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Well if you can get through the Blog without yawning today, I'd be very grateful! It was a pretty ordinary day. Mind you it did start off with an early morning swim, managed to get the beautiful pool all to myself! Oh and the air temperature at 7.30 am was about 28 degrees and the water temp about 24. So not too shabby! Cooked up a canadian breaky and cappacino, as I'd worked up an appetite doing laps. (yeah I guess we are really glamping hey!). After a lazy read I got stuck into it! Time to do some house work! Changed the sheets, did all the washing, defrosted the fridge and freezer, washed down all the surfaces, even vacced the lounge seats! Phew! Bago looks as schmick as ever though! In the mean time Rob ... read more
East Arm boat ramp
East arm boat ramp
East arm

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Omarama May 11th 2015

Hi Friends Family and Bloggers, A man from the Council knocked on our camper door at 7.30am to ask us to be on our way by 8am woke us up again this morning!!! (URRRHH). There were two other campers parked up too. We left just before 8am and headed into the center of Dunedin; we tried to park in the free spot like we did yesterday but being a Monday these were already taken. So we drove a few roads away from the center to find another free residential road. We then walked into town, it was about 1.5km but easy walking distance for us; Neil bought a subway breakfast as not much was open and there was not much food for breakfast in the van, he gave me his free cookie he received after filling ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Mindil Beach May 10th 2015

Well it was mothers day today and though I wasn't with any of the kids, I had a lovely day and received lots of very lovely phone calls, facetime calls and messages. Very nice! Miss everyone so it's wonderful to have such beautiful calls etc! We started the day with a nice breaky by the pool at the bistro here. Such a beautiful setting! After breaky we moved the Bago! We had chatted to the reception here about our location, we were out in the open a fair bit and there were shadier spots, especially with the pretty intense afternoon sun. We got the go ahead and Rob kindly set about moving us. It all went pretty well, aside for a minor 'incident', lets say '#OMGtheawningstilldown!' But all's well that ends well and this site is ... read more
Bago's new home
Mindle markets

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City May 10th 2015

Attended a lecture this morning given by a fellow passenger and author named Betty Jane Wylie, from Canada. She has a quick wit and was full of inspiration for me. She instilled some confidence that I am on the right track as I go forward with this blog. After all, who am I trying to impress? I just want an semi-interesting, somewhat witty account of what we are doing and experiencing on this trip. Am I achieving that? I think so but you can judge for yourself. Arrived in Cairns (pronounced cans) this afternoon. We walked several blocks from the wharf and found a liquor store to purchase a couple of bottles of prosecco to bring with us to dinner at the home of a couple we met two years ago on our cruise around South ... read more
A Beautiful Setting
A beautiful Cockatiel
The Four B's

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bowen May 10th 2015

Hi travel followers. Another two weeks have passed and we have slowed our pace a little as the weather has been absolutely fantastic where we are. I.e. After Cape Hillsborough we headed to Proserpine for a night and then Airlie Beach for a "week". During our time here we took a fishing charter to the inner islands which was a great time out on the water and I caught a couple of fish. (See photo of my Nannygai.) On another day we did the short drive to Conway National park for a great 6km walk through the rainforest and then it was onto Cedar Creek Falls for another great little walk and climb to the top of the falls etc. While still at Airlie we also did a day trip up to Dingo Beach and Hydeaway ... read more
Queens Bay Sunset
A day on the water fishing
Cedar Creek

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart May 10th 2015

G'day mates! Just kidding, apparently that greeting is only acceptable in the outback so I will have to wait another 2 weeks to start using it. Well, I arrived safe and sound about a week and half ago now and it has been a whirlwind, thinking back to the day I arrived seems like months ago already! I was lucky enough to have a friend with a contact here in Hobart and had the pleasure of being picked up at the airport after almost 30 hours of travel by a friendly face. Her name is Christine and we have become fast friends. After taking me back to my airbnb rental and giving me some time to freshen up we spent the afternoon walking around Hobart and getting the lay of the land. We headed from South ... read more
Flying into Hobart (3)
Flying into Hobart (2)
Flying into Hobart (1)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin May 10th 2015

Hi People, A man from the Council knocking on our camper door at 7.30am to ask us to be on our way by 8am woke us up this morning. We did expect this as we read on the Internet about this freedom camping spot and this happening each morning. It was fine as we were just getting up anyway. We drove into the center of Dunedin and parked up a little walk out of the city for free. We walked through the CBD, passing the shops and cafes, although being a Sunday most things were closed. We walked over to the famous Edwardian Railway station, we enquired about the price of the 4 hours Taieri Gorge Railway ($89 return) but we decided against it. It did look beautiful though. We then walked over to the stadium ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney May 10th 2015

Sarah: On Saturday we headed out on a bus towards Coogee Beach on another gloriously cloudless day in Sydney. From Coogee Beach we walked North along the coastal path up to Bondi. Coogee was our first sight of an Aussie beach and we were suitably impressed! Golden sand, brilliant blue sea, beautiful surrounding scenery and lots of surfers looking like little seals out at sea waiting for the perfect wave. As we wandered along the coastal path lots of other little beaches and coves appeared around each corner, some with little man-made sea water swimming pools that protected from the surf (although the water was freezing and after the warm waters of Costa Rica I wasn't going anywhere near it without a wetsuit, apart from a little paddle!). Each little cove was as beautiful as the ... read more
Coogee Beach
Loving the sunshine
A pretty little cove

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City May 9th 2015

Good day all We hope this message finds you fit and well. Firstly apologies to family and friends who have recently celebrated birthdays for failing to send you our wishes but we've had something on our minds - a car! Unfortunately Trev and I were involved in a serious car accident on Friday 1 May trying to outrun a cyclone that was due to hit Coral Bay/Exmouth area in Western Australia where we were staying. We hit a big patch of standing water, lost control of our lovely 'Pippa' Pajero which flipped and rolled 3 times and crashed on the opposite side of the highway. Verity was very lucky to walk away with only a fractured right wrist and stitchesto a laceration on the same arm. Poor Trev came off far worse with compound & compressed ... read more

Lazy kind of day today. Not a lot to post about except hot, sunny blue skies, swimming pools and palm trees. Not too shabby! Did start the day with rolling the dice by getting a hair cut. Always nervous letting someone new chop my hair but it was necessary. Went okay though, will keep me going for a while. Did a fair bit of running around trying to buy a part for the gas bbq ( a regulator thingy, or some such thing!) and buying some wool for the many driving hours coming up, down the west coast, we made out way back to the Bago. Its very hot today so after a bit of lunch I hit the pool. Very very nice. Had myself a beer, the another swim. Its a pretty hard life up ... read more
Darwin day 2
Darwin day 2
Darwin day 2

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