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On my trip to Medellin, I went to Plaza Botero, is located in an area known as the "Old Quarter of Medellin". In the area there is a lot of informal commerce, you can buy souvenirs to give away, you can buy various reminders of the park, you can take nice photos. I bought some curious souvenirs.... read more
Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture
Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture

South America » Colombia » Antioquia » Guatape June 28th 2017

A few years ago I decided to travel with friends. Was a more funny experience that I lived. At the beginning was very difficult but we were twelve persons and each of one had different ideas and it was very hard to reach an agreement, but we can did it. We left Cartagena To Medellin by road, we went in three diferent cars and traveler for a whole day because we stopped in some towns to eat, to know and to rest.(After this trip I have never been traveling for so long on the road, defenitily I prefer to travel by plane). We decided stay one night in Medellín and then go to San Antonio, Rionegro, Guatapé y El Peñol. We slept every night in the town we knew, that way we did'nt have to move ... read more
With my two dear friends
With  my friends
On the Top of El Peñol

South America » Colombia » Antioquia » Guatape February 19th 2017

David here... We jumped off the bus in Medellin just as it was beginning to get dark. We ignored the people 'organising' taxis for everyone and approached a taxi driver and showed him the address to our £16 hotel room. He said 'Si' and we were on our way. He dropped us off one road too early, but apart from that we arrived safely. The Hotel Casa Jardin was up some stairs and through a metal gate, controlled by reception. Our room was small, hot and cheap. It was only for one night and we weren't expecting to stay in much. We dumped our bags, chose a restaurant and headed out. We hit Restaurante el DF, a Mexican cantina, and enjoyed a Burro and Chimichanga, before moving onto the Custom Rock Bar a short walk away. ... read more
Church during the day, with added fountain
Church all lit up again
Church all lit up again

South America » Colombia » Antioquia » Caucasia February 18th 2017

My first two weeks in Colombia were amazing: I got to see quite a bit of the diverse landscape and make some fantastic memories with some great people. However, it was not representative of how the rest of my time in Colombia will go. For the next 10 months, I will be a volunteer teaching English at a government sponsored institution called SENA (Servicio National Aprendizaje). The program has many similarities to the community college system in the United States and can best be equated to a trade school. It is a post primary educational program -- meaning that most of my students will be between 18-30 years old. When I originally applied to the program back in May (2016) I put my preferred city of placement as Pereira, a middle-sized city in the coffee region ... read more

South America » Colombia » Antioquia February 3rd 2017

Two weeks ago, I arrived in the country that I will be calling home for 2017. The flights went smoothly but spending my 8 hour layover on the airport floor in Bogota was less than enjoyable. Though it did make me look forward to my 6:35 AM flight to Medellin. Once I arrived in Medellin I was greeted by the smiling faces of my friend, Jaime’s, father and cousin. They brought me back to their finca (a house in the countryside) where I could finally recuperate the sleep I had missed the night before. Then after some fresh-made Colombian food we were off to El Poblado, an upscale district in Medellin where I would be staying the next few days. The hostel we stayed at, the Happy Buddha, definitely did not disappoint and shortly after I ... read more

South America » Colombia » Antioquia » Caucasia July 16th 2015

Day 50 Instant adventure Distance driven today: 336 miles / 541 km Cumulative distance driven: 8,599 miles / 13,839 km Today’s trip: Cartagena to Caucasia, Colombia Stuck in flooded Cartagena streets with 50cm / 1,5 ft of water: yes Back on the road again: definitely :-) We finally got our bike cleared at the port of Cartagena this morning. Of course the one final step required at the port, and which should only take 20min., ended up being 5 separate steps that took a bit over 1,5 hours. We had to go through 3 more inspections (!), forms and fee payments. But seriously, after 15 days of waiting, who is counting at this point! Excited that we could finally start riding again, Zoe and I returned to our hotel with the motorcycle to pack our things. ... read more
Finally on the road southbound towards Medellin
Artisan street vendors
Flooded streets of Cartagena 1

South America » Colombia » Antioquia » Guatape June 24th 2015

First Stop: La Piedra El Penol Jeff, Susie (one of our master's diver friends) and I took a day trip to Guatape the day after the conclusion of the Pan American Master's Diving Competition. Early on Wednesday, we took the metro to Caribe station and then used an overpass to cross the highway to the Northern Bus Terminal where we secured seats on the public bus for COP12,500 each. The bus left the terminal soon after we bought our tickets and wound its way up the mountains that fringe Medellin. Before long, we were surrounded by pretty countryside. The bus ride took about two hours. I'm not sure if the bus driver deliberately played English songs because he had gringo passengers (we were the only ones) but we had a fun time rocking out to Supertramp, ... read more
La Piedra

I had two day trips planned for my four night stay in Medellin. I decided to take the first of these to a well preserved colonial town called Santa Fe de Antioquia on Monday - am still having problems with my feet and they needed a rest! Got to the right bus terminal via the metro OK but when I saw that there were more than 50 counters selling tickets nearly turned tail and fled. However a helpful young man at the ‘punto de información’ pointed me in the right direction and I was soon getting on the bus. All very simple and straightforward. There are so many people checking your ticket that it would be difficult to get on the wrong one and they even put the bus's registration number on your ticket. A succession ... read more
Plaza de Simón Bolívar
'Public transport' in Santa Fe de Antioquia
My eating place, Santa Fe de Antioquia

South America » Colombia » Antioquia February 24th 2015

Colombian food Cousin Steve Engel asks about the food in Colombia. Here in Medellín we have been well fed, because our little neighborhood is full of small foreign restaurants: Italian, Israeli, French, Indian, Mexican, American, etc. None is bad; some are really good. The best ones have free valet parking and a clientele that drives in from other parts of the city. Generally, Colombian food derives from Spanish food, not Mexican; i.e., it never has chili in it. There is one Colombian restaurant that we have been to a few times, called Tres Tipicos, for the three native concoctions that they serve. The one I like best is a long-cooked tripe stew called Mondongo, similar to a Mexican menudo, always served in Mexico with tortillas, lime slices, chopped onion, dry hot chili, and dried Mexican oregano. ... read more
27. Ribs sign

South America » Colombia » Antioquia February 24th 2015

This time I want to show you a different side of Colombia, specially for those interested in religious tourism, thus if you are one, Jericó can be your best bet in this gorgeous region. For one, Jericó invites you to know more about the only Colombian saint: Madre Laura, beatified in 1973 by Pope Paul VI and canonised in 2013 by Pope Francis, who called her "Mother Laura, the instiller of hope". For another, this municipality offers the visitor lovely religious walks while admiring a particular architecture, which I am sure, you will find fascinating. Esta vez quiero mostrarles un lado diferente de Colombia, especialmente para aquellos interesados en el turismo religioso, entonces, si usted es uno, Jericó puede ser su mejor apuesta en esta hermosa región. Por un lado, Jericó lo invita a conocer más ... read more
I wanna have a house here
Ideal for those into sport
La Chiva que no ha de faltar

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