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South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo October 10th 2015

We ended up in Santa Marianita following decision to engage in more volunteering and making contact with a guest house called The Donkey Den on HelpX. Attracted by the promise of abundant cats and dogs, we made our way from Quito and via Manta to the small fishing village. In recent years it seems to have gained international fame for two key reasons: it is one of the best spots in the region for kitesurfing, and it is one of the best spots in the region for buying land and building property. The tourist industry is steady there as illustrated by the numerous hotels along the beach front, of which The Donkey Den is one, whilst the local community lives in a village about 15 minutes walk from the cluster of resorts. As volunteers the duties ... read more
Vampire Cat
Cats everywhere <3
Dogs everywhere <3

South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo August 28th 2014

We spent one night in Chiclayo so we could visit the Museo Tumbas Reales del Senor de Sipan in nearby Lambayeque. The museum contains all the precious finds from the Royal Tombs of Sipán and is designed so you follow in the footsteps of the archeologists and see everything in the same order as they were discovered. The museum contains lots of artifacts as well as photos from the dig. It begins at the top with the detailed ceramics representing gods, people, plants, llamas and other animals. The next level was my favourite with unbelievable jewellery such as the fine turquoise and gold ear ornaments showing ducks, deer and the lord Sipán himself. The archeologists had left a small part of some of the items as they found them, which clearly showed the amount of painstaking ... read more
Mancora beach
Gary's final jandle goodbye
Outside the Museo Tumbas Reales del Senor de Sipan

South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo March 26th 2014

DAY 37 Another hot & lazy start to the day by the beach before re-packing for a lunch time trip back to the Tumbes bus station for another 8 hour trip down to our next stop, Chiclayo. 3 hrs later the bus went past our hostel, an unfortunate waste of time but just the way the bus system works here. Back on the Pan American Hwy in a very comfortable Double decker bus mainly following the coast with the blue Pacific on one side and vary bare desert hills on the other. Initially past some very basic villages each with a flotilla of boats anchored offshore. Pelicans were doing what they were meant to be doing, dive bombing for food, instead of like the ones at home who seem to sit around tourist areas waiting for ... read more

South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo October 4th 2013

It was early afternoon when we arrived in the city of Chiclayo, the fourth largest in Peru. We figured one afternoon would be enough to take a look at the city center, and to find a tour to see the ancient sights the next day. We were right. Rather than nice and picturesque, the city seemed tiring with its dusty streets full of holes, constant honking concert and generally rundown feel. The main square had some nicer buildings, but that was pretty much it. I had been looking forward to the Witches' Market mentioned in our guidebook as the main point of interest in the city center. Of course I was expecting a decent sized market full of quirky stuff. Hah - it was just one corner of a huge general market. Or actually, even that ... read more
Holding on to a knife with Sicán symbol of god
Pyramid valley

South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo September 15th 2013

Chiclayo may not be the prettiest place in Peru but it has some good things going for it and you can spend a happy weekend there. For me the highlight has to be the Museum Tumbas Reales del Senor de Sipan, the climate and the friendly people – it’s ‘the city of friendship’ no less. To set the scene, Chiclayo is large commercial desert city (the country’s fourth most populous - 650,000 inhabitants) in northern Peru. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants, cinemas, malls and good transport links. It’s 17 km from the coast and is sunny for most of the year. I stayed there with my boyfriend for two weekends as it was a convenient meeting point between Peru (where he lives) and Ecuador (where I was living – well, only a 24 hour ... read more
Moody Moche at Senor de Sipan museum
The Senor de Sipan excavation site
Pots. pots, pots

South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo September 13th 2013

Currently in Huarez (Sept. 14) We flew from the Galapagos into Guayaquil and took a taxi directly over to the ginormous Terminal Terrestre which is right next to it. I had down an internet search and had found the Turismo Civa company which had a sleeper bus directly to where we wanted to go (Chiclayo) at 9 pm so we found their office and bought the tix pronto. This sleeper experience was going to be a new one for us! We killed some time by joining a crowd watching Ecuador play Columbia in football (they lost!) then went to where we can see the bay and waited for the bus. The sleeper thing was pretty cool - it was comfortable and there wasnt anybody next to me so that was even better. They played a ... read more

South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo May 5th 2013

3-5th May ’13 Chiclayo Our first full day here we didn’t do much as Howard’s bowels were causing him grief! We did manage to get to the main square without being mown down (a minor miracle), Howard finally got a haircut and I have never known someone take so much pride in his work – Juan was a perfectionist, he must have been in the military!, we managed to sort out and book ourselves on a tour for the next day and found the bus station we needed to book our tickets for Trujillo on Sunday, which after a long time in a queue we did. The next day was fantastic we were booked on The Sipan Tour with Moche Tours and the guide spoke excellent English and hearing him switch between Spanish and English was ... read more
4 Museum De Sitio Huaca Rajada - Sipan (4) Moche pottery
4 Museum De Sitio Huaca Rajada - Sipan (6)
4 Museum De Sitio Huaca Rajada - Sipan (7)

South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo February 20th 2013

We arrived at Chiclayo expecting great things and overall left disappointed. We stayed in Muchik Hostelwhich was plain but acceptable. Out toilet broke and the owner refused to fix it on the grounds that it was ok when we arrived. Hello Trip Advisor. Her husband, however, was an entertaining lunatic. He refused to allow Alison out of the hostel past 9pm one evening on the grounds that it was a full moon and obviously this meant that crime rates would soar. He also spent some time explaining to us that he was avoiding guests as he had been unable to shower all day and that we should be careful to dodge the impending virus that would spread like wildfire through Europe. The food in Chiclayo is simply terrible. We overstayed as Hana was ill and needed ... read more

South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo July 30th 2012

An unplanned, unexpected - and hence thoroughly unwelcome - overnight bus journey whisks us westwards from Chachapoyas, dumping us most unceremoniously in the coastal city of Chiclayo at the ever-so-slightly-inconvenient hour of five in the morning. We've been given dire warnings by various people in our first few days in Peru about wandering around cities after dark - "you'll be robbed", said one lady outright - so feel rather uneasy stumbling out of the bus all bleary eyed into Chiclayo's morning fog. A quick phone call later and a sympathetic hotel owner has agreed to let us have what one might call an "early check-in". Disaster averted - it was that or wait, exhausted, in the bus terminal for several hours (with a distinctly unhappy Alex for company!)... Peru's northern coast was, in centuries past, home ... read more
Chimú squirrel bas-reliefs, Chan Chan
Moche frieze, Huaca de la Luna
Chimú squirrel bas-reliefs, Chan Chan

South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo June 24th 2012

Day 252 Tuesday 19th June We started the day with breakfast overlooking the water before the fun of town and trying to get money out again. We walked along the beach to town which takes about 35 minutes and at low tide is easy, but at high tide has you scrambling over rocks. We are lucky today on our walk as it is low tide so we got the easy walk, but once in town we have to face the ATM machines and as we tried each one we had the same result, no money. We finally got to one of the last machines in town and there was a screen around it and guards working on it, a glimmer of hope. Two American girls were already queuing, as the screen was removed and they approached ... read more

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