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South America » Peru » Cajamarca » Cajamarca April 6th 2014

The Spanish were so confident that they would successfully conquest these mountainous lands that they named them 'Peru' before they had even made the first attempt. Francisco Pizarro landed at Tumbes on the northern coast in 1528 and noted the generous amounts of Gold and Silver around the town. The inhabitants did not equate gold with wealth. To them it was a link between man and the sun, a store of holy energy and was used to cover temples and create religious implements. Pizarro was back in Spain in 1529, raising funds for his next expedition to the country. While he was there King Charles V gave him the title of Governor and Captain General of Peru and demanded a levy of 20% of any wealth that was obtained. (Such a levy was par for the ... read more

South America » Peru » Cajamarca » Cajamarca February 3rd 2013

With a bit of a flight delay we arrived in Cuenca fairly late on, we’d booked ahead and were staying in an old part of the town. On first impressions Cuenca appeared to be very nice, lots of small cafes, and wide streets leading down to a tree lined river. The next day having found our land legs we wandered around the town. It had a lovely central plaza with a number of cafes and as normal lots of churches. It was easy just to wander the streets – it wasn’t full of people rushing around – it had a nice pace of life. The town has many small museums a couple we visited included the Panama Hat museum – Panama hats not being Panamanian but actually Ecuadorian in origin and a museum with an extensive ... read more
View of Cuenca Cathedral
Walking in Vilcabamba
Cumbe Mayo

South America » Peru » Cajamarca » Cajamarca March 12th 2012

Het verkeer in Lima is crazy. Op de piektijden staat er overal file en is het in krioelende hoop auto's. Alles rijdt kris kras door elkaar. Je moet hier niet gek op kijken als de auto die op een vierbaansweg op de rechterbaan voor het stoplicht staat links af slaat. Het resulteert in flink wat claxonneren maar het werkt. Naar Pachacamac reden we over de Pan-American Highwaydie op sommige stukken in één richtig 5 banen breed is. Benzine is hier een stuk goedkoper als in NL. Toen we gingen tanken betaalde Patricia 12 solles voor 1 gallon. 1 gallon is 3,78541178 liter. 1 liter benzine kost in Peru 0,90 euro. Het openbaar vervoer zijn hier allemaal busjes die een bepaalde route rijden, daarnaast rijden er heel veel taxi's. Ik verplaatste me dus hoofdzakelijk met taxi's. Voor ... read more
Cumbe mayo
Verfgooier 5
Cajamarca carnaval 1

South America » Peru » Cajamarca » Cajamarca April 3rd 2011

Après Copacabana et le lac Titicaca côté Bolivien, j'ai fait un long voyage pour me rendre de Copacabana à la frontière Pérouvienne, puis Puno, Arequipa, Lima et finalement, Cajamarca, et ce, sans arrêt dans ces villes, sinon le temps d'attendre mon prochain autobus. Soit, ce fût plutôt long. Pour l'occasion, je me suis offert la meilleure compagnie d'autobus de Pérou, Cruz del Sur, qui offre le meilleur service et confort, incluant même du wifi à bord de ces autobus. Quoi que la connexion fût plutôt mauvaise, j'ai du me résigner à ne pas en faire usage... Avant le départ, on vous filme à votre siège et vous demande gentiment de regarder la caméra pour quelques secondes, question sécurité.. En cours de chemin, on joue même au bingo.. idée d'occuper les passager un certain temps et de ... read more
Let's have a party!
Cochon d'inde.. Bon appétie!

South America » Peru » Cajamarca » Cajamarca November 7th 2010

Dnesni den zacal opet brzy. Uz o 5 jsme byli vzhuru, abychom stihli bus, ktery mel jet o 6/podle mistnich/, ale nakonec dosel az v 7. Cesta nas vedla z Tinga do Cajamarcy a podle pruvodce to mela byt skutecna natrasacka prdeli... zadny asfalt, jen ujezdena zemina, misto tak pro jedno auto a pod vami sraz tak 300 metru. Docela zazitek jako z filmu, kdy se uz vidite na dne kanonu. Nezbyva vam jen se modlit - pokud verite nebo verit, ze ridic cestu zna. Okolni scenerie peruanskych And byly neuveritelne a nakonec jsme byli radi, ze jsme tuhle cestu jeli, i kdyz po 11 hodinach toho mate vic nez dost. Po ceste se stavelo na snidani, na obed, pro nas neobvykle, pro mistni normalni. Dalsi zvlastni veci bylo rozdavani pruhlednych plastovych pytliku cestujicim-nejdrive jsme si ... read more
na ceste/on the road
na ceste/on the road
na ceste/on the road

