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Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 11th 2011

We booked the Behind the Fun Tour when we embarked the ship on Monday. It’s a ‘first-come, first serve’ type situation so we made sure to sign-up at the Shore Excursion desk right when we got onto the ship. It was here we were told that we weren’t allowed to bring any cameras, cell phones or other recording devices and that we needed to wear closed-toed shoes. It pays to be a member of a cruise forum (Cruise Critic) to get the heads up on this! We met in the Blue Riband Library at 9 a.m. where we were offered coffee, juices and pastries. Once everyone arrived we were asked to give up any cell phones we may have on us, we were wanded by Security and then the tour began. We were led through the ... read more
Behind the Fun Tickets
Carnival Paradise
Behind the Fun Gifts

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 10th 2011

Tonight was the Deck Party and late-night Mexican Buffet ... woo hoo! We decided to grab our cameras and photograph some of the festivities. Shooting at night allows for some slower shutter speeds ... which really helped bring out the impression of movement from the dancing, don’t you think? INSIGHT: When shooting with slower shutters there is a high chance for blur (obviously). While we do want some motion blur to happen ... movement of dancing, etc ... there should also be something stationary in the frame (such as the Carnival Paradise name) to give the viewer a reference. Stabilizing the camera and using a remote or the timer for the shutter is a must. We wanted to make good use of the lighting available. The Lido Deck on the Carnival Paradise was especially pretty with ... read more
Carnival Paradise at night
Painting with Light
Whale Tail!

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 9th 2011

Tonight was Elegant Night ... AKA Formal Night ... AKA Get Spiffed Up Night ... AND we were looking good! We shine up really well! First stop, the Atrium Bar where we noticed our piano player, Geza, was all dressed up for Elegant Night, too. I love the live music Carnival has in the Atrium, it really helps set the mood and creates a nice atmosphere. We stopped long enough to taste-test some of Carnivals' tropical drink concoctions ... mmmmm! The ship photographer’s were all around the Promenade offering various backgrounds and props for formal portraits ... scenes from the bow, ship’s railing, a piano and even the grand staircase from Titanic (yikes!). We were dressed and on the Promenade pretty early, around 6 p.m., and noticed there weren’t any lines at that time. Later it ... read more
Carnival Tropical Drink
Towel Elephant
Geza the Piano Player

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 16th 2011

Volpaia Time: 19:00 Zulu Time: 01:00 05 33.02 S 137 48.45 W Speed: 9.7 knots Wind: 16 knots 112 T Course: 215 T Seas: 5-7 ft Crew: Liz helming, Colby writing, Shay,Brett & Alix on deck, Cyrus getting wet on bow. Comments: Greetings, outside world! Thousands of miles from North America, ripping along a rolly and glimmering deep blue sea, the desire to be viewing a television has never existed...Until the Boston Bruins faced off against the Vancouver Canucks for the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. Last night during game 7 of the series, Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas shutout all of Vancouver's sharpshooters, and I imagine the dull tone of the Canuck's fans filling the air at the rink. The Bruins scored four times before celebration erupted, hoisting the cup high and mighty, as revered Stanley ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 15th 2011

Volpaia Time: 22:00 Zulu Time: 04:00 03 05.14 S 136 01.30 W Speed: 9.3 knots Wind: 15.5 knots 098 T Course: 218 T Seas: 3-5 ft. Comments: Early this morning I stood on watch, under the silver halo of a full moon that carpeted the Pacific with its reflection in every degree. With one ear-bud in, I listened in repose as my ipod cycled through a 1974 Grateful Dead concert from the winterland auditorium in San Francisco, one of my favorites. As Jerry Garcia found the high line that dead-heads live for, I tried to find the summation of a day that encompasses everything a seasoned sailor lives for. While Volpaia glided over the chrome plated waves at 9+ knots with such peacefulness, I was reminded what we all had learned the previous day on our ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 13th 2011

