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Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico December 22nd 2016

Geo: 25.8118, -87.2492 We started the day with Disney Trivia in the Promenade. After trivia, we had a little down time before we headed to Palo for Brunch. Ashlie was our server again and he was great as usual. We had a nice, leisurely brunch and then went to see Jack-Jack’s Incredible Diaper Dash. Three babies competed to see who could crawl across the finish line first. Then we headed back to pack a little. The girls and I went to a presentation of Disney Innovations: Theme Parks where we learned about the 10 innovations that were created by Disney. Things like: the Theme Park, audio animatronics, single entrance gate, a destination resort, specific ride vehicles, hub and spoke system. After the presentation, we just chilled on the verandah for the rest of the afternoon. (And ... read more
Kelsie and Nikki at Palo
Ric and Regan at Palo
Kelsie and Regan at Palo

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico December 17th 2016

Geo: 23.2131, -92.2919 Both Regan and I had spa treatments first thing in the morning and Kelsie wanted to work out and spend time in the Rainforest so breakfast was on our own. Nikki and I met up for the DVC Member Gathering and then we all went to Anyone Can Cook and learned to make lobster ravioli. Lunch was on the pool deck and we all grabbed things from different quick serve locations. We also played (and won) Disney Tunes Trivia and then we played Movie Quotes Trivia (we came in second). Dinner was in Animators Palate. After dinner we went to see The Golden Mickey’s and then to Majority Rules and Match Your Mate before turning in.... read more
Kelsie at Trivia
Twist and Spout and Kids Pool

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico June 30th 2016

May thang truoc toi di xa A Chau va Phi Chau va may thang summer toi dinh di gan vi di gan gia may bay tuong doi re hon di xa vao 3 thang he 6,7,8. Do do toi co chuong trinh di gan cho 3 thang he nay. Thang 6 toi di Puerto Rico va tu day toi se di 3 dao Guadelupe, Saint Martin, Sint Maartin va Anguilla. Saint Martin and Sint Maartin cung nam tren mot hon dao va Anguilla nam ben canh , di bang thuyen tu Saint Martin. Day la nhung hon dao con lai o vung Nam Caribbean ma toi chua di den. Nam 7-2015 toi da di Trinidad, Tabago, Grenada, St Lucia, St Vincent. Thang 12-2015 toi di St Thomas, Antigua,Domica, Martinique, St Croix, Grand Turk. Thang 3-2009 toi ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico June 30th 2016

Saint Maarten island Dao nay nho nhung chia lam 2, mot ben thuoc ve Phap duoc goi la Saint Martin va mot ben cua Dutch goi la Sint Maarten. Dao rat nho khoang 87km2 toan dao voi 77,000 dan da so la da den. Phan thuoc ve Phap St Martin rong 53km2 thu do la Marigot voi 5,700 dan. Con Sint Maarten thuoc Netherlands rong 34km2 va thu do la Philipsburg voi 8,100 dan. 60% dat thuoc ve Phap, 40% thuoc ve Dutch. Phia Phap co 36,000 dan phia Dutch co 40,000 dan. Columbus kham pha dao nay nam 1493 trong ngay le Saint Martin nen dat dao nay la Saint Martin voi Saint martin la tieng Phap va Sint Maarten la tieng Dutch. Khoi thuy Dutch den lam muoi o dao nay nam 1620. Phap ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico June 30th 2016

6-19-2016 Saba Island Saba la island thuoc Netherlands co dan so la 1800 nguoi. Da so la dan da den song o day. Dao co hinh dang nhu tron ma duong linh khoang 2.5km. Dao nay thay doi chu muoi may lan giua Irish va England nhung sau cung lai roi vao tay Holland cho den 2005 nhung sau do tro lai Holland 2008. O dao nay co nui lua Mt Scenery cao nhat tai day. Cruise ships khong den day. Du khach muon tham dao nay phai den Sint Maarten. Thu do nua nay la The Bottom tai vi thanh pho nay nam duoi bottom cua nui lua Scenery. O dao Saba co phi truong voi 1 phi dao duy nhat va ngan nhat the gioi voi 400m runway do do phi cong nao muon ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico June 30th 2016

