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South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Ouro Preto January 13th 2018

Talvez o maior conjunto arquitetônico do barroco de Minas Gerais situe-se naquela que foi um dia a capital Vila Rica hoje conhecida como a cidade de Ouro Preto. Encravada nas montanhas dona de paisagens belíssimas com temperaturas amenas e um ar puro invejável, Ouro Preto a cada esquina é uma novidade, é uma história, é o momento de se viver para nunca mais esquecer vielas e becos ancestrais que nos remetem à Inconfidência de Tiradentes, ao barroco de mestre Ataíde e Aleijadinho. Possuidora de belezas construídas pelo homem mas também de uma natureza linda e exuberante, sub dividiremos assim tais paisagens e programações feitas para quem deseja curtir cultura e natureza: natureza e arquitetura. Um dos lugares mais visitados e que despertam a curiosidade no turista justificávelmente é a casa dos Inconfidentes hoje batizada de Museu ... read more

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Ouro Preto April 9th 2016

Am off to Salvador today which will involve me in retracing my steps of three days ago - 1 pm bus to Belo Horizonte bus station and then out to the airport with a flight leaving at 6.35 which I have already managed to check in for online. After my last experience am a bit nervous about whether all will go smoothly when I arrive at my accommodation. One of the problems with Airbnb is that you can only access their contact number to use in an emergency by going onto their web-site. This of course involves being online, for which I require Wi-Fi as have data roaming switched off. So one possible scenario is that you are standing outside your Airbnb accommodation with your luggage and can't make contact with your host but you then ... read more
Café/ cultural centre, Ouro Preto
Casa do Ouvidor, Ouro Preto
Another typical street in Ouro Preto

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Ouro Preto April 8th 2016

This guesthouse has all mod cons including an iron so am able to leave for Salvador tomorrow with most of my clothes clean and ironed. Have discovered there is only cold water in the two sinks in the kitchen and in my bathroom's washbasin -the only hot water seems to be in the shower. Yet there is a water dispenser which supplies filtered water at iced and room temperature on tap. I suppose that when you are travelling and moving around a lot losing things is inevitable. Am already tired of living out of a suitcase. Did try to unpack here but it's difficult to organise so many toiletries and electronics and medication and there is beach gear that I haven't yet used. This morning I spent half an hour looking for a little bag with ... read more
igreja São Francisco de Assis, Mariana
Original altar of Igreja NS do Carmo
Ouro Preto, typical street

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Ouro Preto April 6th 2016

How lovely not to be too warm at night - it seems a lot less sticky here and the temperature must have fallen to below 20 last night. On the other hand, the noise oi the traffic has been replaced by barking dogs. Graça appeared to provide me with coffee and breakfast. She was in a hurry to get away, although did offer to cook me a tapioca, but that's fine - really this is a guesthouse or pousada rather than an Airbnb 'proper', where you stayin somebody's house. I spent the morning doing the churches and the the two most important museums: Museu da Inconfidência and Museu Casa de Contos. Both contain important artefacts relating to what was the first uprising against the Portuguese in 1789. Led mainly by poets and intellectuals, but with some ... read more
View from restaurant where I had lunch
One of Our Preto's many pretty cafés

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Ouro Preto April 5th 2016

Am off to Ouro Preto today via a flight to Belo Horizonte and two buses. Ouro is a UNESCO world heritage site, which was founded in 1698 became the centre of Brazil's gold mining rush. Ouro Preto means black gold, and at one time it was the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. As recommended by Sheila, got up before 7 to leave for my flight at 10 am from the downtown airport, Santos Dumont, which is only about 12 km away. Ridiculous, but she was worried about the traffic on a Monday morning and there were also a lot of roadworks. I was going to pick up a cab in the street and was also worried that in a city with hundreds, if not thousands, of cabs there would be none to be seen ... read more
Igreja N.S. da Conceição
Delicious pudding!

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Ouro Preto July 7th 2014

The pickpockets of Rio are not worth their salt. Two weary gringos without the gumption to buy tickets for the correct month, in a hustling, run down maze of concrete, passengers and bemused staff; how much do they steal? Nada. The system of catching a bus out of Rio could use some work. In hindsight we were given a range of stops at which our bus could arrive and an 'estimated' time of arrival. Simple, just wait around those stops until the driver writes the destination and departure time of your journey on the front of his bus with white marker pen; if you can't see your bus, don't worry, even if it was due an hour ago you haven't missed it in the commotion, it's just late. We did not know this. Now we do. ... read more

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Ouro Preto January 14th 2014

Saturday 11th January (Odyssey Day 64) We had a nice lazy start this morning, as we didn’t depart until 1000. Donna and Glenn decided to stay a few extra days in Rio, so they will catch us up later in the trip, likely in Brasilia. The rest of the group are sad to leave Rio, but made the most of the late start to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and one last trip to the beach. We made a lunch stop in Petropolis, a lovely town not too far from Rio. It’s one of the older towns and is still used by the wealthy as a holiday spot. A lot of the roads are paved and there is the Imperial Museum, which was once the Summer Palace of an Emperor of Brazil. Our camp tonight is in ... read more
Drive Day
Ouro Preto

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Ouro Preto August 31st 2012

The intrepid adventurers turn their backs on civilisation and head to the hills in search of the rumoured "black gold" before returning to the shore to discover what exactly island life is all about. (And did LOST really make any sense whatsoever?) After spending near enough a week in Rio we decided to head north to Ouro Preto (Portuguese for Black Gold, so named after the rock that the gold was encased in). I will admit that I´d never heard of it until reading the guidebook. The overnight bus journey was slightly grim, although Ellie didn´t seem that bothered, and I was pretty sleep deprived on arrival. It was cold too, apparently winter does that here in Brazil too, that was a surprise. So we wandered about the deserted town at 6am, which was creepy as ... read more
Ouro Preto Town Square

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Ouro Preto January 25th 2011

Projektet jag for till Brasilien for att delta i ar helt plotsligt fardigt och det har ar (ungefar) inlagget jag tankt skicka till CISV Umeas blogg for att beratta om vad jag haft for mig i tre veckor: Oi tía! Ett trettiotal barn som skriker efter uppmarksamhet, ris och bonor ris och bonor ris och bonor, utmattande lekar i utmattande tropisk sol samt sprak och kulturbarriarer av ett slag jag aldrig tidigare upplevt; de senaste veckorna har pa manga satt varit tuffa men det har trots detta varit helt fantastiskt att ha borjat 2011 med att vara "tía" at ett gang elvaaringar fran en sk favela i Vitória, Espirito Santo, Brasilien och jag ska har gora ett forsok till att beratta varfor. Jag har deltagit i ett International People's Project, som ar CISVs program for dig ... read more

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Ouro Preto January 10th 2011

Ouro Preto is a beautiful old colonial town settled in the hills of Minas Gerais state, about 9 hours North from Sao Paulo. I joked with Sarah that she should have noticed that the locals all had huge calf muscles. We only spent two days in Ouro Preto and it was a significant work out as we walked up and down the many cobblestone hills that form the streets (Ruas) in this beautiful town. The name of the town means ‘black gold’ in Portuguese, referring to the dark clumps of minerals that were mined and that contained the gold. In the 1700s Ouro Preto boomed with the precious commodity, leaving the town with today’s historical treasures—17 beautiful and some quite elaborate churches dispersed throughout the city. At that time, Ouro Preto was the richest Brazilian city ... read more
Over Ouro Preto
Sarah o'er Ouro Preto
Cobblestone streets of Ouro Preto

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