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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch January 17th 2016

par Béné: Après deux jours fabuleux passés sur le Queen Charlotte Track, nous avons pris une journée de repos à Blenheim ( encore !) qui nous a permis de récupérer notre deuxième colis de Noël plein de victuailles. Merci papa et maman pour les bons saucissons ! Vous n’imaginez pas le plaisir que nous avons en les dégustant chaque jour ! C’est donc plein d’énergie que nous sommes partis sur le chemin de notre deuxième randonnée de la semaine, cette fois-ci dans le parc national des Nelson Lakes. Nous y étions déjà allés une première fois courant décembre pour une rando d’une journée, mais cette fois-ci, il s’agissait d’une rando sur deux jours avec nuit dans une « hut » ! Nous voilà donc partis sur un chemin de « crête », absolument magnifique, avec des ... read more
le lac du début de la rando
une hut sur le chemin
cette fois ci on porte nos gros sacs

Hi all now in Fjordland. Left Lincoln and the dogs early as had severe sinus allergy. But ok now. Drove down to Omarau where the blue penguins colony is. Omarau town has wide streets of an old Victorian town, cast iron filigree around the buildings. Waited until 9pm to watch the blue penguins swim in to the hides. 4 rafts came in, rafts terminology meaning groups of penguins. Over a couple of hundred came in overall. They swim to the beach, then waddle up the bank into their purpose built hides. This works well as keeps the vermin away. All spectators had to be quiet, and no photography was allowed. But earlier on, spotted all these penguins, shags, cormorants sitting on this abandoned pier in separate groups as though they were waiting for dusk so they ... read more
Mount Cook

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo Caves January 17th 2016

Em and I arrived safely in Auckland and were met by Mary...I had managed to snag myself an upgrade to business class for $50 (everyone should bid on getting an upgrade with Air New was worth it). Unfortunately due to the flight being late we were behind schedule so after a classy and quick change in the carpark at the airport we were dressed to the nines and ready to hit the town. We got to meet up with some of our APBA family in Auckland - my apologies to G for our excitable spontaneous karaoke session as he was chauffeuring us from location to location...but I am sure it was highly entertaining at the very least! The night ended with a fluro light glove wearing karaoke weilding cab driver - those gloves had to ... read more
Mel heading down to the caves
The morning after
Mary Ritchie and Em

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory January 17th 2016

We’ve had an awful lot going on since the middle of the year, hence the delayed update but we will endeavour to recap on everything we’ve done. July school holidays we set off to explore the national parks of the top end, being Litchfield and Kakadu. We stayed at the Daly River after leaving Katherine our first night and began Litchfield the morning after travelling from the south. Surprise Creek Falls, Bamboo Creek, Wangi Falls, Tolmer Falls, Buley Rockhole, the Lost City and Florence Falls all made the trip over a few days before getting back to the A1 on to Darwin. We spent a few nights in Darwin taking in Crocosaurus Cove, Fannie Bay Races, TIO Stadium for the Eagles v Demons on a Saturday night, Mindil Beach Markets and Sky City Casino. We get ... read more
Cascade Falls, Litchfield
Wangi Falls, Litchfield
Florence Falls, Litchfield

Oceania » Guam January 17th 2016

Okay, so just head west southwest from Los Angeles, then continue west from Hawaii and turn south at Saipan. Go past Tinian and Rota and you’ve arrived. If you get to Australia you’ve gone too far. Where are you? Hafa Adai! Greetings! You are in Guam, U.S.A. That’s right. Guam, United States of America. Proud to be an American territory since 1898 with official such status since 1949 with only a short interruption during the Japanese World War II occupation which lasted from December 10, 1941 until liberation by American forces culminated three weeks after landing on July 21, 1944. Guam, the western-most United States territory is where “America’s day begins” as the people of the island proudly proclaim. Whether you are native Chamorro or one of the many tourists that visit here, you will be ... read more
Umatac Bay from Fort Soledad Ruins_Photo by Melissa Seppala
Umatac Bay from Fort Soledad Ruins (2)_Photo by Melissa Seppala
Asan Beach Guam_USMC WWII Landing Beach_Photo by Melissa Seppala

