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Oceans and Seas » Pacific January 28th 2012

Today was a complete contrast to yesterday as we have cruised past the coast of Panama and started our journey alongside Costa Rica. It was exceedingly hot today and we found it hard to motivate ourselves to do anything much out of doors. We did our hour in gym before breakfast and before it got too hot outside. We are only 8 degrees above the equator and its 28 C now at nearly 10pm. We were well over 30 degrees at lunch and even the sea temperature is 29 degrees C right now! So we have little to report as we've dossed. Almost all day long. A trip to the laundry this morning hardly counts as exciting! We have now learned that the pointy birds are not actually Pterodactyls; they are Frigate birds. And the ship ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific January 8th 2012

First full day at sea. Coffee and juice in the stateroom, smoked salmon in the dining room, checked e-mail, posted blog and headed to the showroom to meet our lecturing team. There are four very qualified individuals and we’ll be hearing about the geology, history, politics, explorations and animals along the way. Our Meet & Greet went well. We had about sixty attending and that was in competition with a wine tasting, (had I a choice I would probably have opted for wine too). The Captain, Hotel Manager, Beverage Manager and Events Manager and Cruise Director all made appearances and the Captain & Hotel Manager were very generous with their time. The more I hear the more excited I am about what we will be seeing. The only concern is, of course, the weather over which ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea December 3rd 2011

Wow! what an amazing experience. We left Brisbane Port onn the 3rd at midday and after being deafened by the mega horn going under the gateway bridge we promptly fell asleep. Two days of only slightly rocky waves left us to enjoy the pool, kids club, restaurants and kids club while we chugged along on our way to New Caledonia. Noumea was our first stop and it was a town that had indeed stopped. the kids played merrily in some gravel, as they always do anywhere we take them, until we were told "that's where the dogs go wee wee". We bypassed the town and went out on a glass bottom boat which the kids loved - heaps of fish to see. Back on the boat and off to kids club for the grommets while we ... read more
Maddy Living it up
Katya Loves the Cruise Scene
Jonel the Steward Creates Kid Magic

Oceans and Seas » Pacific September 27th 2011

It may come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog, but I just love unusual, slow forms of travel. I am particularly enamoured with trains and cargo ships. There is just nothing like travelling across the vast oceans or landscapes of the world in slow motion, with plenty of time to reflect, absorb and prepare for the next destination to come. Hence, in line with most of my trips over the past four years, I have booked myself onto a cargo ship again – this time travelling all the way from America to Australia. It’s an epic trip that’s going to take thirty days via Colombia, Panama and New Zealand. A whole month at sea – awesome! But sometimes, making travel arrangements for these kinds of trips can be a little... arduous. In the ... read more
MV Bahia
En route to Australia... finally

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea September 19th 2011

Auckland: The opening game caused few upsets as expected. However, two particular highlights were finding my first pint and the referee disallowing New Zealand a perfectly legitimate try. As well as rugby, the sights of a wine tour and several parks on Waiheke island come highly recommended. Other highlights included picking up the campervan and blasting the horn for about 30 seconds until the novelty wore off. Overall reflections: Kiwi’s moan a lot more than the English, especially when it comes to rugby. Tauranga: A day’s surf on the north east coast was abandoned, due to hangovers and terrible weather! (English are only fair weather surfers I’m afraid). Fortunately, we settled on a quiet night and watched England play in the evening in a quiet bar… The night ended with us drinking with the Samoan rugby ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific September 14th 2011

With a day at sea from Sitka to Victoria, and losing one hour as we returned to the Pacific Daylight Time Zone, we were a little slow rising; but, Sharon had set the time ahead an hour so she at least made it to the 8AM mass on time (with two other hearty souls). John was a bit slow, but he did get there in time for his favorite “may peace be with you part”. Cruise lines frown on folks shaking hands, but for some reason they’re okay with cabin mates kissing. We next went to breakfast, with John settling in on his Eggs Benedict, with extra hashed browns and sausage links. Sharon of course had the All American breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon and white toast. They offer juice, and Sharon had apple, but John ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific September 9th 2011

Recently, I remembered a scene from when I was around 28 years old. I was sitting on a bench in a graveyard in a little village in Suffolk, England. I was reading a book. I believe it was ‘Zorba the Greek’, and it talked about the author of the book who had travelled widely and for many years around the world, often by ship. I recall being overwhelmed with emotion and longing as I read about this person’s life. Sitting there in this picturesque, desolate burial ground, I thought: will I ever be able to do this? Ever since I could remember, I’d wanted to travel the world like this, and yet I had no idea if and how I could ever make it happen. I had work commitments, property, a boyfriend, pets. My longing remained ... read more
On the Pacific Ocean

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 11th 2011

We already felt like VIPs with Chef Jorg’s visit to our table in the Main Dining Room on Elegant Night. Then we had the pleasure of meeting him again during the Behind the Fun Tour earlier and he acknowledged us and our Chef’s Table reservation for later in the evening. Chef Jorg also spotted us at the Lido Buffet as we were getting lunch and reminded us not to eat too much because he had a special meal planned for us. Wow, that’s special! We all met at the Atrium Bar - our home away from home - and at 6:15 p.m. Chef Jorg came to whisk us away for an evening we soon wouldn’t forget. Want to feel like a VIP AND a Celebrity? Simple, just participate in the Behind the Fun Tour prior to ... read more
Chef's Table Menu
Chef's Table Menu
Chef's Table Invitation

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 11th 2011

We booked the Behind the Fun Tour when we embarked the ship on Monday. It’s a ‘first-come, first serve’ type situation so we made sure to sign-up at the Shore Excursion desk right when we got onto the ship. It was here we were told that we weren’t allowed to bring any cameras, cell phones or other recording devices and that we needed to wear closed-toed shoes. It pays to be a member of a cruise forum (Cruise Critic) to get the heads up on this! We met in the Blue Riband Library at 9 a.m. where we were offered coffee, juices and pastries. Once everyone arrived we were asked to give up any cell phones we may have on us, we were wanded by Security and then the tour began. We were led through the ... read more
Behind the Fun Tickets
Carnival Paradise
Behind the Fun Gifts

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 10th 2011

Tonight was the Deck Party and late-night Mexican Buffet ... woo hoo! We decided to grab our cameras and photograph some of the festivities. Shooting at night allows for some slower shutter speeds ... which really helped bring out the impression of movement from the dancing, don’t you think? INSIGHT: When shooting with slower shutters there is a high chance for blur (obviously). While we do want some motion blur to happen ... movement of dancing, etc ... there should also be something stationary in the frame (such as the Carnival Paradise name) to give the viewer a reference. Stabilizing the camera and using a remote or the timer for the shutter is a must. We wanted to make good use of the lighting available. The Lido Deck on the Carnival Paradise was especially pretty with ... read more
Carnival Paradise at night
Painting with Light
Whale Tail!

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