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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 19th 2016

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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 12th 2016

And I am ready to The end of this journey . I have really enjoyed Santiago and do recommend it to anyone . I have walked and walked for the time I was here and it has always been interesting and I have always felt safe . The other day I climbed the stairs to the top of Santa Lucia and although I was a little winded I had no trouble with the climb . I am thinking that the physical exertion I have been through the last 4 weeks has been good for me ... although the good meals that are also huge portions has not helped my waistline. Shirley asked about water shortages and it really is getting to be a crisis in Bolivia . The rains are overdue and the farmers and the ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 10th 2016

Well the tour has ended and it seems amazing to me that we were travelling as a group for 3 weeks . I did enjoy the group and our CEO was excellent . Always available and seemingly happy to be there for us . We did well considering 5 of us were on antibiotics for various reasons , mostly fevers and stomach issues , and we just kept on trucking . Each of the countries has something special to offer . Peru it was the Inca ruins and cities , Bolivia it was the Andies and Chile it is the whole civilization thing...a modern , well ordered country . San Pedro de Alticama was a treat . The town itself is a bit of an oasis in the middle of the 2nd driest desert in the ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 10th 2016

Sorry I am super late on the blog posts, I will try to catch up ! Santiago is a big city and it even has a tube which was very handy!! It is real pretty and I was lucky to meet up with Belen who I know from her boyfriend (a uni friend Matt) so we had met in London a few times. She was nice to show me around and even invited me to her family pre Christmas cocktail evening ! We visited the house of Pablo Neruda together and hadn't lunch in the Bellavista area where all the bars and restaurants are. The next days when she had to work, i did a walking tour of the city where I met a few other travellers, we visited the market and the cemetery as these ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago November 26th 2016

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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago November 2nd 2016

It's 'Hola!' for a final time today, as we bid farewell to South America, after an incredible four weeks here. From the lush Uruguayan countryside to the barren Atacama desert, we have come to love the place; particularly Chile, which with its sheer contrasts we both agreed is probably the most beautiful country either of us have visited. No more were these differences more apparent than en route from chilly Punta Arenas in the far South, to the gritty copper mining city of Calama, which sits in the Atacama desert, just inside the Tropic of Capricorn. Dramatic glacial landscapes gradually gave way to green rolling hills and then to bone dry desert as we flew north, nothing else better highlighting the sheer length of the country, which spans 4300 km from top to bottom. Further stretching ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago September 13th 2016

Un peu moins de 3 ans après notre retour, le moment tant attendu est arrivé ! On est reparti sac à dos à l'appui ! Encore mieux, à deux cette fois ! Quelques heures de bus et 24H d'avion plus tard nous voilà arrivé à Santiago du Chilie. On arrive en milieu d'après midi, direction notre hôte AirBnB, dans un quartier résidentiel plutôt sympa ! Le temps de prendre notre première douche froide et on filait déjà visiter la ville. Pour notre 1er après midi, on s'est dit qu'on allait mettre la barre haut, alors on est monté au « Cerro San Cristobal », où trône la vierge de Santiago. Un petit dénivelé de 350 mètres, pour arriver en haut de la colline et pouvoir observer l'ensemble de la ville. Et évidemment pour ce 1er jour ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 17th 2016

I like to picture myself as a good guest. One with her eyes open to new experiences, who respects the local customs. A person who, if she doesn’t know the language, will at least not expect everyone else to know hers. As a guest, I don’t expect the food to taste like the food I’m used to – at least I sincerely HOPE it doesn’t! I expect people to do things a little differently than I would – maybe with a little more ease and a little less obsession about doing everything very quickly. I hope people will treat me the same as they treat people in their own country, but if I stand out like a sore thumb, I understand they might not. I also understand that people working in the tourist industry are trying ... read more
Garden near Palacio de La Moneda
Let sleeping dogs lie?

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 8th 2016

Pros of Santiago: surprisingly clean, very good metro system, impressive parks, mountain views Cons of Santiago: smog (can't escape because of mountains), lack of cultural flavor Day Trip to Aguas de Ramon The longest hike here is a 16 km loop, but you have to start early or the park rangers will turn you back after the water crossing about 4 km in. It was only a 15 minute Uber ride from the city center to the entry point, making it very accessible, but as such it was horribly crowded on a Saturday, so it wasn't really worth going then unless you like hiking like mules roped together. Day Trip to Cajon del Maipo (see photo at bottom for map of area) We took the metro to Plaza de Puente Alto, the last stop on line ... read more
View from Trail in Cajon de Maipo
Santiago Park
Map of Section in Capon de Maipo

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago July 4th 2016

I left Argentina and being the country next door I decided to come to Chile. I had and still have no real plan for this width challenged Republic. The only thing I know about Chile is that it is full of mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Sounds great! The road from Mendoza to Santiago was spectacular. High in the Andes I traversed the curvy highway on a double decker bus. I had the very first seat on the top level looking out strait ahead through the windshield. The great thing about this seat is obviously the views that it affords you, but on the other side of the coin their is greater chance of death in event of a crash. But I do not let such things bother me. Arriving into the capital city of five million ... read more

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