2017 Cruise - second Port: Falmouth, Jamaica

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February 23rd 2017
Published: February 23rd 2017
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Welcome to Falmouth, Jamaica Welcome to Falmouth, Jamaica Welcome to Falmouth, Jamaica

Holding Patriot newspaper for later use
No rest for the weary. We still have more places to go and more things to do on this wonderful cruise. Tuesday, we are reflecting back upon our second port of call: Falmouth, Jamaica. Get up and get ready to disembark into this interesting town.
It's an easy jaunt from the ship to the town. Beauty surrounds us. Our ship is docked adjacent to the "tourist" part of this town. You can see it towering over the various markets. We wandered in and out of the shops: jewelry, liquor, t-shirts and then repeat that over and over again. Lulu was gleeful to get some of her beauty shots in.

We found a small Margaritaville where Cory and Lulu posed for my continuous snapshot-shooting. The funny fellow seated in the painted chair next to Cory had been very still. We thought it was just a prop. Surprise! When Cory sat down, the friendly fellow moved and nearly scared Cory to death! Bad fella!

They had a large craftsman pavilion filled from top to bottom, end to end with the many native trinkets. We are sick of looking at trinkets!

We separated from Sam & Sandy and their family with plans to meet at the "end" of this stretch. We found a shady place to plop outside a Nathan's hot dog stand. They waited at a tram station. We both waited for each other for @ an hour. It's not easy not being able to use the Internet. Eventually, we found each other. That was good.

We all decided to take the tram which would ride us around the real part of Falmouth.....where the residents live. Glad we took this tram. It gave us some history about it and we could see what this part of Jamaica actually looked like. It was rugged but remember they just went through a bad hurricane so it was even worse.

The driver made a couple stops. The first was at the Methodist Church. First, we were swamped by the persistent dealers pushing their t-shirts. I bought one. We sat inside the church and listened to our tour guide tell us about its history. Over a 1,000 people regularly attend this small sanctuary. The black eagle was not the original...the original had been stolen. The picture of Jesus changed as you approached it....into many smaller faces. The cemetery surrounded the church. I wandered around back only to find several goats resting on the tombstones and grazing between them. Good lawnmowers.

We passed the hospital (not what we are used to) and the police station. It had been recently built .....huge compared to the original. The conversion of the price of gas was over $6.00/gal. No more complaining from us in NYS.

Another stop was along the waters edge where a Jamaican man sat crafting his wares. I liked the water the best. Sick of crafts. Not far from here, more folks were selling out of their worn vehicles. Keep going, tram.

Most of our ride seemed to be on the outskirts of this town. We would have like to have gone deeper into the city but it seemed way too crowded and narrow to get the long tram through. We were satisfied with what we got.

Once back to the tram station, we meandered back through the "sterile" part of Falmouth. Clean and pretty. The tourist section. Diamonds International had a free, luxurious bar/lounge you could use while shopping in their store. None for me sorry to say.

Back onboard, we kept the action alive. Of course,
Nice shops...many similar Nice shops...many similar Nice shops...many similar

Old building at end of shopping area
we ate some more. Of course! Lunch in Central Park to a formal dinner in the main dining room: lobster, prime rib, etc...you name it, you had it. Tried out the infinity hot tub: aaahhhhhh.

Went to the casino where Mr.Lucky kept his name. Don't know how he does it.....obviously, I don't. Wish I knew his secret. Just call me Madame Loser!

Went to a gorgeous ice show in the evening. Such grace and skill these performers have.

We were really ready for a soothing night's sleep. It was a busy and fun day and evening. Hope you have been enjoying yourself as much as we have. It's like living a dream come true.

Lots and lots of photos (40) so do your thing to see them all: scroll and turn to "next" for more pages of photos. And remember, we aren't done yet. Happy sailing!

Additional photos below
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Sam, Cory & Sandy shoppingSam, Cory & Sandy shopping
Sam, Cory & Sandy shopping

Lulu likes lobsters
Native chopping coconuts Native chopping coconuts
Native chopping coconuts

Lulu loves pirates
Trinkets galoreTrinkets galore
Trinkets galore

And then some more
Margaritaville Margaritaville

Lulu & Cory pose
Cory & Sam on the tramCory & Sam on the tram
Cory & Sam on the tram

Everyone ahead of us on the tram

Home & church

Shops & shacks
Methodist ChurchMethodist Church
Methodist Church

History lesson & black eagle
Cemetery Cemetery

Goats in back
Cemetery Cemetery

Above ground graves
Pre-school & young kidsPre-school & young kids
Pre-school & young kids

Methodist church

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