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Outside of the entrance to Tayrona, we set to work trying to figure out how to get to our fancy hotel that we had booked in Barlovento. We new it was close, but we didn't have a good map. There were some taxi drivers that wanted to charge us an exorbitant 40,000 pesos, so I phoned the hotel and asked them the best way. They said it was just as easy as catching any bus heading east and telling them you were going to Barlovento, and the drivers all new it. And it was just that easy. After getting off the bus, it was a short 10 minute walk down a quiet lane to the hotel known as Barlovento. Lonely planet describes this as the “single most beautiful place to hang your hat in the area ... read more
Our Home For the Night
The Lakeside
The Seaside

After a not-so-good sleep, we got up and headed out to catch the bus to Tayrona. We grabbed a street breakfast on the way to bus. I don't remember what we had, but it was probably bunelos. At the bus stop, the first one was full, but they come every fifteen minutes so we caught the next one, and we were at park gate an hour later. Thanks to our hammock reservation, we got to skip the line at the park entrance. The trip into the park starts with a short 1-2km walk along a road to the start of the trail, so we elected to take the van shuttle to save some time. It was about an hour and a half walk through some beautiful scenery to our hammocks in Arrecifes. We passed by lots ... read more
Hittin' the Trail
That's Some View Right There
Crowded Trail, But Great Scenery

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Ciudad Perdida January 12th 2015

Stumbling monotonously uphill under the sun, heavy-legged and dreary-headed, ears and senses numbed and an unrelenting thirst. A similarly sorry state named Elly is swearing under her breath as she trudges up ten yards behind me. No, it isn´t 5am in Sheffield, but rather half an hour into our ascent to the Sierra Nevada jungle on the infamous Lost City trek in Colombia. Simultaneously battling the insect repellent-induced sweat slowly burning away my sight while attempting to assure Elly it ´will get easier soon´ inbetween my own intermittent hyperventilating, I started to wonder if we had bitten off more than we could chew. Contrastingly, after being dropped off in the freezing cold rain at several thousand feet on the Machu Picchu Jungle Trail with just a bike and a vague instruction from our guide ´bajo!´ (down), ... read more
A Shaman
Machu Picchu
Ciudad Perdida

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta January 10th 2015

We took a bicycle taxi to the bus station to save some walking. It only cost us 6000 pesos instead of the10000 it cost to get into town. Prices may vary... We bought tickets to Santa Marta on direct bus, but the six hour bus ride took eight hours, which is the norm for Colombia... On the bus we bought arepa with egg from one of the many vendors that got on at one of the stops, and it was delicious. We should have bought more bus snacks on this trip. There's really no downside. We took a taxi to Hotel Miami and got a room. One of the staff had a huge Great Dane that was super friendly. I don't think dogs that big really know how big they really are. We needed food so ... read more
Hello Mr. Police Officer, Can I Try Your Segway?
Santa Marta

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Ciudad Perdida December 14th 2014

So Cartegena... Formerly a key stronghold of the Spanish empire being the closest South American city to Spain, it has seen more then its fair share of battles - good news for a history buff such as myself. Its also mid 30s temperature wise and too hot is always better than too cold. However as a result the local economy is more tourism based with the result you have guys trying to sell you drugs every ten steps! And the weather combined with being very humid = alot of perspiration ! After the quietness of my hostel in Medellin I decided to go for the opposite in Cartegena and stayed in the always active Mamallena hostel. Immediately after getting off my 15 hour bus ride I booked a mud volcano tour leaving in the afternoon. This ... read more
Floating Away
Toucan in Minca

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Palomino October 17th 2014

We decided to fly from Medellin to Santa Marta as the cost of a flight wasn't much more than taking the bus and it was much quicker. We arrived at Santa Marta airport and took a taxi to our accommodation in Taganga. Taganga wasn't what I was expecting, the lady in the hostel described it as a poor suburb of Santa Marta which was very true. Most of the roads were dirt, there wasn't mains water so our hostel had to buy it in, and there were numerous mangey dogs roaming the streets. We spent the afternoon in the pool at the hostel as it was really hot and humid before venturing out down to the beach. The beach didn't inspire me to want to swim and the area had a strange feel to it, maybe ... read more
Tiki Hut
Palomino beach
Walking back towards Palomino

