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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni July 14th 2017

Embora seja um dos países mais pobres da América do Sul, a Bolívia me surpreendeu em termos de paisagens e culinária. O Salar de Uyuni é um lugar mágico, onde céu e terra se unem, sem linha do horizonte: você não sabe onde o chão termina e o céu começa. Simplesmente maravilhoso. Fomos em janeiro, época de chuvas, e isso ajudou a moldar esta paisagem: o céu era da mesma cor que o solo de sal, e a água ainda ajudava tudo a se refletir e virar a mesma coisa. Em um só lugar, terra e céu. Foi uma experiência incrível. Porém, é preciso lembrar que, para conhecer o Salar de Uyuni , a maior planície de sal do mundo, com 10 mil km², a mente e o espírito devem estar abertos a novas experiências. Fizemos ... read more
Paisagem do Uyuni
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Sem horizonte

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department April 30th 2017

Het oneindig wit... zout, zout, en nog eens zout. Terwijl eskimo's meerdere woorden voor verschillende soorten wit hebben, is één woord hier voldoende: Wit. Blanco. Bianca. Infinite whiteness. De enige onderbreking in de horizon zijn de jeeps en de composities voor perspectieffoto's. Maar de zoutvlaktes van Uyuni zijn niet het enige wat Zuid-Bolivia te bieden heeft. Ook vulkanen, geizers, heetwaterbronnen en meren in de kleuren van de regenboog worden aangedaan door de reizigers. En daar blijft het niet bij. Zo duiken en regelmatig toeristen in de zilvermijnen van Potosi, de hoogste stad op aarde en tevens de enige stad waar je op de markt gewoon dynamiet kunt kopen. Het is overigens heel indrukwekkend om te zien hoe er nog steeds duizenden mensen in de mijnen werken... Dan doel ik vooral op de omstandigheden, laat dat de ... read more

Uyuni is... well pretty dusty, It's a small town in the desert so I don't know what I expected. I found a nice tour agency, they were more expensive and by this I mean like $25.00. The Solar Uyuni is something you should all do. It's plenty of driving and endless expanses. The first day we went to the salt flats and I met my travel companions. We had a temporary person that was only at the flats with us, Armie,was from the Philippines and she is in our epic jumping photo. Then there was Emma and Nick from London and Marin and Ray from Japan. They were all easy going, I lucked out. Our guide Jamie was great and had a way of telling jokes without laughing. The three days we spent together in the ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni January 26th 2017

Aussitôt arrivés, nous posons notre sac à l'auberge et fonçons tout droit vers le bureau d'une agence pour réserver notre escapade dans le fameux désert de sel (merci Alice et Quentin pour le précieux conseil 😉). Le rendez-vous est pris, nous partons le lendemain matin pour 3 jours loin de tout, direction la frontière du Chili à travers d'immenses étendues et sans douche sur notre route (on sera prévenus!) SALAR D'UYUNI - tour 4x4, 3 jours et 2 nuits Départ : Uyuni, 🇧🇴 Arrivée : San Pedro de Atacama, 🇨🇱 À bord : une bande de 5 aventuriers dont nous faisons partie et Diego, notre chauffeur/guide bolivien pour le périple. JOUR 1 Cementerio de trenes Quelques minutes de route et c'est déjà temps de faire notre première étape. Sur place, des dizaines de trains fantômes laissés ... read more
Mc Salar
Cementerio de trenes

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi December 3rd 2016

We are only spending one day here in Potosi . It is the oldest city in Bolivia founded by the Spanish in order to develop the silver mines. Many of the group are at and in the mine today . Somehow being underground , even wearing pounds of safety equipment did not appeal to me at all . The very idea sets me into a claustrophobic panic. I wish them well . The rest of us have a free day in the city . After all the charm of Sucre it took a while to see it´s soul . THERE ARE so many CHURCHES , ALL CLOSED AND LOCKED OF SOURSE . IT IS OBVIOUS THEY ARE TO REMAIN PLACES OF PRAYER NOT PLACES TO VISIT . I AM SADDENED BY THAT FOR I HAVE ALWAYS ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni November 29th 2016

