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October 1st 2012
Published: October 1st 2012
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Had trouble getting on the satelite last night, so this is a little late.

Today we got up around 8:00 and had a wonderful breakfast in the Horizon Court which is on one of the top decks. They offered a breakfast on the pool deck this morning, but all they had were pancakes and French toast, and we wanted bacon and eggs, so we ate at the Horizon Court buffet. Anyway, with the time change, many people had not gotten to breakfast yet, so we have a fairly quiet morning breakfast.

The weather has gotten considerably warmer. The skies are almost cloud-free and the temperature in mid afternoon was high 80’s or low 90’s (good pool weather). And thankfully, the seas are smooth and you can just barely feel the ship moving.

Afterward breakfast we did laundry. The passenger Laundromat is better than we have seen on any previous ship, and the air conditioning there was actually cooler than out on the deck. Anyway, we had selected an early date to get clean clothes, so most people probably just were ready to do their clothes. Some people have asked why you get excited about doing laundry on a cruise ship – the answer is simply that we couldn’t possibly bring enough clothes for 19 days in one suitcase each. But from now on we will try not to chat too much about laundry.

We’ve certainly been in and out of our cabin many times already, so maybe this is a good day to include a little information about it. Our cabin seems larger than ones we’ve had on the past couple of cruises. We also have a balcony, although today was really the first day we could really enjoy it. The bathroom is just as small as any other cabin we’ve had, but the closet area seems larger and there is no problem getting everything in it. The bed is comfortable although the chairs are a pretty firm for sitting on very long. But altogether we like the cabin. Hopefully we will be able to include a few photos in today’s blog.

While the clothes were drying Janet went to the Knitter’s and Tatter’s Get Together. Several knitters were there as well as one crotchetier. Janet brought along her knitting for “Warm-up for America” rectangles.
Cabin DiagramCabin DiagramCabin Diagram

on Island Princess

While the clothes were drying David went to a lecture on South Baja Peninsula and Cabo San Lucas. Janet was supposed to meet him there but stayed knitting too long. She did get to see part of the presentation, but had to stand in the back of the Princess Theater – it was a very popular presentation.

Later in the morning Janet went to a card making class. It was the same kits we worked with on our spring cruise (Ruby Princess) but she used all the materials in a different way. Again she met many other crafters, and she just enjoys making cards regardless of the people or place.

Then it was off to lunch. Today the choice was a Mexican buffet at poolside or an English pub lunch in one of the lounge areas. We choose the later and had fish and chips. They were not as good as what we had in England but were very tasty anyway. David even had the Bread and Butter pudding for desert (basically Bread Pudding).

After lunch we stopped at the coffee shop and Janet signed up for a special coffee-drinker’s program. She can get 15 specialty coffees and they just punch a hole in her card. If she doesn’t drink all 15 on this trip, then it can be used on a future Princess Cruise too.

We went back to the cabin to figure out an afternoon plan. David went for a few lap[s around the deck while Janet worked on her needle project in the cabin. It turns out that 2.8 laps is a mile, so David did a little over a mile. Next time he will remember to time his laps to see if he’s doing any better.

Then David tried out the swimming pool and Sun Deck while Janet went to yet another craft class where they decorated canvas tote bags. Each person was given a particular color of ribbon to use for decoration but Janet and the two other women at her table shared and we all made a tri-color bag. Just what Janet needs is a new hobby. She also turned in her cabin-made lanyard and it will be returned after the lady crimps the ends with some special tool.

While Janet was making her tote bag, David went to a Sommelier’s Wine Tasting. They gave everyone a glass of champagne just to keep them happy after they’d arrived and before the event actually started. They were serving 6 different wines (a different champagne, 2 white wines, and 3 red wines). He learned all the “moves” that you should employ to indicate you really know how to assess a bottle of wine, however his taste buds couldn’t differentiate the specific flavors that they said were in each wine. They also explained a short history of how each particular wine was developed, where it comes from, and most importantly how much it costs – YIKES! The prices ran anywhere from $32 to $98 per bottle, but mostly on the north side of $50. I guess that’s why they only gave us a half glass or less of each. But the wine tasting was very tasty.

While David was gone, Janet came back with her craft and then went up to the English High Tea. She always enjoys these sessions, but sometimes they conflict with other activities. Not today though and she met three interesting tea-drinking people from Australia. Also our regular dinner waiter (Francis from India) waited on her at the tea.

We had dinner with Vic and Carol again this evening. We both had a scallop and crabmeat appetizer, Janet had Caesar Salad and David had Mango & Pear Chilled soup, and for the main entre Janet had Tri-tip Beef Steaks and David had the Mexican Fajitas. David had a Dos Equis beer with dinner (had to have a Mexican beer with Mexican food) and Vic bought Janet an Irish Coffee after dinner. Oh yeah, for dessert we each had a hot fudge brownie with ice cream. Once again it was an excellent meal.

This evening we attend a concert by a vocalist named Jacqi Michaels. She sang a lengthy series of songs by famous female singers from a wide variety of styles and different decades. It was quite entertaining and we look forward to a repeat performance later in the cruise.

Tomorrow we arrive in Cabo and we have an early excursion, so that is about all for tonight. We hope you all had a good day – we certainly did.


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