Maxa z Rakuska som zacala volat Robinson. Vzdy, ked sa za nim obzriem, lovi v mori ryby, splha sa na kokosovu palmu, alebo nahana leguanov po lese. Medzicasom sme zistili, ze kokosy nam len tak zo stromu nespadnu, tak sme nasli jeden orech padnuty na zemi. Maxovi trvalo vyse hodiny, kym sa prepracoval k mlieku. Vysledok stal za to. Na dalsi den spadne kokos hned vedla naseho stanoviska s dekou. Max dlho nezahala, uz zhana nozik a pusta sa do prace. Vylepsil si cas, teraz mu trva 10 minut, kym sa dostane k mlieku a daslich 10 minut kym sa prepracuje ku kokosovemu jadru. Mmmm, to bola mnamka, ty kokos! ... read more

Sme v Santa Marte na severnom karibskom pobrezi Kolumbie. Mesto nic moc, ale hostel At Jackie's je prijemny. Trosku som sa tu v tento den zezoterizovala. Betho z Nemecka mi na pockanie vyrobil naramok z farebnych spagatikov na nohu a ucil ma zonglovat. Vyrazame do narodneho parku Tayrona, ktory je necelu hodinu autobusom od Santa Marty. Na ceste stretavame prveho Slovaka s jeho kamaratom. Pridaju sa ku nam. Alebo my k nim? Do parku sa plati vstupne (39.000 pesos). Kolumbijcania to maju za polovicu. V pralese stretavame skupinku indianskych deti (indigenas). Macetou nam predelia kokosovy orech a my sa osviezime nie zrovna zrelym kokosovym mliekom. Ubytujeme sa v kempe Cabo de San Juan. Postredie a plaze su nadherne, wecka a sprchy uz trochu menej. V pozadi plazi je prales, napadne pripominajuci obrazy Henriho Rousseaua. Nad celym ... read more

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta August 15th 2014

Après deux semaines passées à Carthagène, nous commençons à nous sentir un peu chez nous et c’est vraiment agréable ! Les taxis ne peuvent plus nous arnaquer, les commerçants nous connaissent et nous font des prix locaux, les voisins de Mario nous ont acceptés dans leur entourage… Nous retrouvons Barbie, un ami d’Armand, à l’aéroport de Carthagène pour une semaine de visite intensive du nord du Pays. Notre passons tous les 3 une dernière soirée chez Mario pour fêter son anniversaire. C’est une très bonne introduction : Barbie se retrouve à danser de la salsa ou encore à chanter des chansons françaises en portant une cravate jaune et des lunettes disco avec Mario, … Nous sommes vraiment tristes de quitter Mario et Piedad ! Le lendemain nous partons à l’est avec comme premier objectif la découverte ... read more
Cabo San Juan
Vers Pueblito

The past ten days have been spent exploring some of Colombia’s Caribbean coast. The highlight for me was definitely Tayrona national park where beautiful beaches meet protected forest teeming with wildlife. We also spent time in Santa Marta, Palomino and travelled inland to the stunning mountain village of Minca. Our first stop from Cartagena was Santa Marta where we based ourselves for the week; all of the places we visited were relatively remote so we couldn’t take all of our stuff, fortunately we were able to leave our large backpacks at the hostel while we explored. We stayed at ‘Drop-Bear Hostel’ in a residential area of Santa Marta which proved to be perfect for our needs. Although very gringo-fied Drop-bear has everything you need before setting off for a few days in the wilderness including a ... read more
Cotton headed Tamarin, Tayrona national park
A few of the animals we saw in Tayrona national park. 1. Blue land crab 2. Cotton headed tamarin 3. White fronted capuchin monkey 4. Green iguana 5. Rufus-tailed Jacamar 6. Rhinocerous beetle 7. Leaf toed gecko 8. Cray fish 9. yellow-striped poisen frog
Rustic but practical

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