24.11.2016 Lazy Day - Lange Schlafen und faul sein. Heute war unser freier Tag wo wir endlich einmal ausschlafen konnten. Doch leider hat uns der Biologische Wecker einen Strich durch die Rechnung gemacht. Um 7uhr konnten wir einfach nicht mehr schlafen- daher gingen wir gleich Frühstücken. Gegen Mittag machten wir einen Spaziergang durch La Paz- Von einem Markt zum Anderen. Moni & Michi gönnten sich inzwischen einen Wohlfühl-Tag beim Friseur. Am Abend setzten wir uns alle gemütlich im Hotel zusammen und quatschen über Gott und das Leben. Nach einigen Pisco Cola lockerte sich die Runde und die gemütliche Runde wurde in einen lässigen Club verlegt. Unser Peruanischer Tourguide hatte quasi seinen letzten Abend mit uns, bevor er wieder zurück nach Cusco fährt. Ausweispflicht für den Club. Alle mussten den Ausweis herzeigen doch die Christina hat ihren ... read more

No wonder Porteños ( Buenos Aires Folks) think of themselves as the center of the universe. If you live in Argentina, Buenos Aires IS the center of the universe. In order to fly to Salta to cross the border we had to go back to BA and again spend the night, not really a bad thing since we wanted some nice healthy food ( we had found it at Le Pain Quotidian in the Palermo soho area) and we needed to plan our trip a bit. The next afternoon we flew to Salta, a colonial city in the north of Argentina, here we were to catch the nice bus service to La Quinica and towards the Bolivia border and cross over to Villazón. Right away you see the difference in the looks of the people, becoming ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi July 20th 2016

Feeling better after my first bout with some bad food my next stop on the trail was Potosi. I met a limey named Matthew on the Salar de Uyuni trip who is heading the same way as I am so we joined forces as we both had interest in going into the silver mine of Potosi. Potosi was founded in 1546 by the Spaniards and has an elevation of 13,420 feet making it one of the highest cities in the world. It is dominated by Cerro Rico or "Rich Mountain" and this was a main source of Spanish wealth back in the colonial times. Today Cerro Rico is still a working co-operative silver mine although the ore is much less abundant today. This was the reason I had come here. I wanted to learn the miner ... read more

After a relaxing night in Bahia Inglesa I booked a nine hour bus to San Pedro de Atacama; 8,000ft. high in the Atacama Desert of Chile. Unfortunately the ride took twelve hours and I showed up into town around midnight with no where to stay. At least I got to watch the Rambo Saga during my journey, all four movies of it in Spanish, yay! San Pedro is small enough though and I was able to get a place to stay no problem. My first impression of this place was that it was like Santa Fe, New Mexico. This late at night it was a quaint little desert village and the stars were amazing. The next morning I woke up and the quiet dusty streets had transformed into a mass of foreign backpackers all sporting their ... read more

FACES OF BOLIVIA...Nationalism. As we leave Bolivia's back door to enter the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile I can hear my heart pounding with anticipation. 'Cause this is why we tacked Peru & Bolivia onto our North American & Caribbean Blues Cruise itinerary. We have always wanted to visit the World's driest region, the Atacama Desert...even before we were seduced by the wonders of 4WDing through the wilds of Patagonia in southern Argentina and Chile. We are at the border at Hito Cajon 4,480m (14,698 ft)...leaving Heaven...the cries of the vanquished still ringing in our ears. Because Bolivians it is fair to not like Chileans. When we were in Patagonia, the Argentinians we met did not like Chileans. The reason we were given was that the Chileans sided with the British over the Falkland Islands ... read more
The War of the Pacific
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