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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre October 13th 2019

À environ 35 km au nord de Buenos Aires, dans la province du même nom, la ville de Tigre est facilement accessible par le Tren de la Costa qui la relie à la grande ville plusieurs fois par jours. Comme son nom l’indique, ce train longe la côte de l’Atlantique sud en traversant une dizaine de petites villes, tantôt cossues, tantôt plus délabrées jusqu’au delta du fleuve Paraná qui lui, prend naissance dans le Rio de la Plata. Tigre compte environ 30,000 habitants répartis, pour la plupart, entre la terre ferme et les nombreux canaux qui se déploient à partir du fleuve. Ce delta de 320 km de longueur rend la voiture inutile puisque toutes les maisons sont construites le long des canaux. On n’a donc aucun autre choix que d’y accéder par bateau. Il est ... read more
Bateau taxi
Sur le fleuve Sarmiento
la végétation est superbe

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre January 23rd 2019

Today we are going to Tigre, to the north of Buenos Aires. Not so much for the destination, but for the journey. We plan to take a 2 hour boat trip up the River Plate, then return along the riverside on the Tren de la Costa. The day does not start well. We try to get some cash out to find our card has been cloned and the account emptied overnight at a cashpoint in Johnson City USA. To make matters worse, once our financial woes have been dealt with, we no longer have time for breakfast before catching our boat. Hunger aside, the boat trip is wonderful. We head up the River Plate which is so enormous and choppy it’s like being at sea, apart from the water hyacinths bobbing around us. Once in the ... read more
Leaving Buenos Aires
Tigre Delta
Tigre Delta

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre July 28th 2015

For our last day in Buenos Aires, we spent it...not in Buenos Aires. We went out to El Tigre, which is the town where the Paraná River meets the River Plate. The delta is impressive, with a bunch of inhabited islands and murky brown waters that are actually clean enough to swim in. The color comes from the silt carried downstream. The island inhabitants are mostly disconnected and lead a very different lifestyle. Most of their houses look like those "mini-houses" you see online, with only a room or two of space and just very efficient use of what they have. Trash boats come around every few days to pick up whatever they've created, and supermarket boats make regular trips. Medical boats with a physical therapist, a dentist, and a general practitioner also make rounds, and ... read more
Library or museum? I forget, but it's beautiful
Cool bird sculptures on a dock
One of the many houses

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre April 29th 2014

We are packing our bags and will meet our guests on Wednesday in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rotary Friendship Exchange is a great way to meet new friends and immerse into other cultures. We will be staying in the homes of Rotarians and visiting their Rotary clubs and projects, AND seeing all the sites. So, come along with us. Follow our journey to Buenos Aires and beyond. Look for the team picture coming soon!... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre November 12th 2011

I love the train in Buenos Aires. Its really fast and cheap because it's subsidized by the government. I take it a lot home from school if I don't feel like waiting for a bus during rush hour. However, because the trains are subsidized, the city lacks funding to keep them up and they're pretty rickety and old. This saturday I decided that I wanted to go to Tigre with my friend Shannon to visit the amusement park that they have there. I was pretty excited to go and they also have a really cool feria there that I was hoping I could go to to get some souvenirs. Well, I was supposed to meet my friend Shannon at the train at 1pm at the ticket window. I don't know what happened but someone told Shannon ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre August 15th 2011

Nice boat trip at the delta : )... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre August 14th 2011

Pequeña excursión al Delta del Tigre. linda ida en el Tren de la Costa, que es para turistas y porteños de porte, que salen a hacer deporte junto al rio de la plata. Huimos de los tradicionales tours de barca+restaurante, y paseamos por las orillas del río. Imaginando el ambiente que deberá haber en verano, con tantos clubs de remo y náuticos. El regreso en el tren "normal" y 10 veces más barato, también es 10 veces menos romántico.... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre July 24th 2011

Geo: -34.5843, -58.5251It all seemed so simple. After queuing for 40 minutes or so to get into the Parque de la Costa theme park in Tigre, Argentina, a big sign told us that there were three types of entrance ticket. There was a Passport Promo, a Passport Plus and a Gold Passport. The Passport Promo seemed to include nothing of interest, whereas the only extra included with the Gold Passport was the shows they laid on for little kiddies. We didn't want the shows, just the roller-coasters, so... Sebastián: "Two Passport Pluses, please". Levi: "Oh, wait, for just 30 pesos extra, I can upgrade my Passport Plus to a Winter Passport Plus, which means I can come back as many times as I like this winter. I might come back with a friend when she arrives ... read more
Parque de la Costa
The swirly roller-coaster we queued twice for
A damned good impression of The Simpsons

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre January 10th 2011

We braved the train today!! A friend who lives in BA warned us not to take daypack but we decided to after all as had water etc. No probs on train at all - a few beggars but no-one bothered us. Tigre is about 50mins north of BA & beautiful place on river, Walked to port & took a boat for hour's trip along river - quite cheap & gave us good feel for place. If we only been travelling for short time we may have splashed out on private small boat & guide but this would have cost over 100 quid. It takes you down small rivers & you can fo swimming but frankly wouldn't fancy it as water very murky!! There's a place where you can walk out across water - looked good so ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre November 23rd 2010

estuvimos durante tres dias en una isla del delta de tigre: 1 hora de tren desde buenos aires y despues dos hora de barco. Fuimos con el grupo de amigos de Anais: "los gasoleros", un grupo de jovenes que hacen camping juntos. Este finde fue genial: sol, banarse en el rio, fuego, musica, parilla, etc grazias a Nati "organisadora oficial" del viaje!!! Vamos a extranar a todos pero nos vemos en febrero tal vez para un otro camping!!! This weekend we went camping on an island in the delta of Tigre. We had a great time enjoying the sun, swimming in the river, eating barbecues, etc It was nice to go away from the city and to relax in good company. As you say it here "muy buena onda"!!! ... read more

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