South America » Peru » Cajamarca » Cajamarca June 11th 2010

South American Wanderings We left Galapagos a month ago now, semester ended, visas expired and we were sent flying back to Quito where the Andean climate was crisp and cold and beautiful…such a change from the humid sea level of the islands. Sad to leave but the time was right to move as I suspected I´d feel. After leaving we spent a week at the home of one of my teachers about an hour out of Quito. A beautiful German woman called Judith with a big mud brick home, horses, chooks, children. We spent our time debriefing about uni, discussing conservation and planning and dreaming future research ideas. Riding horses in the golden light of the late afternoons, cooking delicious food. One day we climbed to the first refuge of Cotopaxi mountain, Ecuador's highest volcano…at ... read more
Pueblo de los muertos
Pueblo de los muertos

South America » Peru » Cajamarca » Cajamarca April 11th 2010

Arriving in Cajamarca from Trujillo, it was a pleasant change to be welcomed by cold and wet weather. The overnight bus was annoyingly too short, arriving at 5:30 in the morning, but luckily most hostels are 24 hours, so I was able to arrive at mine around 7ish. After resting a bit in the hostel, I headed straight for the main square with the aim of booking whichever tours interested me. In the end I booked 3 half days tours for a total of 10 pounds for all 3, including all transportation, entrance fees and a guide, which was surprisingly cheap. (There was one tour, which I didn’t book, which sounded bizarre - basically observing farmers calling their cows over to them one by one by calling out each cows’ name). Some of the tour agencies ... read more
The Ransom Room
One of the hospitals in the Belem Complex
The "Inca Throne" overlooking Cajamarca

South America » Peru » Cajamarca » Cajamarca February 21st 2010

Cajamarca - Carnaval From the humid jungle to the mountainous, dairy capital, and largest Carnaval celebration in Peru we went. Cajamarca is definitely my favorite spot in Peru. It is absolutely beautiful and the people there are very kind. It is surrounded my green mountains, full of day hikes and pre inca ruins. It has an awesome plaza de armas, that is absolutely wild during Carnaval. Carnaval was full of parades, elaborate costumes, reynas, dancing, live music, parties in the plaza that went on all night long for 4 days with people singing and dancing while passing around bottles of warm, homemade liquor mixed with maracuya juice. The last day of Carnaval is a "mourning" celebration. Las viudas (widows), which are actually men dressed as old woman from each barrio compete to see who does the ... read more

South America » Peru » Cajamarca » Cajamarca January 4th 2010

Cajamarca From Lima we booked a flight on Star Peru Airlines and travelled to Cajamarca. Cajamarca is in northern Peru at an altitude of roughly 9000ft. The name Cajamarca means the place of the Caxa (pronounced casha) cactus. It was absolutely wonderful to arrive to a place that was green, the air was clean, and the view included trees, mountains, and farmland. When I stepped off the plane I could not stop smiling! Our first day we walked around town, taking in the sights and the scenery and admiring the ornate colonial churches. Later that day we went to Banios del Inca. The Banios (I spell it with ‘ni’ because I do not have the Spanish ‘n’) del Inca consists of a series of baths or hot tubs fed from the hot springs (158 degrees Fahrenheit). ... read more
Banios del Inca

South America » Peru » Cajamarca » Cajamarca May 4th 2009

Well, as we bid farewell to the hot and humid tropics of the Amazon Basin and moved inland the scenery of Peru changed dramatically. On our bus journey from Tarapoto to Chachapoyas I was barely able to stop taking photos of what appeared to be awesome landscapes, but in fact turned out to be essentially the same shot of a mountain with clouds surrounding the very top, and although spectacular first hand the views just didn´t translate so well to our cheap point and click digital camera. My over zealousness meant that Jules had to spend at least an hour deleting many of the 120 photos of said hills and much to my chagrin and attempts to convince her that all the photos taken from a quick moving bus were of equal validity and high quality, ... read more
Chachapoyan Sarcophagus´
Chachapoyan Village
Amazing Scenery

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