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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island September 21st 2015

Unser erster richtigter Ausflug auf Galapagos ging natürlich zu den Riesenschildkröten. Wir fuhren mit dem Taxi zu einer Ranch, wo wir ganz viele gigantische Landschildkröten bestaunen konnten. Insgesamt waren ca. 20 wunderschöne Tiere dort, die wir gesehen haben. Das Areal war ziemlich groß, so dass wahrscheinlich noch doppelt so viele Schildis irgendwo herum liefen, die wir nicht sehen konnten. Die Schildkröten zu beobachten, war ein tolles Erlebnis, auch wenn ich das jeden Tag Zuhause könnte, aber in diesen Dimensionen ist es natürlich noch mal viel schöner. Der Taxifahrer wartete bis wir, nach ca. einer Stunde, zurück kamen und zeigte uns dann noch einen Tunnel. Dieser Tunnel enstand durch einen Vulkanausbruch, er war ca. 500 Meter lang. Der Taxifahrer brachte uns zum Eingang und sagte, dass er am anderen Ende, mit dem Taxi, auf uns warten würde. ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island August 26th 2015

The last month of my trip … I took a 2am bus from Cuenca to Guayaquil (Ecuador most populated city) to catch my 10 am flight to Baltra, Galapagos. When we got to the island, we had to pay a 100$ entrance fee. I thought everyone knew that but apparently not. An American women (how am I not surprised) with her 2 sons said: ‘’You guys are trying to rip us off! We are not paying that!’’ She was asking everybody around here if they knew it and they all said she but she continued her scene. After I passed the customs, I took a first bus, then a ferry and then another bus to Puerto Ayora, where I was going to stay for the next month. This is called South American style: Why build a ... read more
Tortoises Ranch (June 23 & July 3)
Tortoises Ranch (June 23 & July 3)
Tortoises Ranch (June 23 & July 3)

About a month ago I had booked my flight to Galapagos and since then I couldn't stop thinking about how it would be.As I had talked to a lot of people, who had been to Galapagos before, I took the decision not to book anything in advance. No risk no fun. And I just did not want to spent 1000$ for a 3 day cruise. That was the best offer I could find from outside. Once you arrive in Galapagos, having paid taxes of 20$ I to my backpack going outside looking confused. Not long and a guy came up to me, asking if indexed a tour or something. He oofered me to take me for free to the city as he was going anyway. Surely he wanted to sell me his tour. But a free ... read more
Galapagos Cruise - our boat "La Fragatta"
my cabin

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island December 16th 2014

I decided to skip breakfast, which in hindsight was a great decision. A day of scuba diving lay ahead at Gordon Rocks, just off Santa Cruz Island and the sea was rougher today causing some of us to feel a little sea sick. We stopped off near the dive site so that the new divers could check their gear and be briefed on hand signals. In the meantime we admired the sea life by the rocks. The blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, sea lions among others. On the boat was a biologist, who passed me his binoculars pointing out all of the animals. It was a really great to hear about all of the animals from an expert and to see them so close. We approached the rocks, where the current felt much more strong and the ... read more
Marina Iguana
Cactus Tree
Me at the Bay

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island December 10th 2014

Saturday 6th December 2014 Arriving back to Santa Cruz was a case of coming back to the reality of hostel accommodation; check out our photo of the view from the bedroom window. It is a bit different to the Albemarle Hotel on Isabela! The room, however, was clean, cheap and had air con, so no complaints. On Saturday we hiked to Tortuga Bay, about four kilometres, so eight kilometres round trip. The camino that leads to the bay is simply a granite-built pathway, so the only way to get there is either to walk or get a boat and then swim ashore. It was a lovely walk through an Opuntias and Mangrove forest that stretches for miles. The Opuntias are cactus trees. This is the only place on earth where ... read more
Opuntias: Cactus trees
Cactus Finch
Grey Crane and Pelican

