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South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca November 7th 2009

Disclaimer: This is a lengthy and, could be deemed, slightly dull account of our time in the Jungle including in depth descriptions of the tribe we visited, their history, geographic info on the Amazon region and my insights on Western life in comparison to the Indigenous groups of this area. As such, don´t subject yourself to this if you are not interested in it. I will do a quick overview later on when we have time which will be a shorter and easier on the brain cells. Leaving Quito After 3 weeks, we felt we were ready to leave Quito for the Jungle especially when the Ecuadorian´s fascination with urinating in public was again demonstrated to us, on the way to the bus stop. A man in a suit was peeing on the bonnet of somebody´s ... read more
Lemon Ants
Huaorani House

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca November 2nd 2009

Hej alle, Vi har mange rigtige gode billeder fra junglen (synes vi selv) som vi gerne vil dele med jer om som vi ikke kunne faa oploaded sidst. ... read more
junglens farligste dyr!
en cayman i vandkanten foran vores hut
ara par

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca October 2nd 2009

I guess I´m going soft... I decided to take the early morning flight to Coca, the edge of the Amazon. Can you blame me though when the alternative was a 10 hour bus ride and the flight only cost $45? I think not... I arrived bleary-eyed into Coca and was promptly dropped off at a hotel to await the other souls heading into the jungle with myself. A couple hours passed and I was beginning to get a little grumpy when my companions finally arrived. Travelling into the jungle with me would be Ryan and Kate (an early 30´s couple from Scotland) and Thom (a brit with a lovely accent). Also accompanying us on the journey but (thankfully) not the rest of the trip was quite possibly the most demanding, stereotypical german woman I have ever ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca May 26th 2009

Destination two on the world tour is Ecuador. We arrived in Quito from Mexico City, via a short stopover in Panama City and spent the first night in the old town of Quito. Quito is the second highest capital in the world at nearly 3,000m (that's 3 times the height of Ben Nevis) so it is cold here at night and breathing is a little harder than normal. The old city is situated on the hillside with cobbled streets, plazas, cathedrals etc. The next day we headed back to Quito airport to embark on our tour of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The trip to the Amazon involved every mode of transport apart from a bike with a short flight to Lago Agrio, a 2 hr bus trip to Coca, then a 1hr 30 mins motorised canoe ride ... read more
Sunset on the Manatee
Parrots at the "clay lick"
"Rio Napo" from the canoe

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca April 20th 2009

Theres a reason these places are called Rainforests More an experience than a photographic subject, the rain and the animals having little respect for us tourists. Leaf-cutter ants chew off pieces of the leaves of trees and carry them, single file, to their underground nest, where the leaves stored in warm humid conditions will develop a fungus growth. This fungus is food for the ants. Stepping over a procession of leaf-cutter ants while walking through the Amazon rainforest in the pouring rain is one of those priceless experiences that so typifies this part of the world. The Amazon is a wet place and for the last 5 days we, and everything we own, has been wet too. A little uncomfortable, yes, but its quickly forgotten when drifting down the river in our canoe we are accompanied ... read more
Sunset over the lagoon
Julie being prepared for war

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca March 16th 2009

Arriving in South America was an instant wake up to all our senses as we were immersed in a different culture once again. For the first few days we found our feet and our breath in Quito which stands at a dizzy 2850m above sea level. We explored the colonial old town and started to tune in our ears to the local lingo, Sima was putting her GCSE Spanish gained from evening classes to good use. In Quito we meet up with our fellow expedition members (EMs) joining us on the Global Vision International (GVI) rainforest conservation project, in total there were 18 of us. After a breifing in the hostal we set off on a 5 hour bus journey to the town of Tena where we spent a night before taking another 3 hour bus ... read more
02 Where there's a will there's a way!
03 Looking up from the old town to the Panecillo (ontop is the Virgin de Quito)
04 Buildings in the old town are examples of the Baroque School of Quito

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca December 1st 2008

Teleportation I sit perched on the edge of the boat's bow with my bare feet dangling in the water. This isn't one of the long, wooden river canoes, but the fiberglass outboard motor boat we had when I was a kid. Rusty orange. Thirty-five horsepower. This isn't even the Napo River. It's a lake somewhere in Oklahoma. I am sitting at the very front of the bow - just on the port side where the two halves of the hull come together at a point. I look out at the expanse of the lake and try to identify it. Definitely not Tenkiller. Not rocky enough. Bar-Dew? Could be. Grand, Hulah, Skiatook? Maybe. Beside me on the coarse synthetic excuse for a carpet of the deck is a Zebco rod and reel. Actually, the Zebco is sitting ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca November 26th 2008

From Quito to Rio Napa We arrived finally in Ecuador after flying forever from NZ with a v. brief stopover in Santiago. Quito, I could take or leave to be honest. Its not the nicest place in the world, and the Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was nice enough, but a bit, ummm, grotty really. There were some beautiful churches, covered with gold leaf on this inside, and museums, and we went to the Vivarium (snake house) which was pretty cool. But there is definatey an undercurrent of unsafe in Quito and we met people who´d been mugged for their cameras and wallets. But we were just very careful and were completely fine, not even pickpocketed when we accidentally went a stop too far on the local bus system and ended up ... read more
View over Quito
Quito, much nicer by night!
A few beers by the wheelbarrow fire on the roof of the hostal

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca October 29th 2008

Opprørerne i Bolivia hindret oss tidligere å komme inn i Amazonasjungelen, men nå var det en ny sjanse. I Coca ble vi plukket opp med motorisert kano, så bar det nedover Rio Napa. Elven var flomstor denne dagen, og luktet jord og halvråtne planter... Det var nærmest en luksustilværelse vi ble innlosjerte i da vi ankom Yarina Lodge. Egen bambushytte med bad, rennende vann (tidvis varmt), samt strøm fra kl 1800 til 2200. Det var et ”hovedbygg” med rader av hengekøyer, noen bord hvor måltidene ble inntatt, og en bar. Bygget var i utgangspunktet en stor platting med tak over. Lodgen hadde også flere bur med dyr, dvs apekatter og fugler. Dette var både skadde dyr og tidligere ulovlige kjeledyr som skulle vende tilbake til naturen. Vi ble etterhvert svært gode venner med to av apekattene. ... read more
På toppen av fuglekikketårnet
Villapekatt (Red Howler Monkey)
På vei inn i jungelen

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca October 10th 2008

Heat, humidity, and chocolatelessness are 3 things I generally seek to minimise in my life, so heading into El Oriente had the potential to cause me some major trauma. El Oriente is Ecuador's slice of the Amazon basin, that sprawling stretch of steaming selva that occupies nearly 50% of South America and functions as something of a lung for the planet as a whole. I had ambitions to see tarantulas, piranhas, and anacondas in the wild and it was here that I was hoping to meet them. Leaving a chilly Quito under grey skies, the first leg of my journey was a short hop on a plane to the gateway town of Coca, a transport option that had greater appeal than the alternative of an overnight 11 hour bus ride. The scene below me gradually became ... read more

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