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South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília October 17th 2011

Buenas!! A ver, ya no sé por donde íbamos... Tanto blog tanta foto... Brasilia, sí. El viernes fuimos al concierto de Bad Religion!!!!!!! Era la primera vez que venían a Brasilia. Estuvo bueno, gracias a Bruna, que se lo montó para poder salir a Alto Paraiso el sábado por la mañana. "I want to conquer the world"!! Así que el sábado salimos hacia Chapada dos Viadeiros. De camino a Alto Paraiso tuvimos un pequeño percance con los frenos de Valente, el coche de Bruna. Suerte que estaba Jesús para ayudarnos... Y fuimos un ratito en moto, para ir a comprar la pieza que necesitábamos. El mecánico nos prestó una Honda 125 4 tiempos. El paisaje precioso, en una zona en que el subsuelo está lleno de cristal y amatista. Amatista!!! Pasé un fin de semana de ... read more
Amigo Keith

South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília October 14th 2011

Hola a todos!! Bien, al final me quedé un día más en Rio... Y así tenía que ser. Ese día lo pasamos todo en la playa de Ipanema, comiendo acaí i bebiendo guaraná!! Me compré la camiseta de la canarinha, con el número 9. Ya solo me falta el pasaporte... jejej Y tú, eres de aquí?? mmmmmm no (con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja), espanhol... Ahhh, mais vocé fala. Siiiiimm, falo, falo De ahí a Ilha Grande, que es preciosa. Ahí pude tocar una noche en el hostal Che Lagarto, y vender algun disco. Ya són 15! Estuvo bien, pero algo me dijo que debía pasar por Brasilia, antes de ir para Sao Paulo. Así que después de 26 horas de viaje, fuí bien recibido por Bruna en la capital. Curiosa ciudad, construida hace 50 ... read more
Tio Pepe
Café de manhá!!
El gesto de Pedro

South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília June 26th 2010

I wasn’t quite sure what I would make of Brazil’s iconic capital city. Brasília, the largest planned city in the world and the only one with UNESCO World Heritage status, is a mish-mash of impressive and elegant modern architecture and characterless and ugly concrete blocks. Located in the dry Brazilian highlands, some 1000km north of Rio and Sao Paulo, Brasília really does feel like it’s in the middle of nowhere. My overnight bus from Sao Paulo (15 hours) arrived at the bus terminal on the outskirts of the city (if I had planned a new city, I would have put the bus terminal much nearer to the city centre). For a city which is known as the cradle of modern architecture, the first few impressions weren’t that great, as the bus station and the shopping centre ... read more
Brasilia Cathedral
Brasilia Cathedral
The National Museum

South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília November 1st 2009

Well, it was a kind of surprise for us to end up visiting Brasilia. We had been debating about going there. Was it worth paying for another flight? Would we find time to go? When? Now, our flight from Florianopolis to Manaus had a 3 hour stop over in... Brasilia. We were quick to have a deal with a taxi driver and here we went for a private tour of this futuristic city from the fifties. After Salvador (Bahia) and then Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia is the third capital of Brazil. It was president Juscelino Kubitschek's initiative, the idea was to bring the capital away from the over populated coast so that it would be easier to reach from all parts of Brazil and also to develop the interior of the country. On 21 April 1960, ... read more
On the way to the centre of Brasilia
Esplanada dos ministérios
Esplanada dos Ministérios

South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília October 30th 2009

Oct 24, 2009 We realized that Brasilia, Brasil was not a normal tourist destination, especially a backpacker destination, while looking for accommodations and info. We went to all of the normal hostel sites and discovered that no hostels existed. There was a “guest house” that’s prices rivaled those of a midrange hotel. Slightly concerned, we asked our hostel in Rio for assistance. They found one cheap alternative, but the prices were higher than a hostel (we would later find out that it was simply someone’s home that was trying to make extra money - probably illegal because there was no advertisement/sign/signal out front). As we were looking for information on blogs and other sites, we soon realized that everything was extremely expensive and notes on Brasilia consisted of its short history and architectural significance, none on ... read more
Alien Statue
Don Bosco
Saturn Museum

South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília August 20th 2009

I jumped off the plane and made my way into Rio to meet Viv (still in work mode after the IAU conference that presented our holiday destination by taking place in Rio this time round). Sunrise over the favellas on the way into town was a very atmospheric welcome. We spent most of the first day wandering along Copacabana and Ipanema, taking a dip in the sea and baking in the sun. 40 minutes was enough to lightly roast all sides (or turn Viv quite pink)! The beaches were packed full and very active - the Brazilians don't take the beach lying down but play games, jog or swim. Bronzed bums of all shapes and sizes hang out from the "dental floss" bikinis. In the evening we went to admire the view of Rio from the ... read more
Viv Paddeling at Copacabana

South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília June 7th 2009

I can’t believe I’m finally home. It’s been 24 days since I left, but I’m back on the ground in Philadelphia after a grueling 30-hour trip comprised of 4 flights, 2 six-hour layovers, and only 4 hours of sleep. Home sweet home, at last! My trip to South America was fabulous, but I am glad to be home with my family and friends. I miss Breckenridge, and I’m looking forward to getting back there, too. First, though, my little brother (not so little anymore!) is graduating from high school tomorrow, so that will be a great day. All the family is gathering, and my brother Taylor is back from Italy, so we’ll all be reunited. The first time my family has been together since last October! Enough with that, though. You surely want to read about ... read more
Rio de Janeiro
JK Bridge
Palacio da Alvorado

South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília February 22nd 2009

My last week has been one of interesting reflections and fun times. Since monday i have moved up to Aguas Lindas which is in the Federal District of Brazilia...400 km north of Itumbiara. The first thing that struck me when i got here was how much it looked like Kanyamazane in South Africa. The sun is scorching everyday, it has not rained one bit since i got here last monday, the buildings here are constantly being developed in a very brick and mortar kind of roughness all the time, and the only paved ones seem to the main ones or the bus routes. As a result travelling around by car or on the back of a bike, makes for some interesting dust filled rally-type excitement, with more flat tyres then anyone could wish for! I just ... read more

South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília January 6th 2009

With some sadness, we leave Brazil tonight to head back to the good ol' USA. We are looking forward to being in our own beds, the kids being back in their rooms, and taking a break from rice and beans (Amy is at least). We will miss the times of fellowship with the relatives, the tasty churrascu (a meat lover's dream), being spoiled by Aunt Marlene, and seeing new places in Brazil. Please pray for us as we leave at 7:30 tonight (1:30 p.m. CA time) and depart after a layover from Sao Paulo at midnight.... read more

South America » Brazil » Distrito Federal » Brasília January 4th 2009

Uel's biological father's mother came for a visit and to meet her great grandkids. She hasn't changed since we saw her 6 years ago! It was nice to spend an afternoon catching up and watching her interact with our kids.... read more

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