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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana February 27th 2019

We have a bus back to La Paz at 13.15. First we are going to visit Horca del Inca, an ancient astronomical site on a hill just outside town. We try to check out but reception is empty. We soon discover why – spitty llama is giving birth. It’s an exciting and unexpected start to the morning. We walk through town where there is a festival taking place; people in their Sunday best, cars decorated with flowers, bands playing. On to Horca del Inca, described by Google Maps as a 14 minute ‘mostly flat’ walk. 45 minutes and 389 steep stone steps later, we finally reach our destination. Quite a tough ascent at 3800m altitude. We return to the hotel. We have just enough time to get some brunch and see baby llama one more time ... read more
Baby llama
Baby llama
Baby llama

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana February 26th 2019

All the travelling with food poisoning and then a cold have taken their toll so I’m taking a ‘duvet day’. So while the old man sets off on a boat ride to an island full of steps, I take a stroll along the lake, then return via reception, borrow a Judy Finnigan from the library and settle in my deckchair overlooking the lake. I have a pleasant day reading and watching the many hummingbirds in action. In the evening we go to dinner. As we pass the resident llamas I point and say “and you can f*** off too” not realising that I’m actually pointing at a lady in a hammock. Luckily she sees the funny side and when we bump into her in the restaurant 2 hours later, she’s still laughing at me. We return ... read more
Pleasant spot to read
View from my deckchair

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana February 25th 2019

Today we are taking a minibus to Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca. It’s only 90 miles but takes 4 hours. Partly because it takes ages to fight our way out through the crazy La Paz traffic and partly because it involves a ferry crossing. First, breakfast. It’s not as easy as it seems as we are behind a Chinese tour group. The buffet looks like it’s been hit by a plague of locusts. There’s no fruit left at all, meanwhile a Chinese woman is trying to force an entire watermelon into her handbag. Once we have left the city, the driver seriously puts his foot down and our white knuckle ride begins. Soon the highway runs out and we continue on what look like abandoned road works. Eventually the quinoa covered plains give way ... read more
Lake Titicaca
Papyrus boat

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana February 28th 2018

We have to admit, we were a little unsure about visiting Bolivia... It isn't a country known for its luxuries (carrying ones own toilet paper everywhere is a must!) and having heard horror stories of friends being robbed there, we were definitely more than a little apprehensive. We didn't get off to a great start - with a 5 hour delay at the border crossing from Chile. But once we got going, Bolivia completely blew us away! We spent our first few days in Bolivia on a salt flats tour. Starting in San Pedro in Chile, we drove up through south Bolivia over 3 days stopping regularly to marvel at the various volcanoes, lagoons and beautiful landscapes we were passing en route. Our tour finished at Salar de Uyuni - the world's largest salt flat (the ... read more
Our group admiring some of the incredible views on Bolivia's Death Road
Our first stop over the Chilean border gave a stunning view of Volcán Licancabur
Enjoying the company on Isla del Sol!

Suzanne here... On the bus journey from Puno to Copacabana we finally started to get some idea of the scale of Lake Titicaca. The trip was about four and a half hours long, and still we followed the lakeshore. The border crossing was easy. Stamp out of Peru, short walk, stamp into Bolivia. There was a slightly dodgy moment when we were asked for a two boliviano or soles fee to enter the city. We'd used up all our soles and didn't yet have bolivianos. The fact they gave up easily when we told them this makes me wonder how official the fee is. Copacabana gave us a much more favorable first impression than Puno. Lake Titicaca looked stunning. This is what we'd expected in Puno, but there we'd been disapointed. Here was just what we'd ... read more
Suzanne is the one in the middle
Copacabana beach

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana January 18th 2017

Après une nuit dans le bus et le passage de la frontière bolivienne sans difficulté, nous arrivons sur la presqu'île de Copacabana. Le défi des notre arrivée ? Trouver un hébergement à peu près propres et qui propose des tarifs abordables. La mission semble délicate, on discute de notre stratégie et programme autour d'un bon petit-dej' avec Camille et Ju'. Une fois installés, on fait un tour dans la petite ville construite au milieu du Lac Titicaca qui marque la frontière entre Pérou et Bolivie. Étrangement les locaux rencontrés ne sont pas très accueillants, nous décidons alors de nous renseigner pour rapidement aller se balader sur l'Isla del Sol Isla del Sol Baluchons sur le dos et ticket de transfert en poche, nous arrivons au nord de l'île après 2h30 de bateau et quelques aléas mécaniques.L'Isla ... read more
Isla del Sol
Isla del Sol 2
Isla del Sol 3

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana October 6th 2016

The bus ride from Uyuni to Potosi traversed some dramatic mountainous countryside as we continued our journey north through the Andes. There were a few close calls with Vicuna and llama which slowed the journey a little, about an hour out of Potosi a salesman got on the bus and delivered his pitch to a captive audience, he went on and on about the benefits of what ever snake oil he was selling. On arrival in Potosi we hopped in a cab to our hotel high in the old town, travel in Bolivia is very cheap compared to Chile, so the two dollar cab fare was a welcome surprise. Potosi has a world heritage listed old town with a strong Spanish flavour, this is not surprising considering the tonnes of silver dug out of the mountains ... read more
Rooftops of Potosi
Potosi church
Alleyways of the old town

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana February 26th 2016

THE CULT OF PACHAMAMA...Catholicism Unplugged. Cusco in Peru was a stopover to kill some time. Some say "When in Peru, Cusco is the place to be". But when winging it, it was to us, only a maybe. So locked our gear at the bus station and to the Plaza de Armas for a look around. Spanish cathedrals boasting of colonial excesses of the past...smiling like powerful masters built to last. Catholicism in all its splendour. Yet that first look hid a spiritual under-belly that was there for all to see...but only if one is awake enough to reflect...and if like so see. An under-belly that threw our perceptions of Catholicism into disarray. And so I present our findings. But please...we beseech the faithful...I do NOT shine light on this to cause you to stray. ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana December 5th 2015

Booking our bus to Copacabana, on the shores of the famous Lake Titicaca, could not have been easier. We simply asked the lady at the hotel reception and she did the rest. "El bus recogera ustedes a las ocho menos cuarto por la manana, manana", she told us. All done. At about 7.30am or siete y media we got a knock on our door while I was still in just my underpants. A lady stood there and said "en cinco minutos el bus estara listo a recoge ustedes". "Pero, es siete y media solo - la senora dijonos que el bus llega a las ocho menos cuarto", I replied. In any case we were downstairs with our bags at 7.40am - five minutes earlier that we were initially told but five minutes later than when we ... read more
Sunset Over Lake Titicaca
Cathedral, Copacabana

There is something about nature, making it almost better to be traveling solo. There is something about sitting by that immense lake solitary and small. But it's all for you. And you become timeless and the lake is finite. I walked around the lake this afternoon until I found a spot free from the crowds. There I sat for over three hours as I watched and waited for the sun to set and plunge into Titicaca. It was in turns exhilarating, thought provoking, and as if I was participating in a ritual that has been going on for millennia. There is something about this place that feels like it has always been here and will continue going its way regardless of who is in charge. The Spanish didn't defeat them. They are still here. There is ... read more
Copacabana Life

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