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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 31st 2018

After an uneventful flight we arrive in Santiago at 2pm Friday. It is surprisingly grey and cold but the airport necessities were efficient, until we looked for our pickup. Lucky though, Linda found an alternate pick up (I am going to have to keep an eye on her..) and we determined that Flight centre had let us down. I negotiated a taxi rate of $35 US with Linda’s new friend and we headed off. He introduced us to a driver and we got on a bus, to go to a car park where our driver scurried off and got a car - not sure whose! Half way to the hotel he says in his broken English 35,000 peso. The Chilean peso is approx 666 to the USD so this means about 50 USD. Needless to say ... read more
Santiago street art
Santiago Street cat
Linda getting settled

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Vitacura August 30th 2018

If you look up culture shock, it supposedly goes in four stages. Honeymoon, frustration, adjustment and finally, acceptance. I was not sure how long it would take to get to frustration, but I can certainly say that we got there today. Perhaps frustration is not the word, or perhaps frustration and overwhelmed are the two words, that I am looking for and feeling right now. We got our house yesterday, which was supposed to be in move-in ready condition. One of the things that I suppose was overlooked was that there was no gas in the tank to heat the house/water (yes, it is heated by a tank). So not necessarily move-in condition, and something I suppose we should have asked more about...not that we did not know that that was the heating situation, but you ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 28th 2018

Life tends to be a series of small decisions, like where to eat, what to wear, whether or not I should I should click on “yes” when Netflix asks me “are you still there?” (yes I am, and thanks Netflix for making me feel like a lazy piece of s***). And a small decision that paid off big this morning that we made, and by “we“ I mean “Steph”, was to not drive and set up transportation to take us down to the immigration office today to register with the authorities (part 1) and then to the registrar’s office to get our RUT (part 2, and a separate cab ride from part 1), which is essentially a SIN and gets your life going here. I can’t imagine what would have happened if we would have been ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 26th 2018

I am not sure what, or if anything, Chileans have against shorts, but the fact that it was 26 degrees today and most people were still wearing jeans or pants or maybe the occasional down jacket stood out to me. Perhaps I just have a thing about Chileans and shorts now since we went to the cross-cultural class and the facilitator said that you should always wear pants the first time you go to someone‘s house in Chile when they invite you. So now I am wondering if I just stored that in my head, and now I’m only noticing people here wearing pants, and not shorts, even though it’s 25 degrees and there isn’t any when you start talking about a certain car that you might be looking to buy, and then all of ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Vitacura August 24th 2018

I have to be shopping for me, at the best of times in Canada, is very challenging. Coming at the end of our first day in Chile, running on about 3 hours of sleep, having just arrived that morning after a two-leg, 20 hour airplane journey with our two sleep deprived daughters, the odds were against a trip to Jumbo to pick up supplies going well. Things were off to a rough start too when we stopped in the produce section, and find out that you actually have to line up behind a bunch of other grumpy supermarket goers to get each bunch of fruit or vegetables you’ve just picked weighed and priced by a single worker before you actually could pay...I figured there was no hope. I’m sure Steph also saw the forlorn look ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 15th 2018

The Final Blog I am now sat at Santiago airport on my way back home to England after 4.5 adventurous and beautiful months travelling South America! Travelling solo has been the bravest thing I have ever done and still can't quite believe I've done it. Full of emotion and appreciation: the trip has taught me how to be brave and be independent. Thank you to those awesome friends (from every corner of the world) who I met along the way.. including the Pampus crew (Khymo, Toon, Emma, Andrew) and all those pals who had the time and patience to help with my Spanish (Gino, Thom, Patrick). Communicating definitely got easier, then harder again when I got to Chile, haha.. And to my 5 couch surfing hosts (Carlos, Victor, Francisco, Edwin, José): gracias por todo! Your trust, ... read more
Victor and Me
Close enough!

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago July 23rd 2018

Valparaíso (29/07/2018-31/07/2018) Valparaíso: a gritty, chaotic, graffiti-covered, hill-peppered port city. Valpo has pretty, colourful houses (clinging to the edge of cliffs), graffiti everywhere you look (I'm not exaggerating), and numerous funiculars for the countless cerros (hills). There are hills for days. Once Chile's financial powerhouse; everything went to shit in the 1906 earthquake (ricter scale: 8.3) and the building of the Panama canal in 1914 (now ships don't have to travel all the way down South). Here you can walk the complex maze of ridiculously steep streets, ride in the ascensors (they also call them lifts.. they are funiculars), marvel at the powerful graffiti, stroke the cute street dogs (1/3 dogs here are strays), and learn about the rise and fall (and now rise) of this gritty, port city. Graffiti: the art of saying something... read more
Me and Francisco
My walk home

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago July 18th 2018

16 juillet L'avion de LATAM Airlines dans lequel je prend place soudainement apparaît dans le brumeux ciel de Santiago, flou comme une silhouette derrière un rideau de douche. Le capitaine murmure alors quelques mots en espagnol dans son micro: je devine un "prepare for landing". Par les hublots, les ailes oscillent comme si l'astronef cherchait ses instincts perdus de les battre et de reprendre de l'altitude. Ceinturant Santiago, une mâchoire de montagnes semblent carrément avaler notre atterrissage. L'avion tire la draperie de brouillard et bientôt, colle ses pneus sur le tarmac salivé de la capitale chilienne. Il est alors 17h00. Un avion d'Aeromexico m'a d'abord amené en escale à Mexico City pour un quatre heures d'attente en pleine nuit. Perdu dans l'aéroport, j'y ai tendu ici et là mon billet à la recherche de la Gate ... read more
Dessin sur la ville 1
Centre-ville Santiago
Parc Central

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 27th 2018

GÜN 26 27 ŞUBAT SALI: Sabah, harika bir kahvaltı yaptım. Yumurta bilem vardı… Yürüyerek Milli Kütüphaneye gittim. Müthiş bir bina.. Orta yerinde önemli bir alanı, sadece bilgisayarlara ayırmışlar artık eskisi gibi öyle sayfa çevirmek falan yok .. Tüm bilgilere digital olarak erişebiliyorsunuz… Fakat klasik kütüphane formatını koruyan odaları da var. Özel izinle, üst katta sadece yetkililerin erişebildikleri bir odayı ziyaret ettim. Resim çekmeme de izin verdiler.. Aklım uçtu….Bu kadar etkileyici bir kütüphane odası görmemiştim.. çok beğendim..İnsan bu odada yıllarını geçirir… Bu katta aynı zamanda, “Pablo Neruda okuma odası” adını verdikleri bir bölüm var. İzin alarak oraya da girdim.. K... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 25th 2018

GÜN 24 25 ŞUBAT PAZAR: Kahvaltıdan sonra ,yeni bir semt olan Costanera’ya gitmeye karar verdim. Orada yüksek bir binaya "Sky Costanera" demişler.. Tepesine çıkıp Santiago’yu çepeçevre görmek mümkünmüş.. Metroya binip oraya vardım.. Bu arada söylemesi ayıp, İspanyolcam bayağı düzeldi ve gelişti artık turist İspanyolcası aşamasını geçtim. Yeni öğrendiğim kelimeleri de kullanabiliyorum.. Devasa bir kule yapmışlar..Girişi bizim para ile 100 lira imiş.. Ben, bunu bir türlü anlayamıyorum.. Yapmadığım iş değil ama yüksek bir binanın tepesinden, Santiago seyri bana göre bu para yapmaz.. Bu projeyi desteklemiyorum.. Bu kulenin altı, şehirleşme aşaması kurallarına göre, elbette AVM olmuş.. Pahalı bir AVM ye benziyor.... read more

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