Volpaia Time: 19:10 Zulu Time: 13:10 02 43.33 N 132 10.68 W Speed: 9.5 knots Wind: 15.5 knots 142 T Course: 230 T Seas: 3-5 ft Crew: Shay helming, Colby, Brett & Alix sleeping, Liz writing log, Cyrus writing Comments: Colby made fresh orange juice today with his Toronjero Jr Juicer that he bought in Mexico. When he brought that home to the boat in La Paz, Brooke took one look at it and banned it from the boat. "That thing is too big!" she exclaimed, "Where are you going to store that? What were you thinking when you bought it?" Colby told us what he was thinking in great detail. You see he had worked in a cafe where one of his daily tasks was to make gallons of fresh squeezed OJ with an inferior ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 12th 2011

Volpaia Time: 20:30 Zulu Time: 14:30 04 56.69 N 130 04.62 W Speed: 6.3 knots Wind: 10 knots 050 T Course: 230 T Seas: 3-5 ft Crew: Shay helming, Colby, Brett & Alix sleeping, Liz writing log, Cyrus eating dinner Comments: We had a beautiful sail today. In the afternoon the wind changed. We left behind the rolling following seas and the grey squalls that drenched those on watch The sun came out and we set the sails close hauled, volpaia gentlly heeled to starbord and off we went. I have never sailed on a boat that goes to weather as beautifully and easily as Volpaia. I believe it could be her favorite tack. This afternoon on my watch, the helm was so balanced and easy to steer, a marked contrast to the difficult, rolling conditions ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 11th 2011

Volpaia Time: 22:00 Zulu Time: 04:00 7 00. 67 N 128 42.51 W Speed: 7.7 knots Wind: 19 knots 005 T Course: 225 T Seas: 3-4 ft Crew: Shay helming, Cyrus getting off watch, Brett writing log, Alix sleeping, Colby reading. Comments: First off, if any of the recipients of this log have received doubles, or more, we had a glitch with our satellite email server yesterday and have hopefully gotten it sorted. Sorry about that. Our recources are a little limited out here but I think we have it sorted. Thanks for your patience. I will now pass the mic to our next guest log writer, Brett. Just now on Volpaia we have crossed over the seventh latitude. The convergent zone of strange weather that has been a regularity over the past few days has ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 9th 2011

Volpaia Time: 19:00 Zulu Time: 01:00 12 09.73 N 125 51.20 W Speed: 7.8 knots Wind: 16 knots 042 T Course: 208 T Seas: 5-7 ft Crew: Shay watching a movie, Colby sleeping, Brett & Alix cooking desert, Liz helming, Cyrus writing the log Comments: Today we officially entered the tropics. The event was marked by Brett, our cook, serving dinner while wearing nothing but his underwear and exclaiming "Is anyone else hot?". Today also officially marked the first day that none of the crew could remember what day of the week it is and also coincided with the longest that Alix has gone without opening her laptop since she was a little girl. This is Alix's first ocean crossing. It is also the first ocean crossing for 2 other crew members, Colby and Brett, and ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 8th 2011

Volpaia Time: 21:30:00 Zulu Time: 03:30 13 00.88 N 123 09.82 W Speed: 10 knots Wind: 13 knots 027 T Course: 260 T Seas: 3-5 ft Crew: Shay on deck, Colby and Cyrus sleeping, Brett on deck, Alix on deck, Liz helming Comments: Brought to you by Brett Cary, in partnership with Yerba Mate. The food cycle on S/Y Volpaia, June 8th, 2011. My day starts at 130am Volpaia time, which isnt always congruent with local time and has been distancing its self from this more and more everyday. My first task in being awake is finding my vice, coffee. Of recent I have been reaching for something more potent, Yerba Mate. This jungle dwelling plant thrives in nutrient rich rainforest soil and delivers a buzz that coffee cannot contend with. This particular morning Colby left ... read more

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