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South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca August 28th 2008

The streak of bad luck that had started in Bolivia didn't show any signs of letting up when I got to Ecuador. I hadn't been there 48hours before I was robbed by what I can only describe as a magician. I had my camera stolen and my purse emptied. I have absolutely no idea how they did it or when it happened. I can only guess that it happened on the bus during the 5 minutes that my bag was up above my head on the luggage rack. Put up there by a man that I later realised was only pretending to work on the bus. But how he/they managed to open the bag, take out my cardigan and books, open the camera bag, take the camera, find and empty the purse and then put everything ... read more
Sailing to the lodge
Dinning room cabin
All aboard - setting off for our morning walk

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca August 19th 2008

Hi everyone here is the Amazon jungle blog. Make the most of them there are only two more to go!!! I´d been wanting to visit the Amazon since landing in Latin American having heard so much about it. The jungle and Banos were the last two visits in Ecuador and it would have meant having seen everything on the list and spending two months in the country!! Previously the most time I´d spent in one country was Oz and that was five weeks. After putting back my flights to Rio by 2 weeks I set about trying to pick a lodge that looked good. It was a minefield in Quito there are so many travel agents and the cost is quite high so its important to shop around. The Rough guide book also listed all the ... read more
Ecuador flag
Jungle paper

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca April 27th 2008

Ok so those of you who noticed a touch of brashness in the last blog (and that i guess depends on if anyone actually read the last one) maybe hoping that the main character - me gets a touch of come-up-ance. Well don´t worry you are in luck. I just have two words for you: Altitude Sickness! So anyway the day starts like any other. I get up pack my walking boots, crampons, sky coat, harness, water proof trousers and my ice pick into a bag and head for my pick up point. From there we drive to Cotopaxi. During the drive we talk in Spanish about politics, football and many other topics. I say many other topics because my vocab seems to extend reasonably well on the first two topics and after that if some ... read more
Me with Altitude Sickness
Our refuge
Us and our guide

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca October 23rd 2007

For me, this was the part of our visit to South America that I was looking forward to most. I have always been intrigued by the Amazon rainforest. I had also been eager to visit Coca since I read Joe Kane's book "Savages" (a fascinating read if you can get your hands on it(. Not because Coca is a particularly beautiful place, in fact it is far from it, but to see for myself both sides of Ecuador's Oriente - on the one hand, the most biodiverse region in the world, and conversely the devastating impact of the oil industry on both the forest and it´s indigenous people. Coca became the heart of the oil industry in Ecuador when the oil companies arrived on the Rio Napo in 1987. With them came the Capuchin missionaries, uncontrolled ... read more
Rio Napo
Sani Lodge
Sani Lodge

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca October 2nd 2007

"¿En serio?" asked our bilingual guide, Elaina. Yes, he WAS serious. Patricio, our native guide had seriously just seen the back of an anaconda surface only 15 feet from our dugout canoe. We all looked to the spot in the black water where the bubbles still lay formed on the surface, but we were too late to see it. But that was close enough to shorten my breath and make me grip the edges of the small canoe for dear life. I have not ever seen the movie "Anaconda" but I couldn't keep my vivid imagination from developing all sorts of irrational scenarios... At any moment, the snake could capsize the boat, sending all 7 of us into the murky blackwater lagoon, and then the snake would have a free-for-all! What shore would I swim to? ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca July 10th 2007

Hallo, We zijn gisteren teruggekeerd van een driedaagse ontdekkingstocht van de jungle van Equador. Eerst met het vliegtuig van Quito naar Coca voor een halfuurtje, dan de speedcano op voor twee uur en een half via de rivier Napo, een belangrijke toeleverancier voor de Amazone, om dan aan te meren in the middle of nowhere. Kwartiertje stappen tot een lagune tussen de muggen en andere beestjes, in een tropische regenbui ( vergelijkbaar met een stevige douche ) een gewone cano op, naar een lodge La Selva genaamd. Onze groep ( Marijke en Luc ) werden begeleid door de tourleidster Paula, een sympathieke natuurkenster Amanda en de locale junglespecialist Ephrain. Kennis gemaakt met een vlinderkwekerij, met gedeteilleerde uitleg van eitje over rups en cocon tot volwaardige en mooie vlinders. Met gekregen laarzen via verschillende tochten de jungle ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca July 10th 2007

Hello, We have been exploring the jungle of Equador for three days recently. We left Quito by air to the town Coca, were we took the speed canoe up the river Napo to head to a jungle Lodge La Selva. Our tourleader Paula came with us, and we were assisted by Amanda, a specialist in flowers and birds, and a local junglespecialist Ephrain. We explored the jungle via several walks, with high boots on, used the canoe to travel the lagoun, climbed a high tower to spy onbirds and monkies, and really enjoyed the wildlive, even when the rain came down as a immense shower for hours, just fun. Return to Quito the reverse way, and then we took the local bus for a trip of four hoursw to the south, and now we are in ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca July 2nd 2007

Ok so since everyone will be asking why we are back before our 4 weeks are complete this is why... Our placement was meant to be teaching children english from a nearby community and helping rehabilitate animals that have been rescued by poachers! The place we went was a tourist lodge which was very resort like so you didnt even feel like you were in the jungle, there were 3 animals in total kept at the lodge that werent sick and the children from the community were on holidays so we couldnt teach english. Our activities included an hour in the mornings starting at 6:30am to clean and feed the 3 animals, then after that we raked leaves all around the lodge and cut the grass with a machette which one would call a fantastic character ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca June 19th 2007

Well after the high of the enchanted islands it was time to head off to somewhere even more remote, the vast almighty Amazon Jungle. So to the land of giant snakes that eat people, ticks that can kill you, creatures in the water that can ruin men for life and man eating piranhas, well most of this according to the movies anyway, here we come. The Amazon Rainforest is a moist broadleaf forest in the Amazon Basin of South America. The area, also known as Amazonia or the Amazon Basin encompasses seven million square kilometers (1.2 billion acres) and is located within nine nations: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. We opted to see part of this vast empire from Ecuador, as we were there already, and made our way to ... read more
Our first mode of transport.
Our MAIN mode of transport.
Monkey business!

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca June 8th 2007

So up early to head off into the wilderness and the unknown on Saturday, on one hideously uncomfortable 10hr bus journey on what can only be described as mud tracks...argh.....Hannah also took the window seat cos she gets travel sick, which meant whereas usually I can lean against the window and sleep the entire way, I was rather uncomfortable on our bumpy bumpy bus...Nevermind, I had my music! Had copius supplies of ritz biscuits, oreo wannabees and juice....not exactly the healthiest diet, but its all the corner shops seem to offer when it comes to travel M&S sandwiches here... Into Coca finally at 5pm and to our hostel. Coca, however, is not the friendliest of places and we felt very out of´s an industrial oil town, which has very much the air of ... read more
Rio Napo
Rio Mandura
The Campsite

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