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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago November 9th 2015

Santiago is the Capital city of Chile and feels so much like a classic "western" city that I almost forgot I was in south America! It's a large city with a mix of old colonial buildings some in better repair than others & modern apartment blocks & high rise buildings. The city has been hit badly by earthquakes in the past but I after the huge earthquake that hit Chile in 2010 (8.9 on the Richter scale) they are pretty well prepared for any earthquake & the small ones barely even register with them. How I got there: I got a transfer from San Pedro to Calama Airport for 10,000 Pesos & a flight from Calama to Santiago landing at approx. 8:30pm. I got a taxi from the airport to my hostel which cost 21,000 Pesos. ... read more
2015-11-06 19.32.58
2015-11-07 16.12.33
2015-11-07 16.17.27

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago October 7th 2015

Greetings folks, from Santiago, Chile, where Fi and I arrived on Wednesday morning (6th Oct15). From here, we intend to take a train about 200 miles south where we will begin riding again. As you may know, we spent a few days in San Diego, just long enough for us to do a few necessary errands, tune up our bicycles, and for me to get a bad hair cut (my first after having retired from the Coast Guard). I won´t gripe about it too much, but when I thought that I had asked the barber to "just neaten it up a bit without making it too short," I must have actually said, "cut my hair as if I were a donkey and make me look like a Where´s Waldo mental patient." Assuming that that´s what I ... read more
Back in the boxes
Fi stretching out during the flight from LAX to Santiago
Ready to go!

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 6th 2015

Another cold and wet day. More rain, really pummeling down, pretty much all day. We started by going to the theater again. Yesterday, we saw an ad for a movie called Los 33, which is about the Chilean miners who were trapped for 3 months a couple years ago, and we thought it would be particularly cool to see it in Chile. It also doesn’t come out in the US until November, but it’s released today here. But strangely (to us), movie theaters here have assigned seats, so we went to get our tickets early so we weren’t stuck up front like yesterday. After picking those up, we went to the Central Market, which is a big fish market that also has a lot of restaurants with the MOST aggressive “greeters” you will ever find. We’d ... read more
Plaza de Monedas

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 5th 2015

Today was cold, rainy, and wet all day. It was one of the coolest days I’ve had on this trip. I say this for two reasons. First, Santiago has been in a drought for 7 years. Rain is rare, so any bit helps. Second was what we did. After sleeping in and being lazy again, we got up and headed to the market downtown. We were expecting it to be like the one in Recoleta in Buenos Aires, with local artisanal goods, but it actually was mostly clothing and shoes from knock-offs. There were a few funny things, like a “Toronto, USA” shirt, or a Yankees shirt that said “MY” instead. Then there was also the 3-week-old puppy we met that I’m still not convinced wasn’t a toy. It was absolutely adorable. We left from there ... read more
Geography is hard
Strong women

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 4th 2015

As today is supposed to be our only really nice day in Santiago, we used it to get a good, clear view of the city. Santiago is very much built in a valley surrounded on one side by the snow-capped Andes, and on the other by the shorter Chilean Coastal Range. Although the valley is perfectly flat now, it's fair to assume that it was probably a bit more hilly in the past. Although the city fills most of the valley, there were a few hills left to stand, including San Cristóbal in the center of it all, part of a huge city park (probably about the size of Central Park). On the recommendation of my sister, Serena and I chose to hike it today. First, though, since Dialogue is over, we did nothing for a ... read more
Rough life, being here
What a view
Panorama over the valey

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 3rd 2015

Adiós, Buenos Aires! I actually had quite a busy day today. I woke up at about 8:00 to go on one last run around the parks of Buenos Aires. Breakfast at 9:30, and then I showered and headed out. First I had to hit my old host mom's house, as she is kindly storing my big suitcase for the next week. I saw her briefly, then I headed over to the place where we've been changing money. Since the blue dollar is now above 15, we're paying for our hotel in Iguazú in cash to save more than 33%. So we needed some money to do that! At 11:15, we headed out to a famous steakhouse here called Siga la Vaca, which had unlimited meat and salad, and, for us, wine. Although the group was leaving ... read more
What a sunset

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago July 18th 2015

Hi Bloggers, friends and family, We seem to be out of sync with everyone in this hostel. We went to bed about 12 last night but we were the only people in the 8 bed dorm when we went to sleep but when we woke up it was full, we got up about 8am and went online and got breakfast from the hostel. (It’s only 900 peso for eggs and toast so £1) When we got back to the room about 10am everyone was still asleep so they must have been out partying last night, very jealous!! We had booked 2 more night at Casa de Roja, but in the 10 bed dorms, as it was cheaper. We changed rooms and decided to head out for the day exploring the city. We were meant to meet ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago July 17th 2015

Hi Everyone, So after the mess that was yesterday, we woke in our freezing cold room, well according to Vick I was toasty. We got our free breakfast, of tea or coffee and 2 biscuits not the breakfast we were looking for bud it was something. Also the owner offered to drive us to the bus terminal so we were happy. We packed up and soon were at the bus terminal, so far in South America we have found that the buses all run very late, both turning up and getting to your destination. Today was no different, the bus was about 30 mins late and it ended up 4 hours late!! YES 4 HOURS!! The seats on the buses are really good called semi-cama, which is half bed, the drive was amazing, the views are ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago July 9th 2015

After almost 20 hours of travel, including sitting on the tarmac in Cairns for an hour, and then running for 2 different planes in both Brisbane and then Auckland we finally arrived in Santiago on time. (BTW, in Auckland, when the information board says 'Final Call', this doesn't mean the final call. It means the final call before we start calling the important people onto the plane first....). After spending more than hour in Santiago Airport looking for Renee's bag, we left with the assurance it would appear the following day. It appeared at our hostel that evening via special delivery. Santiago is an interesting place. As my first experience in a country where I didn't know the language, I was overwhelmed yet excited. I loved the anonymity of it all, and the struggle to try ... read more
Union Solidarity
Some weird statue outside the museum
The View from our first hill climb, Santa Lucia.

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago June 10th 2015

Finally, as promised, I have updated all my blogs of South America with photos. I also edited the blogs too as I noticed that the tablet I'd been using while we travelled had, annoyingly, kept altering what I'd written (damn predicted text) and some of it just didn't make sense. I will just re publish this blog and if you're interested in the photos you can keep going to the next one and the next one and the photos will be there. If you're not interested , sorry for cloging up your in box with the alerts. Chilly in Chile We arrived in Santiago to a crisp 6 degrees C. Felt like Manchester to be honest but by the time we'd collected our bags and found a bus to take us downtown the sun was out. ... read more
Street artists in the Plaza
Afternoon beer in the Plaza (too cold at night)
Take a close look at the bumpers on this car then you'll see how it got in this space

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