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island November 29th 2014

Friday 28thNovember2014 The Inland Highlands: Santa Rosa We hoped to see some giant tortoises today. We didn´t expect to see hundreds of them. The inland highland areas of Santa Cruz Island are quite lush, with untouched vegetation that the tortoises thrive on. Sadly, elsewhere, as mentioned in a previous blog, their habitat has been destroyed and numbers have decreased. Not here, however. The Santa Rosa region is an oasis for these magnificent gentle giants. One has to be careful driving along the tracks, because they don´t understand the Green Cross Code and they amble along all over the place, at leisure. We left the hostel early in the morning and went with a guide (just the two of us). He was a lovely character, but not particularly knowledgeable and informative, as one expects a guide to ... read more
Pelican with attitude!
Gentle Giant
"Stand still please!...

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island November 27th 2014

Thursday 27th November 2014 We noticed that in our last blog the photographs were not reproduced correctly. All of the photos seem to have been moved slightly off-centre, and one of the Marine Iguanas has his nose chopped off; most mysterious, because the original photos are all fine. So we have included another Marine Iguana photo with this blog. There are so many of these creatures here in Santa Cruz, that we have hundreds of photos of them. We meet them on the beach, swimming with us in the sea, or they are to be found sunbathing on the pavements or walls. Yesterday we took a water taxi across the harbour and then walked along the shore. It was a dull humid day so we didn´t snorkel. Today we had to move out of our little ... read more
Puerto Ayora, the "capital city"
Harbour water taxi
'ol Blue Eyes

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island November 26th 2014

“The earth is not a legacy from our ancestors, but a loan from our children” Native American Traditional (quote on our bathroom wall) We have only been here twenty four hours and we have already seen more wildlife than we expected to see in a fortnight. This place is incredible! John has already taken 203 photos and Viv took 65 before the battery died (must remember to charge up every night). We have swum in a lagoon with Marine Iguanas, seen Giant Tortoises, Land Iguanas, Booby Birds (but not the blue-footed ones yet), Pelicans, Cormorants, a small Ray, Sea Lions and numerous Darwin Finches of different colours and sizes. We haven´t hardly started yet, not having left the town of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island, where we are staying. We left Quito early ... read more
Fishing harbour near our flat in Pelican Bay, Puerto Ayora
 "Where's my breakfast?"
Sea lions playing in the fishing harbour

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island November 9th 2014

1000 kms off the Ecuador Coast lie several small islands. Together they are known as the Galapagos Islands and this is where I´ve been the past two weeks. Typically when one thinks the Galapagos Islands they think nature, rich pensionsers and well off honeymooners and as 90% of my flight from Guayquil consisted of the last two groups, this only served to reinforce my expectations! However Galapagos really took me by suprise, the nature and scenery was spectacular but all the other stuff I did not expect ! ARRIVAL Travelling solo and having done little to no research of the islands meant I had little to go on when I arrived Sunday evening the 26th of October. One thing that stood out though was the prices - between double and triple for supermarket, pharmacy good etc. ... read more
Land Iguana having a bite to eat
Avi and Dan
A little friend I made

goodbye, san cristóbal! wir verlassen die kleine insel mittels schnellboot, auf dem markus innerhalb kürzester zeit tropfnass gespritzt ist während ich von meerwasser geschützt in der kabine sitze. zwischen zu vielen menschen, die sich alle der reihe nach übergeben. herrliche überfahrt! und das zweieinhalb stunden lang…! in santa cruz entwickelt markus, wahrscheinlich aus lauter dankbarkeit über festen, trockenen boden, irren hunger und so werden erst einmal sanduches (so schreiben sie es hier!) gefuttert. und dann soll in der nähe noch ein schöner beach sein, tortuga bay. wir machen uns also auf den weg und erreichen bald den hochoffiziellen, aber erstaunlicher weise kostenlosen, eintritt zum schön ausgepflasterten pfad. durch einen kleinen wald aus kakteen wandern wir gemütlich bis wir das meer schon von weitem hören. nach einer halben stunde erstrecken sich vor unseren... read more
big echsen
fooling around
die frau und das meer

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