jak v postapokalyptickým filmu. Neskutečně rozbitá silnice. Domy co připomínaly spíš zříceniny a nikde žádná známka života. Nejhorší byl prach, co všude vířil a který jsem v nose cítil ještě dva dny potom. Puno je na břehu jezera Titikaka ve výšce zhruba 3800 metrů nad mořem. Puno má asi 160 000 obyvatel a je to největší město u Titikaky. Mně se docela líbilo, na místní poměry není ve špatném stavu, má solidní centrum a není to jen atrakce pro turisty jako centrum Cusca. V Punu jsem si připlatil ... read more
Plovoucí ostrov
Loď pro turisty
Zvědavé děti

South America » Peru » Puno November 19th 2015

Geo: -15.8279, -69.9929Sadly Robyn was still feeling poorly this morning, and when she discovered she'd left her small jewellery bag behind (on the train?) she decided to forgo the Lake tour and spend some quiet time and see if she could track down her bag through contacting our tour coordinator.So I left at 7am to catch a 44 pax "speedboat" to cruise the lake and visit the floating Uros Islands and Taquile Island. The tour commentary was in Spanish and in English, not my preference, but it was comprehensive.No luck finding the jewellery, bummer. Breaking news, not lost, just misplaced!!... read more
Uros Islands
Island building
Taquile Island

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