World´s Most Dangerous Road

Published: June 10th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

8 de Junio

Yesterday we were pooped, so we chilled all day. This morning we got up to bike down the world´s most dangerous road. We drove up to the snow, chatting with our aussie guide, Mark. We then rode down through several different climates. It was gorgeous and such a blast riding on the cliff edge(seriously, cliff edge).

When we were almost at the bottom, I got a little overconfident. I was flying down the hill, then hit a ditch? I flew over my handle bars, landed on my head, flipped, hit my face and knees on the gravel. At some point I put my hand out, because my wrist hurt like a bitch. Scariest part was that I couldn´t see anything for like 10-15 min. Sat on the bus the rest of the way down. At the bottom of the valley was an animal shelter, La Senda Verde. We ate dinner, bought several bottles of rum and turned our bus into a party bus for the four hour drive back. We got pretty smashed. The bathroom breaks on the cliff were pretty spectacular.

Mark took us to a local clinic for an x-ray.

Ends up I broke my scaphoid(thumb) and the head of my radius. We were all tipsy and when they told us I needed surgery, Justin almost passed out. They put a soft cast on me and set us up in a room. Scheduled a 1030 surgery for the next morning.

9 de Junio

Couldn´t sleep all night, because of the pain. I was really nervous, because of the first surgery I would remember having. They put me out quickly, the doctors were great and the next thing I knew it was all over. The surgery took about an hour, and they put 2 four in. pins in my arm and wrist. Spent the day in a drugged out sleep and watching spanish movies with Justin, who has been taking great care of me(I´m typing for her). Photos to come.

10 de Junio

Getting out of the hospital today!! excited to get this IV out and take a shower. We decided to spend some of my recovery time (2 weeks) volunteering at the animal sanctuary we visited. Hopefully I get to work with the baby capuchin monkeys there!!

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10th June 2012

Wishing you a speedy recovery!
It all sounds painful! Please be careful. Were you trying to pass Justin? I hope you are better soon. I love you lots. xoxo
11th June 2012

Ouch ouch ouch!!
Bummer! Hope you are doing OK! I imagine it is good to get something like this out of the way early, but I'm really hoping the trend doesn't continue! Miss you guys!
12th June 2012

Nice cast
Wow Sharlyn, Sounds like quite the adventure. I hope it gets better.How are the doctors in Boliva? Did you get your shots? No not tequila. I think its great your doing this trip. Actually a little envious. Try to stay upright and have fun. Love, Bob and Peggy

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