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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago October 8th 2018

As the museums are closed on Mondays we decided we could just take it easy today. Daisy had a good sleep-in and we didn’t get out until 11:15am. We walked over to the Mercado Central Markets and discovered the fish markets and a section full of seafood restaurants. As it was lunch time we thought this was a great place to have some seafood. My first choice based on Trip Advisor scores was closed unfortunately so we took a chance on another one called San Antonio Lalita. Daisy had a seafood soup and I had a seafood stew and both were delicious. The waiter even gave us a couple of complementary pisco sours which is a Chilean drink made from Chilean pisco brandy, lemons from Pica, sugar and ice. As you all know, I don’t drink ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago October 6th 2018

We spent today with our friends and locals, Pakita and Emanuel whom we met in Vietnam three years ago. Emanuel had to work in the morning so Pakita came out and met us 10:30am at our apartment. As the museums are closed on Mondays, we were keen to visit the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and the nearby Monseda Palace. Our timing was perfect as there was a large crowd gathered at the rear of the Palace for the Changing of the Guard and we got there just as they were starting. It was very entertaining as there was a brass band playing music including a tune my father use to always whistle or hum. When that finished we walked around to the front of the Palace for a look and then went into the Cultural ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago October 5th 2018

Left home 8:30am. Krissy kindly drove us to the airport. Heavy traffic and got to the airport around 9:15am. Had checked-in the night before so just had to drop-off the bags. Everything gets more automated as time moves on. Self-serve to get your luggage tags then check in the bags yourself. Problem is the machine kept saying we had straps on our bags and we ended up having to put them in tubs before they went through. At 19.4kgs and 18.5 kgs we don't have much room for any extras. We tried reducing our luggage but it's hard when you have to pack for cold and warm weather. As usual the automatic passport check didn't believe it was me and I had to be checked through manually. Then I was asked to go through the full ... read more
Belles Artes Fine Arts Museum
Belles Artes Fine Arts Museum
Castillo Forestal

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Las Condes October 1st 2018

Everyone probably remembers when they were a kid, they would play that game Marco Polo in the pool, and the one kid would shut their eyes (hey, no peaking!) and try to catch the other kids by locating their voices. And every once in a while they would yell “fish out of water” and if you were out of the pool, you would automatically become “it”…well, this was my first week at work and I can say that I pretty much felt like the kid running around on the pooldeck, hoping no one would yell “fish out of water” while I was out of the pool…except that in this case I wasn’t allowed to get back in the pool at any time, and had maybe lost my bathing suit, and the whole ordeal was kinda terrifying ... read more
See my vest

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Vitacura September 22nd 2018

I am at the point at the moment, where I feel like I wish someone would just stab me with a, it’s really about time that I just mixed in a salad. Something green, leafy and fresh. This week, for the dieciocho celebrations (independence day) it’s been like BBQ-palooza, and having just returned from another, full of delicious meats, I should maybe head right downstairs and eat a head of lettuce...I feel sorry for whoever brought the vegetable dishes as it was a pot luck today...they looked very lonely. Somehow though, I get the sense that Chileans feel like they invented guys, I hate to break it to you, but there’s sausage on bread in Canada too... And apart from eating meat, we did manage to score ourselves some cars and even a bank ... read more
View into our yard to Cerro Manquehue

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Las Condes September 18th 2018

This week, we became even more Chilean. And by that, I mean we attended our first Jane Chilean Fonda. "What is that" you say? Well it's basically a giant festival party filled with meat, meat, more meat, and Terremotos (yes, that means earthquake, but it also means way-too-sweet-cocktail-topped-with-ice-cream...weird yet amazing?). The girls had a great time at the Fonda, which also included endless amounts of bouncy castles, pony rides, carnival games, one-man-bands and Maelle's personal favourite: popcorn dipped in sand. To further our education about Chile, we also attended the girls' Fiestas Patrias school party and BBQ. Adorable choreographed dance numbers were witnessed (I didn't know "Baby Shark" is Chilean!?) and we also learned from Zoe that the national flower of Chile is the copihue (how does she remember this stuff?) It was really nice meeting ... read more
La cueca; toddler edition.

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Vitacura September 13th 2018

I suppose there a little things about everywhere you go and make you stop and go “wait, are you serious?” And so I don’t know if I mentioned this, but next week is the Fiesta Patrias in Chile (Father Party?) which is to celebrate when back in 1810 Bernard O’Higgins chased the Spanish out of Chile...and maybe they then drank green beer, but I doubt it, but all I know is that the country is shutting down next week for holidays. So its a little bit like St Patrick’s, but without the Irish, and with Chileans, and three times as long (there’s three days off). So that’s not the thing that made me go “wait, are you serious?” - as a Canadian, I think we could probably use three days off to celebrate the birth of ... read more
Our Chilean house

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Vitacura September 9th 2018

So Friday contained a bit of excitment, mostly because we are living in a bit of an empty house, with mostly rental furniture...but our air shipment arrived! Essentially with the expat assignment you get to take a few hundred pounds of your things, and throw them on an airplane which arrives much quicker than your ship shipment (shippy mcshiperson?), so that you have some ”crucial things” when you first get there - the ship shipment only arrives in a month. So it was nice to get a bunch or our things that we had said goodbye to about two weeks ago when the moving company had packed it up. And it’s amazing how much you forget what you threw on that airplane a few weeks back - I was cracking open boxes like it was Christmas! ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago September 3rd 2018

As parents with small kids, I think you end up taking those small moments where everything is going well, be it five minutes, ten minutes, or whatever, and they make an entire day worth it...even though there may have been a lot of effort, a fair bit of whining (not necessarily just from the kids), and a few moments where you thought that maybe the whole endeavor you’d undertaken could have been a mistake... ...yesterday was like that for us. As I mentioned in my last blog post, we had all been smacked in the face a bit by the undertaking of moving here, and the weekend had been ruled somewhat by that stress. We did make the effort though on Sunday afternoon to focus on going to a festival called “Chile Lindo” (loosely translated it ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago September 1st 2018

After a complimentary Pisco sour at the hotel restaurant we slept until about 9:30 - very unusual for me. So it was up and about in quick order, after breakfast of course. First stop was the fanicular - or cable car - 300m up to San Cristobal hill where there is a very large statue of the Virgin Mary. The view was good if a bit hazy and there were heaps of people especially cyclists exploring the park. We headed back down and explored the Bellavista area, famous for it’s street art. There are lots of restaurants in the main part but we soon got down some side streets. Needless to say I took tonnes of photos and could have stayed there for hours. However with only one day in town we had no time to ... read more
Statue of the Virgin Mary
Street Art, Bellavista
Street Art, Bellavista

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