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South America » Colombia » Antioquia March 24th 2009

Friday 20.03.09 After my unfortunate introduction to Colombia I found Medellin a beautiful city, full of life, a great transport system, fantastic architecture and plenty of culture. The city is situated in a valley between two mountain ranges and seems to have its own microclimate - not as hot or as humid as the north. With a population of over 2.5million and growing, it is fast spreading along the surrounding hillsides. The metro system is all overground, with the part in the city centre elevated. It´s clean, cheap and efficient. I had decided to have a quiet cultural day so looked round the Museo de Antioquia and the Palacio de la Cultura; the latter was a fabulous bulding from the outside whle the interior was mainly offices, while the museo was a bland building externally but ... read more

South America » Colombia » Antioquia January 11th 2009

Rio Claro - A crystal river, a drug lord and burning souls. It has been a pretty hectic Christmas and New Year, and from the title you can guess a little more madness has occurred. But before I get carried away, let me take a deep breath and start at the start. Tina, Moka, Isabel and Hernando, get up at the crack of dawn and head off for a road trip. Back in the Magdalena valley, the humidity makes my legs heavy with protest, and crave the cool environment of the air-conditioned car. But bravely I push on, and am rewarded with a host of splendidly restored brightly coloured colonial buildings, with balconies to dream about. Honda, (the town of bridges - with at least 15) is like a lot of towns, the older parts are ... read more
One of many forgotten railways
Remains of Pablo Escabars car collection after an enemy blew up the building they were stored in
Two friends at Napoles

South America » Colombia » Antioquia » San Marcos December 29th 2008

When I think of the "coast of Colombia" I think of Cartagena or Barranquilla, but Victor was taking me to San Marcos! We were going there to celebrate New Years with Victor's father's side of the family, which is really big. Best of all, we were staying at a farm! A real authentic Colombia farm with many acres of land and animals. We flew to San Marcos where Victor's father picked us up in his truck, and we drove the rest of the way to the farm. The coast is always hot in Colombia, so we all made sure to take light breathable clothing. When we arrived at Victor's grandfather's farm I was greeted by a bunch of Victors relatives about to cut open a pig! Normally I would not be interested in watching a pig ... read more
Taking a little lake boat trip with Victor's family
Milking the cows
Victor's coastal family

South America » Colombia » Antioquia July 31st 2008

El Peñol is a big granite rock about 2 hours drive from Medellin. The scenery is lovely on the way, going up and over the mountains to get there. I went on Sunday, on my own, and got there at about 10am more or less. I got the bus and unfortunately there was no one who would engage me in conversation on the way there, bit disappointing. Anyway I got there and walked from the road up to the rock- only about 10 mins walk but still people were hiring horses to get them up. I opted against flogging the decrepid looking creatures up the hill and had a very nice walk, testing my calf muscles. There are something like 676 steps up to the top of the rock from the base, see photos... I paid ... read more
My first Chiva
Blue sky
A bit of the side

South America » Colombia » Antioquia July 22nd 2008

Hi y´all! I´ve been here in Medellin for about 2 and a half weeks now and all is going well. I´m staying with Gali (a Peruvian sort of missionary) and the other Cruzadas here and they´re really nice. I arrived with the intention of teaching English for a week in a school but that fell through due to Bureaucratic reasons beyond my control! Anyway I´ve since found my voluntary work (actually Maria Elvira and the other sort of missionaries found it for me), helping out in an orphanage for girls. It´s not really an orphanage actually. It´s more of a weekly boarding school for girls who´ve lost one or both parents, and whose remaining parent or family member can´t take care of them during the week due to having to go to work and being too ... read more
In Gali's house
Francesco Botero's stuff
Woman standing on Man's head

South America » Colombia » Antioquia February 27th 2008

Hi, I have arrived in carolina and it is so beautiful. Even better than I remember. There is no internet cafe here but the Cultural Centre has let me use the computers. Everyone is so kind and helpful. Now I am going to find an hotel now and probably stay a couple of nights. I have spoken to Jesus, the friend I used to know when I lived here, and I am going to see him on friday night. I am extremely happy and very excited about staying up here in the bush. Love to you all. Anne I hope you are getting these messages. ... read more

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