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South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre February 16th 2010

Post2: PASSAGENS AÉREAS: Para compra de passagens aéreas existem diversos sites que fazem comparativo de preços/horários/destinos. Procuramos logicamente por companhias "low cost" que fizessem vôos em aeroportos secundários. Para nossa surpresa, existem companhias "low cost" que fazem vôos para aeroportos centrais (melhores localizados e com mais opções de transporte) com preços realmente em conta. O melhor site acessado por mim (até por ser mais amigável) foi o MOMONDO ( Outros úteis e também acessados: HOTÉIS: Disparado, o melhor site acessado foi o BOOKING ( Totalmente em português, o site classifica os hotéis por número de estrelas, distância do centro da cidade e possui ainda um ranking de pontuação do... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre February 15th 2010

Primeiro post... Bom, decidimos fazer a viagem por dois motivos: curiosidade e senso de oportunidade. Eu (Alex) já tive oportunidade de fazer algumas viagens a trabalho e desde então sinto que a Laura também deve viver esta experiência. As viagens que fiz anteriormente tiveram grande poder de transformação. Aprendi novas culturas, vivenciei diferenças e me tornei uma pessoa melhor, mais tolerante. Depois de idas e vindas, duas viagens agendadas e desmarcadas chegou o momento. Resolvemos ir em Abril/10, devido a baixa temporada (antes do verão europeu), com isso esperávamos conseguir vôos e hotéis mais baratos. E deu certo. Para compra das passagens optamos por comprar com uma agência de viagens devido ao alto valor e por obtermos algumas garantias fazendo isso. A agência escolhida foi a Maringá Turismo. Fui atendido pela Sra. Fabiana Novais (51 3228 ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre December 28th 2009

After our three week beach nirvana in Morro , we returned to Salvador for one night, to our not quite finished hostel, which was, not surprisingly, still being worked on. We were evicted from our room for a few hours while they installed a ceiling fan. I am convinced the entire country of Brazil is in some state of construction or rehab. They finally installed a mirror over the bathroom sink! We returned to Eric’s favorite luncheonette where they had a buffet of food sold by the kilo. We learned during our last visit that it was cheaper to order the plato freito - food from the buffet, but they chose what we ate, for only $4. It came with fried chicken, rice and beans, a salad, and spaghetti, all on one plate. I received my ... read more
Santa Found us in Brazil
With Juliana and Thales
In Home BBQ

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul March 28th 2009

Up until this point we have not shared some of the grueling traveling experiences that we´ve had to date. Today you will get a little taste of how frustrating and confusing Long Vacations can be. ;) As some of you may not be aware, getting and activating a Brasilian Tourist Visa is quite complex. IF you want to travel to Brasil from the US you must leave your passport at the Brasilian Embassy for 1 week and the day you are granted the Visa you have 90 days to get there, otherwise it will expire and you can not travel the 3rd largest country in the world. So... we made sure to get our visa last minute considering we were traveling the contenient counter-clock wise (Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil). Our personal deadline was April 7. ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre January 24th 2009

We arrived in Porto Alegre at 11am and checked into the Marechal Hotel, only thing it had going for it was the all you can eat buffet next door! Boucs and I walked around the shops, then got a bus to the Total Shopping Centre where we also walked around for a bit, saw lots of cool little funky boutique stores and had some coffee and a slice of cheese cake - nice! Walked back into town via the soho area, then explored the little markets and fruit stalls. Visited the Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul, which was a pretty cool art gallery. Visited the Parque Farroupila which was a nice little park which also had a zoo, but was closed by the time Boucs and I got there. We then grabbed a ... read more
Palm trees
The famous Porto Alegre sunset!

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre January 11th 2009

Last week I started my Brazilian adventure in the southern state of Rio Grande Do Sul. I was lucky enough to have my good friend Marcus (a Porto Alegre local who I met years back while working in the Whitsundays) and his girlfriend Fernanda, be my hosts and show me around. After my night bus from Montevideo, Marcus kindly met me at the bus terminal and we wandered the streets of Porto Alegre before heading on a road trip into the hills to some gorgeous towns such as Gramado and Canela. The first thing I noticed about Brazil was how green and lush it was. It really is very tropical especially after experiencing a very hot a dry Uruguay. There are also so many different looking people that make up Brazil. Crossing the street you cannot ... read more
Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre December 28th 2008

We left Punta del Diablo having had a different but satisfying Christmas. Ahead of us lay our final month. Our last country, Brazil, the crazy one right at the end. We don't know anyone from Brazil, or even anyone who has been to Brazil, as far as we remember, so our knowledge of the country and its people comes from media and travel guides. Images of hotted headed South Americans, passion, danger, football, samba and so on filled our mind. After travelling for so long, we had developed a slight cockiness, we had managed to survive so far and have few problems, so despite its reputation, Brazil would be a breeze, or so we thought. It didn't start too well, the debarcle at Chuy gave us a slightly negative vibe, and a sense of uselessness and ... read more
Torres and the terrapins 002
Torres and the terrapins 003
Torres and the terrapins 004

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre November 22nd 2008

Been a while since I've had a chance to add to this - lots of shuttling around the place - from floripa I headed to porto alegre to meet Gigi gabi and gustavo (Gigi and Gabis sister is called Graziela) I didn't meet any other porto alegrians so can"t confirm whether they are only allowed names begining with G! The lads surprised me with a trip to Gustavos parents timeshare in Gramado - This town is unbelievable - its been christmas land there for about three weeks already . At 9 they have a big fanfare for turning on the lights and they go go for it bigger than Disney would. So it was nice see a bit of that in case I'm down in the antartctic when it comes around for real. The next day ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Lads, I apologize for the belated blog post, the webmasters of the blog site even sent me an email asking if I’m still traveling, but this experience has been too rich to steal an hour or two for writing each day. I scratch notes if I’m lucky. In Brazil, I’ve caught myself on the verge of tears just thinking of what awesome friends I’m lucky enough to have (DC/NC/Br you know who I’m talking about (Ed in case you’re wondering you’re out)), what beauty there is to behold in life, and the human struggle that links us all no matter what country, language, religion, culture, or color. I’ve discovered a deep thirst for all things Brazilian. My father instilled a taste for traveling adventures when he took younger versions of my sisters and I on road ... read more
Argentinian Sunrise
Spandex & Dog
The horse in rushour.

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre April 23rd 2008

After Gramado we returned to Porto Alegre, Brasil. Karine and her sister Livia were kind enough to take us in for a few days. We mainly laid low and got our fix of American TV with Brasilian commercials while I sick. After a brief appearance on Brasilian TV, we decided to head for Uruguay.... read more
Billy, Karine and Livia
Three Girls Out On The Town

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