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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Yungas Road March 20th 2016

Nos hablaban todo el tiempo de los treks que habían alrededor de La Paz. No lo habíamos planeado pero no nos pareció mala idea probar. Bueno si soy sincera, al principio la idea me daba un poco de pereza ya que en la casa de Alizée no se estaba nada mal, y la diferencia de confort con los hostales a los que estábamos acostumbrados era evidente. Pero todo el mundo nos decía que nos iba a encantar y que aunque fuera un poco duro, merecía la pena. Así que después de haber hecho la compra y preparar suministros para los 3 próximos días, tomamos un taxi a las 7 de la mañana rumbo a la Cumbre, a 5000m de altitud, apenas 20 min a las afueras de La Paz. Destino final: El Chairo, 1200m de altitud, ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Yungas Road February 17th 2015

La Paz is still in fiesta. Children are still racing around with water pistols and firecrackers line the streets as a way of celebrating. They are so noisy, you never know where the explosives are and when they do go off everybody crouches down with their hands over their ears. If this is a party, I’d hate to see what Bolivia is like during a revolution, or a period of political instability. I was also surprised today to see a young girl of 10 years old working in the trufe /minibus and taking our fare. Often trufes have a driver and a person who collects the fare from the passengers. It is common here to see young children working to make money for the family. Poorer people tend to sell hand-made products and richer people own ... read more

(post by Mike) What in the world could convince us to wake up at 6 AM and walk across town to lurk in a quiet coffee shop? In this case, it was our long-anticipated day tour with Gravity Bolivia (highly recommended) to bike down what Jess has renamed "The World's Most Exciting Road". We met Dave, our English-speaking guide from North Carolina, and Javier, our Bolivian guide, and loaded onto a bus headed to the mountains outside La Paz. After being given a warm jacket, pants, and a well-maintained mountain bike, we began biking down a paved road to get used to the bikes. Jess and I were a bit worried about whether the day would be too physically demanding, but 95% of our day was spent biking downhill. Eventually, we got to the gravelly section ... read more
Taking in the view!
Couple shot
Delirious grin

Ekskursija prasideda pusryčiais viename hostelyje, tad pirmiausia atsikėlęs apie 6 ryto ten ir keliauju. Po truputį prisirenka nemažai žmonių, išviso apie 20. Papusryčiaujam, visi gaunam po maišą su rūbais, šalmu bei apsaugom. Pasitikrinam ar visiems tinka dydiai ir susėdę į du mikriukus su dviračiais ant stogo važiuojam iki starto taško. Atvažiavę gaunam trumpą intrukciją kaip važiuoti, nes pirmą atkarpą važiuosim plentu. Starto taškas yra 4700m aukštyje. Važiuoti labai lengva, minti nereikia, nes visada lekiam nuo kalno. Grupė labai greitai išsiskaido į kelias mažesnes grupeles, nes vieni nori kuo greičiau lėkti žemyn, kiti važiuoja lėčiau. Bet kas 10 - 15 min. stojam šiek tiek pailsėti ir palaukti lėčiau važiuojančių dalyvių. Vaizdai aplink be galo gražūs, tad pasižvalgyti tikria yra kur. Taip nuvažiuojam apie 20 km. Tada sustojam poste kuriame papildomai sumokam maždaug po 10 Lt. už ... read more

The two weeks that Justin and I spent at La Senda Verde animal refuge were awesome. It is located on the Yungas Road, not too far from Coroico. We were able to work with so many amazing people and animals there. Justin built a bridge! At La Senda Verde I... Pet a Toucan and made him purr Scratched an ocelot´s head Spun a monkey round and round like a whirlwind Got shat on by Mr. Bean, a neurotic Amazonian parrot Had a Andean Spectacled Bear lick my fingers Saw a tortoise orgy Played in the mud with a woman-hating capuchin Got nibbled by a Coati Had awesome fondue for super cheap Got a wet willy from a Kinkachu Was hungry a lot Witnessed a 600km illegal march to save a national park On a more somber ... read more
Me at the waterfalls
Justin with juvenile Howler monkey

8 de Junio Yesterday we were pooped, so we chilled all day. This morning we got up to bike down the world´s most dangerous road. We drove up to the snow, chatting with our aussie guide, Mark. We then rode down through several different climates. It was gorgeous and such a blast riding on the cliff edge(seriously, cliff edge). When we were almost at the bottom, I got a little overconfident. I was flying down the hill, then hit a ditch? I flew over my handle bars, landed on my head, flipped, hit my face and knees on the gravel. At some point I put my hand out, because my wrist hurt like a bitch. Scariest part was that I couldn´t see anything for like 10-15 min. Sat on the bus the rest of the way ... read more
Awesome views, though

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Yungas Road August 7th 2011

Departing Rurre: When we returned from our Pampas trip we headed for the Amazonas office to reconfirm our flights. We saw a comotion and realised quickly something was amiss. We spoke with our two Belgian friends and they informed us that no flights were leaving for two days because of rain. (It was drizzling, very very slightly) I suppose it is a grass runway! So we settled down for another night in Rurre. Ourselves, the Belgians and the Germans met people from Dubai and France and we spent the following day hanging around with them, drinking coffee and playing pool. Theres little else to do in Rurre! Our Dubai friends obtained numerous flights throughout the day which continued to be cancelled, so we had lots of goodbyes and lots more hi were back again! We heard ... read more

This has to be a really rapido entry as I am due to leave this Internet Cafe in 15 mins! (sorry to those of you who have emailed or messaged with no reply - my internet time is very scant!) So. Firstly, sorry Mum, I know I said I wouldn{t do this! But, it was really really fun. Long story short, on Sunday, I decided to make my escape from the black whole that is La Paz, or more precicelty, Wild Rover. So I decided to oncve and for all book my trip down the worlds most dangerous road and then a ticket out of La Paz. ORigionally I intended to gho to Uyunio, but the bus times weren{t workiung for me so I booked to Potosi instead - due back from the cycle at 7 ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Yungas Road October 25th 2010

64KMs Down We had booked to ride down The World’s Most Dangerous Road (the Death Road) on Thursday. There was no shortage of choices for booking the trip, with just about every shop front on Sagarnaga advertising it. The standard fee was between B$400-500 all of which seemed to offer pretty much the same thing. We ended up booking with Vertigo Biking, who charged B$550, because all their bikes were Haros with double suspension and they gave all customers a free t-shirt and a disc of photos and videos. Hoping to do it on the Friday, the Boss’s lack of shoes had meant we had to wait until after the weekend but it also meant we got a B$70 discount, so we were happy enough to wait. Vertigo Biking was situated next door to Cactus on ... read more
Chewbacca holding Cello
The Boss and I
The Road

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Yungas Road August 13th 2010

The cold temperatures seemed to be following us throughout Bolivia and they didn't sound to be any better in Chile. Brian and I felt bad but ended up canceling our trip to northern Chile. The thought of spending all that money (airfare, hotel and visas which were $135 per person) to deal with more cold temps and un-heated rooms just didn't make sense. Several family members had mentioned Rio Selva to us, so we decided to look into it some more and the all-inclusive package had us hooked. We packed up our bags again and set off. This was our first trip down to the Yungas region on the new road. The old road AKA the World's Most Dangerous Road is now only used for bicycle descends now. The trip on the new road was uneventful ... read more
At La Cumbre
More snow
descending into the clouds

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