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The past ten days have been spent exploring some of Colombia’s Caribbean coast. The highlight for me was definitely Tayrona national park where beautiful beaches meet protected forest teeming with wildlife. We also spent time in Santa Marta, Palomino and travelled inland to the stunning mountain village of Minca. Our first stop from Cartagena was Santa Marta where we based ourselves for the week; all of the places we visited were relatively remote so we couldn’t take all of our stuff, fortunately we were able to leave our large backpacks at the hostel while we explored. We stayed at ‘Drop-Bear Hostel’ in a residential area of Santa Marta which proved to be perfect for our needs. Although very gringo-fied Drop-bear has everything you need before setting off for a few days in the wilderness including a ... read more
Cotton headed Tamarin, Tayrona national park
A few of the animals we saw in Tayrona national park. 1. Blue land crab 2. Cotton headed tamarin 3. White fronted capuchin monkey 4. Green iguana 5. Rufus-tailed Jacamar 6. Rhinocerous beetle 7. Leaf toed gecko 8. Cray fish 9. yellow-striped poisen frog
Rustic but practical

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta June 26th 2014

Our Arrival Our bus from Bacaramanga arrived in Santa Marta bus terminal at 8:30am. There are taxis outside the bus station to take you to town for a negotiated fare or you can get the bus. We caught the bus. You have to walk out to the main road and wait for a bus to come past with 'Bastidas' on the front which is the name of the avenue that runs next to the beach. The bus costs COP$1,400 (COP$1,500 on holidays) and you pay the driver once you get on. It took about 1/2 hour to get into town. It drives down carrera 5 which is a busy shopping street and we got out once it reached calle 10. Where We Stayed Hotel Villa Del Mar - carrera 2 between calle 11 and calle 10c. ... read more
Taganga Beach
Rodadero Beach
A beautiful sunset

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta June 24th 2014

What's not to like about a 4 day trek through mountainous, mosquito-infested jungle, in temperatures of up to 40 degrees to find a lost city? (No I'm not sure any of us can explain how John and I managed to persuade Penny to join us - perhaps that was our greatest achievement). But after all a whole city, it's not every day you get to find one of those. The trek to La Cuidad Perdita starts about 50 kilometres up the coast from Santa Marta and a few miles inland on a dirt road to a small village called Machete Pelau. We'd originally planned and booked the trek as a 5 day trip heading out on the 20th and returning on the 24th in time for England's final group game against Costa Rica. However, a closer ... read more
Sleeping arrangements at Camp 1
Jungle view on Day 2
Jungle and river on Day 2

Columbia Cuzco and Lima We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on 17 dec, after a bad nights sleep at our hostel in Cuzco. The altitude was still affecting my sleep and I kept waking up gulping air. We had a chocolate quinoa croissant breakfast at a recommended (by the only other South African we met on our whole trip) organic restaurant before hopping on an open top tour bus. The tour was average because we could hardly hear a word the guide was saying. Nevertheless it was nice to look at all the old churches, the ancient inca ruins and the imposing white Christ which towers overs the city and mimicks Rio's Christ redeemed. We found a restaurant that had hubbly for lunch and Skyped Gav before catching a cab to the airport. We bumped ... read more

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Palomino December 20th 2013

Bogota - Armenia - Salento - Medellin - Cartagena - Santa Marta - Taganga - PNN Tayrona - Palomino - Bogota So this trip was extremely last minute, which made it fun. In total, we planned on leaving home for Colombia, and 7 days later we were there, with absolutely nothing planned. An adventure to say the least. Overall, Colombia gets a bad rap, for good reasons if you know its history, but it was a great place to be (certainly not our favourite in South Amercia) but great none-the-less. This is one of those places that you need to go through the bad to get to the good, but the good is insanely beautiful and one of a kind and certainly worth any hassle it took to get there. We started in Bogota, a typical ... read more
Beautiful Cocora Valley
Teri suntanning in Tayrona
Wax Plams in the Clouds

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Palomino August 13th 2013

wild beaches in palomino... read more

Flying out of Leticia in the early afternoon, the cold front that had been present for a few days dissipated, and the hot, humid weather returned while we waited at the airport. Even though there is only a couple of flights a day out of Leticia, we still had to be there 2 hours prior, dripping away in the terminal. But this was nothing compared to what greeted us when we landed in Santa Marta at 9pm that night. It was still 30 degrees, with high humidity, and instantly every pore started leaking. Checking into the hostel, we were grateful to find that our room had a brand new air conditioner that chilled both the room, and us quickly. Nevertheless, once back outside again we started sweating buckets. The Santa Marta festival had been on all ... read more
El Cabo, Parque Tayrona
Coastline at Parque Tayrona
Mojo soaking up the Caribbean sun

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Ciudad Perdida July 30th 2013

Sandwiched either side of my visa run to Venezuela, I was able to first visit the rugged interior in and around Bogota and then travel along Colombia’s Caribbean coast. The stint around Bogota saw me visit some smaller towns which were hugely enjoyable and once again showed why Colombia has been the country I have enjoyed most on my travels so far. Places like San Gil and Villa de Leyva have the potential to become household names as the popularity of Colombia increases, given their natural beauty, variety of activities and relative proximity to the capital Bogota. In fact if I was to dish out sage investment advice, it would be that starting up a top notch hostel in either of those two spots would be a sound choice…expect that someone has got there first and ... read more
Villa de Leyva
Paso del Angel
Scenic lunch spot

It has been almost two years since we last posted our blogs. The pace of life whilst traveling lends itself to writing and having returned to England and got new jobs our creative sparks stopped. So it is from a beach in Sri Lanka (travelling again) that Hannah and I can finish the tales of our travels...sorry it has taken so long! Sweat spilled down our backs as easily as the muddy tracks that crumbled the path before us. Ambling slowly along, laden like listless mules, our oh too humane bodies struggled against the weight of our oversized backpacks and 15 litres of drinking water that we carried. We were deep into the jungle of Tayrona National Park that sits at the tip of Colombia on the Caribbean coast, and we had only just begun! A ... read more

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