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South America » Peru » Huancavelica » Huancavelica » Yauli July 8th 2010

If Huancavelica moves slowly, Yauli goes in reverse. A bucolic settlement forty minutes from Huancavelica by taxi, it is an unassuming town of a few thousand far enough away to leave the tedium of Huancavelica behind but original enough to make a day of it. Within ten minutes of leaving Huancavelica, the taxi turns off to the right and dips along an unpaved road. The track hugs the mountainside. Large birds of prey float overhead. Cattle graze in yellow fields cordoned off by stone fences. The river water looks deceptively clean and fresh. Rosalinda and I jump in the collective taxi at the noisy and scummy bus depot in Huancavelica. Just two minutes later, the final third and fourth passengers arrive. Collective taxis only leave when full, meaning it could be a quick wait or it ... read more
Vote for Cura!
Vibrant Colors
Attending to Details

South America » Peru » Huancavelica » Huancavelica July 7th 2010

Someone did something to piss off the driver who is taking us from Huancayo to Huancavelica. Master of his own Nissan sedan equipped for four scrawny passengers, he seemed to be in a good mood. Perhaps he was rooting for Argentina and lost it after they rendered a fourth goal to the Germans. I honestly have no idea, but why did he have to take it out on us? It is no wonder why Peru is famous for stories that appear in the newspaper or on the evening news about public transportation vehicles that roll down hillsides. I never really understood why until we got Mario Andretti as a driver. Rosalinda and I are pinned in the back seat like some high school physics experiment on centrifugal force. The racecourse is a one hundred fifty kilometer ... read more
Vertigo, Anyone?
A Cover for a Travel Book?
Cathedral in the Plaza de Armas

South America » Peru » Huancavelica » Huancavelica July 4th 2010

I once thought that those who contract altitude sickness were simply doing something wrong. They didn’t take the proper precautions. They were not employing the proper breathing techniques to get enough oxygen into their system. I was sure if I concentrated enough and took very deep breaths this surely would not happen to me. Rather it would be the other passengers who would start to sway and feel ill on the morning bus ride to Huancayo. It would take me over a high range of the Andes. I have rarely encountered motion sickness, so there was nothing to worry about. Motion sickness and altitude sickness are nearly the same, right? The highway from Lima to Huancayo begins to seriously incline after Chosica. The climb is not as if the bus were pushing its way up a ... read more
Orihuela Residence
Orihuela Residence
Inner Patio at the Orihuela's

South America » Peru » Huancavelica » Huancavelica February 1st 2010

Hey Everyone, I am back in Lima after my month stay in Huancavelica. I will tell you about the bus ride back first because it was pretty interesting. I got on the bus in Huancavelica at 8pm Sunday night. It has been raining a lot up there so there are a lot of rock slides. The bus was pretty nice with reclining seats and a bathroom. We were on the road for about 2 hours when I woke up and we were stopped at a rock slide. We had been stopped for about a half hour and got going again after about another half hour, then a little later at about 1130 I woke up again and we were stopped again. This time everything was quiet, the bus was off, and everyone was sleeping. I guess ... read more
Dog Peeing

South America » Peru » Huancavelica » Huancavelica January 6th 2010

It is pretty rainy today so I have some more time to try to put up pictures. It is Three Kings day or something though so I went and saw a little play in the Plaza de Armas. Also people are lighting off more fireworks. I guess there are a lot of holidays here in January. Well hopefully here are a bunch of pictures from my last week here.... read more
Car Towing a bike
Church in Puerro Libre
My room

South America » Peru » Huancavelica » Huancavelica January 6th 2010

Hey Everybody, I finally got my pictures uploaded from my camera, so I am going to post a bunch on here. For New Years here I had a huge Thanksgiving like dinner here on New Years Eve with turkey and Paneton and a little wine and hot chocolate. I guess it was a typical thing. Then we hung out and the priests sang some songs in Spanish that I didn't know. I shattered my record of eating dinner with 7 priests. This time there were 16. At nine they all went to bed or to do whatever priests do, so I decided I had to stay up until 12, so I watched a movie and the horrible CNN coverage until 12. At 12 I went outside and people were lighting off fireworks and burning things all ... read more
From the Seminary
Around Town

South America » Peru » Huancavelica » Huancavelica December 31st 2009

For those of you that don't know, I decided to come live in the mountains of Peru at a place called Huancavelica for a month during my summer vacation. I wanted to get out of Lima for a little since I am going to be there another year and I don't have enough money to just travel, so I looked for volunteer opportunities where I could basically live for free. It turns out the school I was teaching at helps out this town of Huancavelica through it's priests, so I had the opportunity to come up and live in the seminary and teach some English. Huancavelica is a small city of about 40,000 people in what is called the sierra or mountain region of Peru. It is at about 12,000 feet and is surrounded by mountains. ... read more

South America » Peru » Huancavelica » Huancavelica June 17th 2009

We left Huancayo by taxi at an all too early hour in the morning - our driver collected us from the hostel as arranged, and as Nico decided to join us on this leg of the journey we unfortunately had to bump another bloke out of the ride - who we later met in Huancavelica, Luke, from the Lonely Planet... top bloke. The taxi ride was straight forward, we passed massive farming areas and learnt that the locals grow a ridiculous number of potato species, passing security checkpoints was stress-free, the road soon climbed over several passes - and down the other side was possibly the one of the world's most impressive potential Targa stages, I failed to get a photo but imagine about 40 mins of continuous sealed-road hairpins winding down a stunning valley, gold ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 2
Photo 5

South America » Peru » Huancavelica » Huancavelica August 18th 2006

Huancavelica and Huancayo We took a night bus from Pisco to Huancavelica and it was probably best that we couldn’t really see where we were going. At times the bus crawled around rock ledges and steep drop offs, mostly on dirt roads, arriving in Huancavelica at 5 am. We spent two days in Huancavelica, a small mountainous town where we were the only foreigners at that time and it made for great conversations while eating our peanut butter in the park, listening to music at a nearby community festival, waiting for buses or being given an extensive tour of the reconstruction efforts of an old church. While touring the church I tried to explain that I had been a building inspection and due to our inability translate correctly I suddenly became an architect and they showed ... read more

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