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua January 17th 2016

So after an evening out at whale bay (beautiful location – just a pitty we ran into reggae night with a DJ who liked to go into the meaning of each song he was about to play – just play the song already!!) we had another early morning and rushed out to Rotarua for White Water rafting! Yay!! Em was shaking with nerves as it was her first time but we donned another flattering wetsuit and booties and were ready to hit the water. The group going with us were running late so we got to hit the water with just our boat – Mary and I were up the front and Jack our guide enjoyed splashing us with as many waves and waterfalls he could aim at us! Because we were waiting for the other ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei January 16th 2016

We celebrated Dad's birthday on Thursday 14 January with Tineke, Michael and Jason. Mum made a beautiful maderia cake which had to be eaten first as it was made with fresh cream. Also on offer was a banana cake with chocolate icing made by Nicola and chocolate cake made by me and finally Dad's favourite, ginger slice from Michael and Jason. We had a good talk and laugh about the baked beans and sausages and ate lots of cake and drank tea. Then on Saturday, Joseph, Stacey, Thomas came to visit for the day with Loretta (Stacey's Mum). They visited the new addition to Stacey's family - a niece called Charlotte born last week and then we had lunch together and finished with afternoon tea before they headed back home.... read more
cakes for africa
Lighting the candles
Blowing out the candles

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington January 16th 2016

Beste, Voor mij gisteren, zaterdag, zou ik zoals eerder vermeld samen met mijn huisgenoten een tripje maken naar Wellington. Mij interesseerde het eigenlijk totaal niet waar we heen gingen want alles wat ik zou zien is helemaal nieuw voor mij. En eigenlijk kort maar krachtig gezegd, ben ik allang blij als ik onder de mensen ben en eropuit kan gaan. Na een aantal miscommunicaties tussen de kamergenoten onderling, waar ik mij wijselijk buiten hield, gingen we eerst naar Wellington maar uiteindelijk toch naar Napier en nee toch uiteindelijk Wellington. Dit zou tijd technisch een relatief kortere reis zijn, een zit die je uiteindelijk toch een kleine 2 uur bezig houdt. Aangekomen in Wellington was het nog steeds redelijk mistig, aangezien dat Wellington tussen bergen in licht bleef deze ook nog redelijk goed hangen. Althans op de ... read more
De straten van Wellington

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eden January 16th 2016

Seems like it didn't take us long to get into holiday mode, all plans to get up and leave early seemed to disappear. But the position by the river was beautiful and even though it was actually a free camping site on the edge of the river didn't matter. We faced the river would not have know we were be the road apart from the occasional car. Great spot and one we would recommend if you are looking for a stopover that doesn't cost. One thing with Shazza we don't fit into all caravan parks easily, but we actually prefer staying in places like this. So we set off, planning on getting to Durass, about a four hour trip we estimated. Firstly we went along the road and Pete saw a turn off to where we ... read more
Shazza stopped here
Pete & Shazza up close and personal
Set up at Eden

Oceania » New Zealand January 16th 2016

Apres avoir voyagé 20jours avec Nico et Pau, il était temps pour moi d'aller chercher une petite voiture que j'avais loué pour 5 jours de Dunedin à Christchurch! J'avais simplement envie de réaliser ce que je voulais depuis le début: avoir la totale liberté d'aller où je veux, quand je veux. J'ai donc commencé par visiter la ville même de Dunedin ( l'université, le musée d'otago, le centre,...) pour ensuite rejoindre Celine à Christchurch. C'était la troisième fois qu'on se retrouvait, et c'était vraiment cool :) On a été mangé bonne petite pizza dans Christchurch avec deux amis de Belgique à elle!... read more

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