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South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca July 15th 2018

César, the leader of Selva Vida, the project where I volunteered in in Ecuador, had been telling us a lot about the different national parks in the Amazonas of Ecuador. Having been a bit disappointed about not seeing many animals where we lived, I was very eager to go there. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one feeling this way ; when I told Maja that it would be nice to go to Yasuní together with César as a guide, maybe at the end of their stay in Selva Vida, she was very excited about it and talked to Jacob and César about it. César had been a tour guide in Baños and in the national parks before starting his project and he was excited about doing this tour with us, especially with Maja and Jacob, and ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca July 15th 2018

César, der Leiter des Projektes « Selva Vida » in dem ich meinen Freiwilligendienst in Ecuador gemacht habe, hat uns viel und oft von den verschiedenen Nationalparks in Ecuador erzählt. Da ich ein wenig enttäuscht war, dort wo wir lebten nicht viele Tiere gesehen zu haben, hatte ich große Lust einen dieser Parks zu besuchen und, glücklicherweise, war ich nicht die einzige die so fühlte! Als ich Maja sagte, es wäre ganz cool würden wir am Ende ihres Aufenthaltes in Selva Vida alle zusammen mit César als Guide zum Yasuní Park fahren, fiel die Idee auf fruchtbaren Boden. Sie erzählte Jacob davon und zusammen schlugen sie César vor diese Tour zu machen. César hat vor Jahren als Tourguide in Baños und in den verschiedenen Nationalparks im Amazonas und kennt sich dort sehr gut aus. Er war ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca March 5th 2014

After the ranch we went to Quito, I was quite nervous because a bus going our same route was held up at gunpoint a few days before our journey. Thankfully we made it just fine though. We spent a week or so in the capital city staying at a lovely place that Eva had recommended, owned by Europeans, it was very nice and affordable. We went to the actual equator and had fun doing silly poses on the line! We applied for our Brazilian visa's in Quito so we had to stay around longer than we planned. We went up to Mindo and went tubing down the river, hiked to various waterfalls which required riding on a cable car and was the beginning of conquering my fear of heights. When we returned to Quito I forced ... read more
Hiking in Mindo
Gonna Die If We Fall

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca July 24th 2013

Hey, This blog is quite long and took a few days with travel and illness intervening. Sorry it took so long to publish and we do hope you enjoy it. There are almost 80 photos attached so don't give up too soon. Well, we went to El Oriente this week after having promised ourselves we were not going to Malaria/Dengue fever country. We have made these kind of promises before (In Thailand we did not take hiking boots and found ourselves hiking the Burma Border in sneakers after a similar we are not going on a trek in the jungle). Ya think some day we might learn. At least we were equipped for this one and...for what it's worth, we did not catch either Malaria or Dengue....whew!!! Our trip started with getting up at 0530 ... read more
Oil rig
RIver Boat Hotel for Tourists
Motorized River Canoe

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca May 25th 2013

The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve is the largest track of Amazonian Rainforest in the Western Amazon; its world famous for its high diversity of life on this planet. I came to this reserve in 1998 for the first time. since then I had the privilege to explore the core of this huge wilderness always in company of the Waorani People: True Guardians of the Yasuni in the last 3 thousands years. I invite you to watch this little video about the wildlife I was able to capture with my pocket camera. I hope you enjoy this and share it with your friends alike. Thanks ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca October 22nd 2012

The morning after the break down saw us leaving Coca on a motorized canoe finally heading towards the amazon jungle along the Rio Napo. The Rio Napo flows into the Amazon and according to the guide books contains some of Ecuador’s best jungle lodges. Sani Lodge didn’t disappoint. After a 2hr canoe ride we hiked through the rain forest to a jetty on the edge of a lagoon deep within the Amazon Jungle. From the jetty we boarded small dug outs and were paddled down the tributaries to our home for the next 3 days. Sani Lodge is run by the Sani Community, a combination of the income from the lodge, other projects and government grants means that they’ve brought and maintain a large part of the rainforest. As well as preserving their heritage it also ... read more
Giant Trees

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca October 22nd 2012

The Amazon Adventure – Day One Like all good adventure stories this one started with a plan, hiccupped slightly, fell apart completely and will hopefully (unconfirmed at the time of writing) have a happy ending. The Plan Leave Quito @ 4am to drive the 300k to Coca then travel by boat for 2 hours down the River Napo to reach an eco lodge deep in the Amazon jungle. Stay for 3 nights, go on jungle hikes during the day and night, eat nice food and generally have a lovely time. The Hiccup Combination of bad weather and bad roads meant that the direct route to Coca became impassable earlier in the week. New Plan – leave Quito at 2am to allow for a huge detour and still make the 1pm boat booking. The Falling Apart Bed ... read more
Holding Up the Traffic
Stopping to Help

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca August 7th 2011

Buenos dias! Alicja here. We have spent the past week in the Ecuadorean Amazon Rainforest, which was the most thrilling part of our trip so far! On the Monday, we took a flight from Quito to Coca, and then took a 3 hour boat to the jungle, and another 1 hour canoe to our hotel, which was a traditional lodge made of bamboo. After we had settled in, we went for a walk in the jungle with Lindsay and Leah (also in our group), our tour guide, Jorge, and our native guide (Pajarito, it means little bird) who could spot a camouflaged frog in the dark ten meters away! Later in the evening after dinner we went on a canoe on the river to spot Caymen. We didn't manage to spot any that night but ... read more
ecuador 1094
ecuador 1109
ecuador 1120

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca May 19th 2010

My journey into the Amazon rainforest only got better. After the piranha fishing (very unsuccessfully I might add, tricky little buggers can nibble around the hook), we went on another short hike through the forest. To our delight, just near the lodge, we saw some small black monkeys called Black-Mantle Tamarin. They had been hanging out in the area for a couple of days. Then a short while later we came across the Pygmy Marmoset Monkey, apparently the smallest monkey in the world. Not long after that we saw some Squirrel monkeys, and later we saw more Squirrel Monkeys who had joined up with a troop of Capuchin monkeys. As we getting in our canoe and heading up the canal towards the lake that leads back to the Lodge we had to stop and make way ... read more
Beautiful tropical flower
Another tropical flower, and check out the ants

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca May 18th 2010

I arrived in Quito on Sunday afternoon, checked into my gorgeous little hotel, La Rabida and decided to go for a short walk. I asked the friendly guy at reception where to wander and he gave me a little map and pointed me in the right direction. Then I asked if it was safe - I had heard that Quito was in parts quite dangerous. He responded that it was perfectly safe, but as an afterthought added that I shouldn't take my camera or more money than I think I would need. So not really then! Anyhow Sunday afternoons in most Latin American countries from what I can tell is completely dead, however I wandered around the neighbourhood in the area that I am staying, Mariscal. It was only on my return that found a guidebook ... read more
Final canoe ride to Sacha Lodge

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