2017 Cruise - First Port: Labadee, Haiti

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February 22nd 2017
Published: February 22nd 2017
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All aboard! Last call. Reflecting back to last Monday, we are still cruising on the Harmony of the Seas. Sunday was a day at sea so we could prowl this massive boat. It will take days to see it all and even then, I think we will not be able to do it all. Hope you enjoyed the photos of this luxury liner that I have already shared with you.

Now, we are going into our first port and investigate the small peninsula of Labadee, Haiti. It is located on the north coast of Hispaniola. Christopher Columbus was the first European to set foot on this peninsula of Hispaniola in 1492, when the Santa Maria ran aground off the coast on Christmas Day. Now, Royal Caribbean has transformed this secluded paradise into its own private retreat. It is not a large area. One is able to walk from one end of this tropical Mecca to the other. There is a tram to transport you if so desire. We did both.

At the far end of this land were low mountains with lush exotic foliage....here you could travel up the mountain side to reach their long and breath taking Zip Line and the Dragon's Tail Coaster. Each coaster car is operated independently by you. Nope....we did neither! Our feet were happier being planted on the sandy ground. How brave were you?

On this visit, the ship set up an enormous barbecue on the grounds for all its passengers. We sat near the waters edge and enjoyed the view as Zip liners flew past us.

Of course, the peninsula was a beach goers delight. This small plot of land was surrounded on 3 sides with inviting sandy beaches and beautiful, clear water. There were special wooden, room-like cabanas that perched over the glistening water. What a life. We did not partake.

Of course, no port is complete without the various shops to buy their native trinkets. There was one large building at the far end where we bought T-Shirts. Off to one side of this large building, men in orange shirts kept trying to hustle us up to more shops. No one was going .....nor did we. However, as we exited the main building and walked around to another side, there were many huts, full of identical souvenir ware and hundreds of men in orange shirts! They were so insistent and persistent in getting you to just look at their stuff. Each booth held all the same junk as the other. These men were like vultures attacking their newest pile of carrion. Go away! I did not like it at all. Sandy was more tolerant and stood her ground as she browsed some of their shacks. I just got out of there!

Once we had seen it all, we returned to the ship to indulge in more eating and entertainment. They had their first big "$10.00" sale. What bedlam. I have never seen such pushing, shoving, grabbing in my whole life. I stayed back and just witnessed it. It wasn't worth being crushed to do death for a $10 tote bag or shawl.

Later, we sat in the massive room that held the skating rink. It was fun to watch the various levels of skaters as they made their way around this icy arena. Memories flooded back to the days when I skated on the old pond in Massachusetts. Good days. Good memories.

After # ? meal, we were entertained by a really funny comedy act. Actually, the warm up comedian was funnier than the main one. We had seen him on a previous Royal Caribbean cruise. He is excellent! We were seated on large, comfy living room furniture - ahhh, this is the good life.

Okay......remember I said I would let our pictures do our talking for us. So I'll end here....for now. I hear you!!! We still have two more ports to go so don't go far. Your life jacket still has your name on it. Meet you in Falmouth, Jamaica next.

Additional photos below
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Gorgeous ButterflyGorgeous Butterfly
Gorgeous Butterfly

Holding Patriot newspaper in front of sign
Places to go on LabadeePlaces to go on Labadee
Places to go on Labadee

Rich history...Lulu rides sword

Tram leaving us
Tram returning Tram returning
Tram returning

Old building
Water park areaWater park area
Water park area

Cory wants to take a dip
A tramA tram
A tram

Stairway to Heaven...Lulu at top
Sandy behind this groupSandy behind this group
Sandy behind this group

Lulu in front of this group
Sam scooting away from usSam scooting away from us
Sam scooting away from us

Colleen....for you
Shopping buildingShopping building
Shopping building

Barbecue area
Shops in backShops in back
Shops in back

Orange shirt vulture men
Sandy tries Coaster carSandy tries Coaster car
Sandy tries Coaster car

Cory. Lulu and Sam waiting for lunch
Lulu doesn't dare swimLulu doesn't dare swim
Lulu doesn't dare swim

Zip liners in background
Sandy & SamSandy & Sam
Sandy & Sam

Me, Cory and Sam
Rioting mob for $10 saleRioting mob for $10 sale
Rioting mob for $10 sale

Your life was in your own hands

At comedy showAt comedy show
At comedy show

Sam & Sandy
We are enjoying ourselvesWe are enjoying ourselves
We are enjoying ourselves

Cory cooperates for photo

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