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Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 18th 2012

Saturday 18th February: Phew, we are out of the Tropics so the temperature has crashed all the way down to the high 70s! It even rained a bit this afternoon but as we were already in the swimming pool it didn't really affect anything. Today has been a normal sea day with the usual rigours of breakfast, lecture, snooze, lunch, swim, snooze, swim again and just manage to cram in one more snooze before dinner. This evening we had one of those really out-dated events that Cunard places so much store by and that was the Captain's cocktail party. Having had all the day time activities it's quite a challenge to haul your body through the palaver of layering on make-up, bling and evening dress. And then you join a formal line before finding out if ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 17th 2012

Friday 17th February: Today I have a dilemma with our travel blog: two days ago I prattled on about how wonderful American Samoa was. Today I want to prattle on about how wonderful Fiji is. But as they are both Pacific paradises I hope you will forgive me adoring yet another place in this corner of the globe. Cunard virtually rented an island today and it was utterly perfect. Beachcomber Island is a little sandy outcrop sitting on top of a coral reef so the snorkelling was stunning. Neither of us has ever seen such a varied reef before so the coral life was magnificent and the fish even more so. Clown fish, angel fish, tiny fish in petrol colours, big fish with every type of artwork on them that you could imagine: spots, stripes, dark ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 16th 2012

Thursday 16th February: For the eagle eyed among you, you will have noticed that we failed to post a blog on Wednesday 15th February. This is because, unlike you, we have not had a 15th February. Crossing the international date line meant we had to put our clocks forward 24 hours which means we didn't lose any sleep but one chap on board did miss his own birthday! On board ship, it is now nearly half past ten at night and Richard has fired up the GPS on the iPad and it shows we've just nudged our way over the international date line but, for reasons known only to Cunard, although we actually crossed it about 10 minutes ago, they changed the time on board last night. At least with it being a leap year, we ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 15th 2012

Tuesday 14th February: Valentines Day brought us to American Samoa and as I'm writing this blog late into the evening, I can share with you the fact that many of the people on board reckon this is paradise. It is such a lush island; the tropical rain forest is dense and comes right to the water's edge. Once there, the water is crystal clear and tumbles gently over the occasional coral reef on its way in shore. Much of Somoa was devasted by the tsunami a few years ago but because it is so steeply volcanic, there are no rolling plains for the water to rush across and wreak havoc on. The wave got bounced by the high sides of the extinct volcanoes and many people were able to climb the hillsides and avoid the danger. ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 14th 2012

Monday 13th February: Sorry to rub it in but the Equator in mid February is an absolutely fantastic place to be. It got to over 30 degrees today so we spent much of the morning on our balcony as that was on the shady side of the ship. By the time we went up to the pool area in the afternoon it was so hot there wasn't a single sunbed in the sun with a body on it. But we managed to find Richard a perfect arm chair in the shade. I wallowed in the pool with an eclectic mix of other guests. The pool could only have been improved if they'd chilled it down a bit to become refreshing. No-one was swimming but we all looked like a multi-coloured group of hippos wallowing at a ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Auckland Islands February 13th 2012

I woke up feeling a little seasick this morning so took a seasick tablet and felt fine the rest of the day. I read todays Pacific Daily (newsletter delivered to your room, with all the days activities) last night I put my watch back 1 hour but I was supposed to do that tonight so when we went to check out Deck Boules it had already finished, luckily we realised at the point what I had done so we didn’t miss anything else. Opps! We went to a juggling lesson, it was so much fun and we both ended up being able to juggle, a bit. Of course we also did a bit of relaxing out the back at the Oasis deck (we did that every day) before heading to ballroom dancing lessons where we learnt ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 13th 2012

Sunday 12th February: Today was just about everything you expect crossing the equator to be. The sea was very gentle, the skies were clear blue, the sun stayed high in the sky all the time and it was very, very hot. We were already at over 84 degrees by mid-morning and it was glorious as we slipped over the line at about 11.20 am. We did all our normal sea day things (gym, breakfast and lecture) and were able to get back to our cabin to watch the ship's navigation channel at the moment we crossed so we have a photo of the TV screen showing us going over zero degrees. The afternoon was fun but a whole heap smellier. In fact smelly just doesn't describe it well enough. Most people who wanted to take part ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 12th 2012

Saturday 11th February: As it's Saturday I thought I'd give an insight into that common weekend treat: the cooked breakfast. You won't be surprised to know that on board ship, you have the opportunity to eat just about every breakfast food imaginable: cereal, fruit, porridge, pastries, fried, boiled, poached, grilled, Japanese things that I have no knowledge of plus anything you can think of to spread, pour or drown your plate with. But even so, some people have managed to surprise us with the combinations they have created. One person chose scrambled egg with fried eggs and cottage cheese. Not a natural combination and definitely not a combi I would choose. Somewhat stranger was the guest who chose sausages, eggs, bacon ... and haddock. I can't really imagine fish with the other 3 choices. But the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 11th 2012

Friday 10th February: We're rapidly approaching the Equator now and are in the area known as The Trade Winds. And it's well named, not for any quantity of stomach disorders (especially the ones that seem to afflict all members of the Tilson clan!) but the winds that must have pushed the early explorers rapidly on their way in search of new lands. The winter weather is glorious here with temperatures up in the high seventies, the sun is shining, there are a few puffy white clouds and enough movement on the sea to make the movement in the swimming pools a heap of fun. About a one foot swell from the shallow end to the deep end really does making swimming interesting. I wish all pools did this - we'd swim every day. Work in the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 10th 2012

I've never really been terribly clear about which bits of this part of the world are islands or cities or states so here's what I have finally learnt today. We sailed into the Hawaiian archipelago this morning - a country that, in 1959, became the 50th state of the USA. We docked at the city of Honolulu which is the capital of Hawaii and on the 3rd largest of all the 162 islands: Oahu. Because Hawaii had its own King before it joined the USA. it is the only American territory that has a royal palace - and very pretty it is too. Our visit meant today gave us the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbour and it turned out to be far more moving that either of us had anticipated. We met a survivor of the ... read more

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