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South America » Chile » Santiago Region October 18th 2019

All packed, on board and ready to go. Smooth journey to the airport with Parker Cars. Nearly left all the holiday paperwork at Sunglass Hut! Cheeky drink at The Commission in Heathrow T4 (Maia disowned us and opted for a Pret). Heading to Santiago de Chile via Paris CDG. First impressions - I LOVE travelling’s the best!... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Valle Nevado August 6th 2019

Let’s all be honest with ourselves here. Traveling just about anywhere with two young children, is not well, exactly enjoyable. Like, don’t get me wrong, it is fun (usually) once you get to wherever you are going, but the process of first preparing, and then doing the actual traveling to get to your destination can be an anxiety wracked process. It can feel like you are preparing to execute a major military operation (bags, rations, timetables, maps, contingency plans) and when you cross that startline and jump out the trenches, you sure as hell better be prepared for sh*t to hit the fan soldier! Consequently, we went on our first Chilean ski vacation up to the Andes a few weeks ago. It was random “Chilean holiday day off in the middle of the week” week (i.e. ... read more
Apres errr day
Ski bunny
Future rippers

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Vitacura May 2nd 2019

So April 23rd marks 8 full months that we have been in Chile…it is also probably 2-3 months longer than I think I have ever been away from Canada before, so the topic of homesickness is on my mind. My previous longest stretch was probably 6 months back in 2001, when I spent a semester abroad “studying” in Sweden (quotations author’s own)…admittedly, with this experience I am working harder, and probably drinking less, despite the more reasonable prices for alcohol in Chile vs Sweden, adjusted for inflation…actually, you may not even have to adjust for inflation. Anyhoo… I think I mentioned to someone that homesickness goes in waves. There can be days or weeks where I think nothing about it, and I have no issue with the fact that we are here, and life is different, ... read more
It's Fall right now...

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 21st 2019

It’s our last day in Chile and we’re going to Cerro San Cristobal; a park on a hill on the edge of the city reached by a funicular railway. First, breakfast from the mini market over the road. The old man buys a cake tossed in a thick coating of icing sugar and coconut. He puts it into a bag, then picks the bag up by the wrong end. The cake falls, he executes a miraculous catch, saving the cake and covering the next lady in the queue in sugar and coconut. After we’ve finished juggling/eating breakfast, we walk to the funicular which operates from its own castle and takes you 500m up the hill for great views over the city. You can then climb past a series of decorated crosses to a 22m high statue ... read more
Cerro San Cristóbal Teleférico
Cerro San Cristóbal funicular
Cerro San Cristóbal funicular

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 20th 2019

Today we’re sightseeing in Santiago. We’ve passed though it underground 3 times but not surfaced yet. We start with a tour of the Palacio de la Moneda (the seat of the President) where we visit the ground floor; courtyards, the press room, state rooms and the chapel. Then on to the main plaza and the cathedral, finishing at the hillside park of Cerro Santa Lucia. Here you climb several hundred steps through various gardens to a turreted lookout, where we are confronted by the rather surreal scene of a family taking their cat on an outing, while a man plays the soundtrack to Grease on a harmonica. The afternoon consists mainly of chores; I do 12 days worth of laundry while the old man gets a haircut and buys a new belt (following a rather embarrassing ... read more
Palacio de la Moneda
Palacio de la Moneda
Palacio de la Moneda

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 19th 2019

We awake to the inevitable sounds of rain and cockerels. It’s been an uneventful night, apart from the old man waking to find a cat on his chest. Today we are returning to civilisation, which is an exciting prospect, although I have developed a cough and chest infection and am terrified someone will notice and deny me boarding. We check out of our hostel. The bill is quoted in dollars then converted to pesos at a very creative exchange rate. The old man stands his ground and eventually she backs down and agrees to use the official exchange rate. It’s another long day of travelling; a 5 hour flight backwards through time zones, then a bus and a tube, finally reaching our apartment in Santiago at 8 pm. It’s such a relief to be somewhere clean ... read more
Waiting in the rain at Easter Island airport
What’s under here?

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 13th 2019

The trip is all but done now. All that’s left is to head to the airport and fly back to Sydney. This entry will cover what I’ve been up to for the last few days, and a summary of trip (best and worst, biggest surprise and disappointment). As I mentioned in the last blog, we checked out late at Vina Vik. We had a couple of hours to drive to my next hotel in the Maipo Valley (just south of Santiago). The GPS that we had been given for the car is extremely difficult to find destinations. Once you have the destination in, it works fine but I keep struggling to find the destinations. This time, I couldn’t find the hotel but I eventually found the winery Santa Rita. The drive was uneventful, thankfully. Although we ... read more
Casa Real
Vineyards of El Principal
Andean Museum

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 11th 2019

La Calma de Rita is a strange place, balanced precariously between rustic charm and just plain dirty. Our Romany caravan in quaint and the bed was really comfortable but I could do without the mouldy shower curtain. After breakfast, a similarly strange mix of tasty freshly baked bread and nothing else I’d care to eat, we head for Pirque. Our plan to tour several wineries in our fantasy hire car has been pared down to just one, but it’s the biggie; Concha y Toro, the 5th biggest wine producer in the world. We book the basic tour which includes a glimpse of the founder Don Melchor’s villa and gardens. Then on to a small vineyard, each row containing a different type of grapes. We’re invited to wander round, trying the different varieties. I’m surprised how different ... read more
Concha y Toro
Concha y Toro
Concha y Toro villa

South America » Chile » Santiago Region February 10th 2019

Our time in Argentina is over, today we fly to Chile. Our departure is bittersweet; we’ve had a great time with the exception of the thefts and their continuing fallout. Next we have 5 days in the Santiago region. Plan A involved a leisurely drive in our hire car through the wineries of the Maipú valley and then up the coast. Without a car we have simplified this to 2 days in Maipú and 2 days in Valparaiso. We fly to Santiago then have to travel 33 miles from the airport to our hotel in Pirque. This involves a shuttle into town, then 2 tubes and a taxi. It’s only a 90 minute flight, from one side of the Andes to the other. I’m not looking forward to it - previous encounters with the Andes have ... read more
Flight over the Andes
Flight over the Andes
Flight over the Andes

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago January 15th 2019

A busy 2018 is done and it’s time for the holiday I began booking before I left on the last one. When my father mentioned the only place overseas he is interested in visiting was Antarctica, I began investigating how to make it happen. As it turns out, to get there you pretty much have to go to South America. So back to Chile I go! This time, with dad. Leaving on Monday morning, the flight to Santiago went very smoothly and actually felt quicker than last time. I’m not sure if the Dreamliner is faster, or if it was just my imagination. It was definitely worth paying extra to get a seat with more legroom though, and I actually got a pretty decent sleep for a change. I did think the food portions were a ... read more
New and Old

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