6-20-2016 St. Barthelemy St. Barthelemy cach Guadeloupe 150 miles ve phia Bac, 155 miles cach Puerto Rico. Co 8,900 nguoi song tai day. La thuoc dia cua Phap nen ho noi tieng Phap, dung tien Euro.Thu do la Gustiva. Dao Bathelemy con duoc goi St Barths la hon dao cua rich va famous. St Barthelemy duoc Columbus dat ten khi den day 1493 theo ten cua nguoi em la Barththolomeo. Nam 1784 vua Louis cho St barth cho Sweden do doi lay quyen buon ban o Goteburg nhung den nam 1878 sweden tra lai cho Phap. Sang 6-20 luc 7AM toi bat dau di phan con lai cua dao Sint Maarten ve phia Cote d’ Zur truoc khi tro ve Ferry o thanh pho Marigot cua Phap gan khach san toi o. Ferry khoi hanh di ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico June 30th 2016

6-20-2016 Sandy island Chiec tau nho high speed dua toi den dao. Truoc mat dao nho cat trang bao quanh. Du khach tu dao Anguilla ra dao nay de an uong roi tro ve Anguilla bieu chieu. Ban dem khong ai ngu tren dao. Dao chi co 1 restaurant khong hotel. Toi di vong quanh dao mat khoang 20’. Sau do toi tro ve Anguilla voi va de di ve Ferry de tre ve St Martin khoang 5:30Pm. Toi phai ngung qua hotel de lay luggage va ra phi truong de di chuyen bay luc 7:30Pm bay ve San Juan. May bay stop over Beef Island. Beef island thuoc nuoc ANh duoc noi lien voi dao lon Tortola ba... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico June 30th 2016

6-16-2016 Puerto Rico Toi khoi hanh tu Lax di Puerto Rico luc 9Pm va den Puerto Rico luc 1:12PM. Toi phai doi den 7:30Pm de bay den Guadelupe Island. Hoi thang 6-2015 toi da den day de di cac dao nhu toi noi o tren. Chuyen di nay toi tro lai day lan nua de di cac dao St Martin, Anguilla va Guadeluape vi San Juan thu do cua Puerto Rico co port lon choc ac du thuyen di vieng cac dao vung nay. Dao Puerto Rico la cua My. Thu do la San Juan. 94% noi tieng Spanish, 5% noi tieng Anh. 75 la da trang 12% da den. Dung dau la Governer, co mot dan bieu trong quoc Hoi My. Dan song o day la cong dan Hoa Ky. Rong 9000km bang 1/40 Vietnam ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico April 28th 2014

Day 2 - DAY AT SEA So this day Avi and I woke up feeling pretty refreshed. I believe we slept in a little bit, around 8:30 or 9 or so . We got our bathing suits on I got my little pool bag packed with a book and our sunblock, etc. The book of choice on this trip was Eat, Pray, Love. I've seen the movie about a MILLION times, and I tried reading the book once, but don't even think I got 100 pages in before I had other priorities and abandoned ship (no pun intended). But I wanted to actually finish it this time, and what better time to read about traveling adventures, than when I'm actually on my own travel adventure myself. I didn't even really bother to put sunscreen on this ... read more
The Miami Vice!
Avi with a Miami Vice
Afternoon Snack

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 8th 2014

Most Carnival guests are aware that behind the scenes of a cruise vacation there’s a bustle of activity to deliver fun memorable vacation experiences, but few have gotten an up close look at these inner workings. The ship tour was an exclusive opportunity to experience an array of ‘back house areas’ that are vital to a ship’s daily operations. We were to be given a unique opportunity to explore way beyond the public areas with visits to the ships Bridge, engine control room, main galley, staff dining areas, storerooms, laundry and other spaces for a rare insider’s view of many areas typically seen only by the ship’s crew. The tour was extremely exclusive, it was only offered once during the cruise, on the last day, and only to the first paying 16 passengers. The group was ... read more
Tour group at front of ship with our guide

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