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exchange Chile lonely planet guide to Peru guide

change Chile lonely planet guide to Peru guide
9 years ago, November 21st 2010 No: 1 Msg: #123403  
N Posts: 1
Hola! I am a traveller who is planning to travel from Chile to Peru via Arica- Tacna at the end of November 2010.

I would like to change my english Chile Lonely Planet Guide to english Peru Lonely Planet Guide. My Chilean Guide is issued on 2009.
I also have one tent (National Geographic) with one sleeping bag (Doite) and 2 carpets which I would like to sell for $70 for all before I get to Peru. All was purchased 1 month ago and used for about 1 week. Travelers to Chile may find these things useful taking into account high prices of living in Chile.
I also got phone - cheap LG mobile phone with chilean Claro operator card, and 3G Modem for prepaid internet with chilean Entel operator. Phone and modem goes as a bonus to tent buyer😊

Please let me know if anyone is interested. Have a good trip ! Reply to this

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