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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Botafogo December 29th 2016

Manaus is a little bit dull but it has several million inhabitants, a very nice Opera house and science institution with giant otters and mantee, unfortunately for us it was closed, so we decided to move on to Rio early Christmas morning. Rio is like a beautiful woman it just takes your breath away, the forests, mountains, beaches and just the vibe of the inhabitants is intoxicating even for someone like me who thinks they have seen it all. We took the cable car to the top of the Sugar loaf discovered a troop of cotton top tamarins and just marvelled at the wonderful panoramas. Next we visited Copacabana perhaps my favourite beach to feel and experience the beach culture that is clearly the passion of this city. Ensconced in one of the many beachside bars ... read more
Famous opera house
A pretty square in historic centre
Sugar loaf cable car

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Botafogo August 18th 2015

Hey People, The priority today was finding a quiet place in the busy hostel for my phone interview with Carnival UK. After a disturbed sleep in our 9-bed dorm by the noisiest snorer I’ve ever had to endure, it wasn’t the best start. I prepared a few notes in the morning before I set the laptop up in the common room in preparation for the phone call. It seemed to be louder than usual in the common room today, which is just my luck, so Neil asked the reception if there was a spare room available to sit in that could still pick up the Internet connection. There was so; I moved the laptop into the room 10 minutes into the call. Anyway after an hour of trying to find every slither of sales experience I ... read more

Due to being very busy (read as very lazy) this post is now well over a month overdue. Better late than never! I'll try to keep it short and sweet. Our Rio adventure began as we pulled into the bus terminal with just over and hour to go until the kick off of the highly anticipated Brazil vs Germany World Cup semi-final, and we were desperate to get ourselves down to the fan zones and soak up the Brazilian atmosphere. After a agonising wait at the terminal for a taxi we finally got ourselves into our new hostel in Botafogo, a trendy up and coming part of the city. Bags were dropped, yellow was donned, and Brazil flags in hand we headed out into the city. The city was a stream of yellow, green and blue, ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Botafogo February 19th 2014

Rio is really gearing up for Carnival. I have seen some of the most beautiful drag queens on earth just walking down the street with the most divine glittery costumes. I have no idea how they can walk so gracefully in such massive platforms, but they do. You can also see the drunken tourists beginning to pile into the city, and the nights are getting more crowded and loud. I’ve seen a few people drinking beer at 10am and earlier during weekdays - but Andreia seems to think that’s pretty normal for Rio and not a Carnival thing... It seems to me that most of Rio’s residents try and escape the city for the days of carnival (28 March – 4 April) because there are so many people flooding the city. I hear that it is ... read more
Not Copacabana Beach
McDonalds ice cream stand

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Botafogo February 17th 2014

Touched down in Rio on Saturday afternoon after a surprisingly pleasant 33-hour commute from Brisbane. The beautiful Andreia met me at the airport and navigated me through the labyrinth of cab drivers to find a taxi to take us to Botofogo - my home for the next 6 weeks. Initial reflection on the drive in to Rio; the Favelas occupy what must be some of the most beautiful locations on Earth. Dr. Google reports that Brazilian favelas largely came into being when huge masses of people left regional Brazil to converge on the major cities. Which resulted in a collection of very poor people with nowhere to live, and the development of shantytowns to house them. For a stylized Hollywood depiction, check out the movie City of God. From my initial perspective, a lot ... read more
2014-02-15 18.16.52
2014-02-15 19.10.24

We spent 6 days in Rio, and it was fantastic!..To kick start the trip we decided to tandem handglide from the moutains in the Sao Corado region which is amongst the rainforest...Thoroughly enjoyed it despite questioning why l wanted to run off a platform into thin air strapped to a strange Brazilian called Alex! but we managed it and loved every second. We flew above the rainforest like birds, over the sea and finally landing on the beach. We also completed the main gringo trail, walking along the copacabana and Ipanema beaches (Craig and myself competing to find the man with the smallest pair of budgey smugglers on), going up to the Christ de Redentor to marvel at the city from one of its highest points, walking around the lagoa and watching sunset and Rio lighting ... read more
Handgliding fun!
Both safe on the ground again!
Acai Drink

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Botafogo March 10th 2013

10th-12th March ’13 Catete, Rio. It was quite sad to be leaving our little hotel and the laid back Urca (especially as I had read the reviews of the hostel we were staying in next!) but it will be nice to find somewhere else to eat! We took a taxi to the metro station, sussed out buying a multiple journey card and caught the tube to Catete. As soon as we got out of the metro station it was obvious this was a much livelier area, with lots of restaurants, shops and bars. The hostel – Hostel Republica was just a couple of minutes’ walk away down a road off the main street, so location wise it is excellent. Check in involved lots of hurrrumping and sighing by the man on the desk and eventually he ... read more
Copacabana Beach
Flamengo Beach Catete
Rio Centro

9th March ’13 Rio, Sugar Loaf Mountain and Copacabana Well we got up early today and were first for breakfast so we could leg it round to the cable car for Sugar Loaf Mountain and hopefully beat the bus trips and we did. The sky was clear and so we paid our money and got in the cable car, which first took us to Urca Mountain (of mountain view room fame) and then on up to the top of Sugar Loaf. The views were glorious and stunning, a 360 degree panorama of Rio with all its bays, beaches, mountains, suburbs and the statue of Christ the Redeemer looking down from its perch over the whole city. There were paths leading down and around the mountain and I think we explored them all (no surprise to those ... read more
Cable car up to Urca Mountain
Cable car up to Sugar Loaf Mountain
Sugar Loaf Mountain

7th March ’13 London to Rio de Janeiro We were only slightly late taking off from Heathrow terminal 5 for our 11 ½ hour flight to Rio and considering the length of the flight it wasn’t too bad – I put this down to a nicotine patch and inflight movies! I have to mention one of these films – Cloud Atlas, it was superb and even though I couldn’t hear all of the dialogue clearly due to the naff headsets and the picture was tiny it was one of the best films I have seen in a very long time. On the downside British Airways have obviously decided to cut down on the amount of meals you get on such a long flight and to try and convince you that what you do get is gourmet ... read more
Hotel Bellevue da Urca

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Botafogo February 23rd 2013

This blog entry chronicles the last day and a half I spent in Rio by myself before flying back out to London. It also gives me a vehicle to show off some more of the photos I took in the this stunningly scenic city.... The name of company taking me from Paraty back to Rio was called but in reality it was anything but. Again, it all started well - one of four people in a massive minivan with air-conditioning and DVDs playing on the main screen (even if it was Welcome To The Jungle starring "The Rock"). As with most people here, the driver seemed pretty laid back, and didn't speak any English. We then stop for "five minutes" which was more like twenty, while the driver decides to get the minivan washed by ... read more
Cathedral Of San Sebastian
Candeleria Church
Avenue Presidente Vargas

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