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Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 12th 2011

Volpaia Time: 20:30 Zulu Time: 14:30 04 56.69 N 130 04.62 W Speed: 6.3 knots Wind: 10 knots 050 T Course: 230 T Seas: 3-5 ft Crew: Shay helming, Colby, Brett & Alix sleeping, Liz writing log, Cyrus eating dinner Comments: We had a beautiful sail today. In the afternoon the wind changed. We left behind the rolling following seas and the grey squalls that drenched those on watch The sun came out and we set the sails close hauled, volpaia gentlly heeled to starbord and off we went. I have never sailed on a boat that goes to weather as beautifully and easily as Volpaia. I believe it could be her favorite tack. This afternoon on my watch, the helm was so balanced and easy to steer, a marked contrast to the difficult, rolling conditions ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 11th 2011

Volpaia Time: 22:00 Zulu Time: 04:00 7 00. 67 N 128 42.51 W Speed: 7.7 knots Wind: 19 knots 005 T Course: 225 T Seas: 3-4 ft Crew: Shay helming, Cyrus getting off watch, Brett writing log, Alix sleeping, Colby reading. Comments: First off, if any of the recipients of this log have received doubles, or more, we had a glitch with our satellite email server yesterday and have hopefully gotten it sorted. Sorry about that. Our recources are a little limited out here but I think we have it sorted. Thanks for your patience. I will now pass the mic to our next guest log writer, Brett. Just now on Volpaia we have crossed over the seventh latitude. The convergent zone of strange weather that has been a regularity over the past few days has ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 9th 2011

Volpaia Time: 19:00 Zulu Time: 01:00 12 09.73 N 125 51.20 W Speed: 7.8 knots Wind: 16 knots 042 T Course: 208 T Seas: 5-7 ft Crew: Shay watching a movie, Colby sleeping, Brett & Alix cooking desert, Liz helming, Cyrus writing the log Comments: Today we officially entered the tropics. The event was marked by Brett, our cook, serving dinner while wearing nothing but his underwear and exclaiming "Is anyone else hot?". Today also officially marked the first day that none of the crew could remember what day of the week it is and also coincided with the longest that Alix has gone without opening her laptop since she was a little girl. This is Alix's first ocean crossing. It is also the first ocean crossing for 2 other crew members, Colby and Brett, and ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 8th 2011

Volpaia Time: 21:30:00 Zulu Time: 03:30 13 00.88 N 123 09.82 W Speed: 10 knots Wind: 13 knots 027 T Course: 260 T Seas: 3-5 ft Crew: Shay on deck, Colby and Cyrus sleeping, Brett on deck, Alix on deck, Liz helming Comments: Brought to you by Brett Cary, in partnership with Yerba Mate. The food cycle on S/Y Volpaia, June 8th, 2011. My day starts at 130am Volpaia time, which isnt always congruent with local time and has been distancing its self from this more and more everyday. My first task in being awake is finding my vice, coffee. Of recent I have been reaching for something more potent, Yerba Mate. This jungle dwelling plant thrives in nutrient rich rainforest soil and delivers a buzz that coffee cannot contend with. This particular morning Colby left ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 7th 2011

Volpaia Time: 16:00 Zulu Time: 22:00 15 50.91 N 120 58.52 W Speed: 6.9 knots Wind: 13 knots 027 T Course: 212 T Seas: 3-4 ft Crew: Shay, Colby and Liz sleeping, Brett writing, Cyrus reading, Jimmy on the weel and I'm wrting the log! Comments: GOOOOOD MOORNING PACIFIC! So here we go, first log in English and I will frenchizing it as much as I can because as you may know we are going to Polynesie Francaise!!! The first good news (and the more thirlling one) is that yesterday at sunset we catch a yellowfin tuna. Immediately cut by Brett we had a fresh Ceviche out of it, but without spices. In fact, there is a food battle going on between Europe and the US on the boat. First, American people (or at least the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 6th 2011

Volpaia Time: 08:00 Zulu Time: 14:00 18 21.61 N 117 55.44 W Speed: 7.5 knots Wind: 13 knots 352 T Course: 230 T Seas: 3-5 ft Crew: Alix sleeping, Liz on deck, Colby sleeping, Brett sleeping, Cyrus getting off watch, Shay helming. Comments: Bob, agreed to all sent yesterday. We have altered course slightly to the south to make course along your suggested route, to be entering ITCZ at 5 00N 130 00W, or there abouts. The wind has finally made its shift to the N as of last night and we are now sailing on our same STBD tack but with the wind off our stern quarter. With the light apparent winds at this angle and the still somewhat confused seas, we are experiencing the occasional roll. What we are currently carrying for sails is ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 5th 2011

Volpaia Time: 12:30 Zulu Time: 18:30 19 13 44 N 115 09.69 W Speed: 8.3 knots Wind: 11 knots 327 T Course: 245 T Seas: 3-4 ft Crew: Alix helming, Liz on deck, Colby cleaning the galley, Brett on deck, Cyrus getting off watch, Shay cleaning galley. Comments: We are now on day 3 of the same tack. A "tack" is a general sailing term referring to the side of the boat that the wind is hitting and that subsequently causes the deck to heel over. I mention this because although many have undoubtedly experienced a sailboat heeling over for a few hours, or even an afternoon on the same tack, few have entered into what I like to call "sideways world". It is, after all, not just the deck that goes sideways but the entire ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 21st 2011

The final day at sea as tomorrow we arrive back at Long Beach so we sat by the pool and drank cocktails. I want to take the time now to put in a plug for Carnival Splendor the boat we were on. The meals are just fantastic and run 24 hours a day, you can get anything from Pizza and Burgers right up to 4 star dining. The staff likewise is just great and nothing was to much trouble, right from our room steward, Sang, to the matre d' of the restaurant. Check out the animals made out of folded towels that were left in our room every night, Sang made them and we got to the stage where we looked forward to getting back to the cabin after the evenings fun just to see what ... read more
Towel Dinosaur
Towel Dog
Towel Monkey

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 7th 2011

Place: Middle of the Pacific Ocean APRIL 10th--- So it began…the longest part of the trip. The 10 straight days at sea! Our ship is currently sailing across the Pacific Ocean and it is pretty rocky and miserable! The worst part is that this is when all the real research papers, presentation and finals happen. I somehow picked up a terrible could in Taiwan and haven’t been feeling well. I’m trying to power through it though with naps and tons of cold medicine. To make this part of the voyage less miserable SAS decided to run some fun events this week. Tonight was the SAS Student Film Festival. It was kind of a mix of movies. Most of them made fun of ship life and stuff like that. Others were more artsy and highlighted some of ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea April 3rd 2011

In November 2010, Carson and Deb took a trip to the Philippines to do some scuba diving. We flew into Manila, then traveled overland to the southern shore of Luzon Island where we boarded a water taxi to Mindoro Island and the small beach town of Puerto Galera. Shimmering seas and lush mountains surround the small town and three cove shaped beaches, all called Sabang. The boat harbor and our hotel are on the largest. The Atlantis Dive Resort catered to our every need. From small swimming pool, spa, massages, internet, beachside bar and fantastic restaurant, we found we never had to leave the grounds. The staff were incredibly friendly, everyone was on a first name basis. For Carson the diving was fantastic. The coral is still pristine in these waters. The Resorts Master Divers took ... read more
Atlantis Dive Resort
Puerto Galera Harbor
Rainbows all Day

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