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Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 3rd 2014

Today was the day that we were not really looking forward to as we were not sure how it would feel being confined to the ship. As it turned out, the time was gone before we knew it. We had a small lay in to be rid of any remaining jet lag following our three days of travelling, but were excited to get on with whatever the day had to offer. We had a walk around the ship and tried to familiarize ourselves with the vast layout. We found it would be initially easier to just use a map when we wanted to go anywhere. It was very easy to get lost on board. We made a visit to the Guest Services desk to find out how the internet works in case we need it and ... read more
We are out enjoying the ship
Many people enjoying themselves - Aft end
Dress code advise for restaurant

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico October 14th 2013

We love to cruise! You can't beat the bang-for-buck and the ability to wake up every day and be some place new. 13 of us all got together and decided to take a fun 5 day cruise to Cozumel and Progreso, Mexico on Carnival's Elation. Jason and I cruised with: Greg & Mel (first time!), Laurie & Devin, Alvie & Kristie (First time!), Megan & Jeremy (First time!), Dana & Ryan H, and Ryan T. Elation is a smaller ship compared to some of the monsters out there, but she's a fun ship nonetheless. I've been on her sisters: Sensation, Fascination, and maybe one other? We decided to cruise out of New Orleans because of the price, and also to stay an extra day afterwards. (There will be a separate entry on that later!) The Itinerary: ... read more
Jason & Me - Carnival Elation
Carnival Elation

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico December 9th 2012

Hi!!! My name is Charles,i am from Canada,i am looking for a companion to go on a Trip to Mexico in January or Febuary.I am Divorce 52 Years Old with no Children.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico November 25th 2012

(I'm writing this blog entry in 2014, but wanted to share as much as I can remember along with the pictures!) The Oasis of the Seas is HUGE! We had a blast on this ship. We cruised out of Ft. Lauderdale on our honeymoon. There are multiple areas including the pool(s), central park with real trees, and a carnival area complete with a carousal. It even has an ice skating rink. Most ships have a single tower of rooms, this one actually splits the room blocks into two so that you have complete open air in the middle of the ship. The result is balconies that can face the action, or face the water. There is a zipline and 2 flowriders (waves / boogie boarding), putt putt, rock climbing wall, dive show theatre... it goes on ... read more
Carousel - Oasis of the Seas
One of the 2 rock climbing walls - Oasis of the Seas
Jason & Me - Oasis of the Seas

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico January 25th 2012

After all the excitement of the sting rays yesterday, today has all been about rest and relaxation. A trip to the gym, a leisurely breakfast, an interesting lecture on the slave trade (there was a lot of it in the part of the world we're in right now). Had a wonderful lunch with two totally diverse couples. One was a dinosaur from Yorkshire who thinks computers are a total waste of time and money and who firmly believes that big band music is making a rapid return to major popularity at the moment! The other couple we met on the yacht yesterday and they're right up our street with a lot of interesting things to say and a brilliant ascerbic wit which was put to great use the moment the dinosaur left the table! We got ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico January 24th 2012

Not only did our wildlife list expand today, it did it with serious style. We dropped anchor at 7 o'clock this morning just off George Town, the capital of Grand Cayman, one of the British West Indies. That meant we got a fun ride ashore in one of the ship's lifeboats and then we killed time meandering around the shops. And Grand Cayman is famous for being a tax free island so it is a haven for jewellery shoppers. I actually managed to resist all temptations to buy but I have indulged in a fabulous trying on day. At one point I had a diamond and emerald bracelet around my wrist that had a price tag of $39,500.00! That's well on the way to paying for two round the world cruise tickets so I didn't take ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico November 16th 2011

Tuesday, November 8 - St Marten's As Ger is into another good book, he has let me do the blog update on my iPad. Forgot to mention in last blog that on one of our "busy" days at sea, I scaled the rock climbing wall at the stern of the ship. A good feeling of satisfaction to ring the bell at the top and enjoy the free fall (being rappelled down)! A very hot day ( low 30's with high humidity) for our 1st Caribbean port of call at St. Marten. Ger opted not to go with us on a local bus ride over to the French side of the island to Marigot. The outing for the 5 of us (Maureen, Fred, Barney, Anna and Jill) began with a water taxi ride from the ship terminal ... read more
Jill going to shipwreck and turtle snorkel
Beach walking in Barbados
Last Formal Night

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico October 9th 2011

October 2-9 marked a cruise I had really looked forward to. I finally got to return to my favorite ship (Carnival Legend) and my favorite itinerary. Jason and I had another couple join us for all the fun. Ryan and Dana came along for their first cruise ever – and it was Dana’s first flight ever to get to the port in Tampa. I have some other blog entries for each of the ports: Oct 4 – Cozumel (Bar Hop) Oct 5 – Belize Oct 6 – Roatan (Beach!) Oct 7 – Grand Cayman (Sting Ray Sandbar) The ship had actually changed a little in the 2 ½ years since we’d been on it. The firebird lounge had a new backdrop making it a comedy club (Punchliners) and the Serenity area had some great lounge areas ... read more
Me and Dana
Towel crab
My two favorites - Jason and Mojitos!

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico June 16th 2011

First things first; Sorry that it’s been ages since my last blog. I promise that this one is going to make up for it. Of the people that email me, most of them ask me what the craziest thing that I’ve done so far is, and normally I really have to scratch my head to think up something. But I can outright say that it’s now a no brainer. Last week the Captain let me take the control of the vessel coming into port when we stopped at St Thomas! Although officially he still had the control as I don’t have a license, I was making the wheel orders. Last year on the Independence I was at the wheel quite often, but that meant I was taking wheel orders from someone else. Being the person giving ... read more
Inside the belly of the beast
Island Beer

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico April 3rd 2011

To whom it may concern. Just wanted to share some pictures that we took when we visited your Caves last week in Jamaica. We are from Barrie Ontario Canada... It was one of our high lights visiting the Green Grotto Caves. What a great thing to do when you need a break from Jamaica's hot sunshine. I use to live in Jamaica back in the 60's. We lived in Port Royal, Morgan's Harbour. I wanted to take my kids to the house that I grew up in but we didn't have enough time. If we come back to Jamaica I will for sure come and visit your caves again... We are telling everyone we know about your special place. My youngest daughter Mackenzie is thinking of doing a school project on your caves. Take care and ... read more

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