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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill September 25th 2015

After an early morning coffee in Deni, we drove firstly to Barham and then across the bridge to Koondrook in Victoria. Victoria is where Lenny was born (and we will get down to Gippsland soon). Kerang is on the Murray River (west of Koondrook) and has a variety of small lakes and other bodies of water which make it ideal for irrigating (and bird-watching). We spent some time looking for (and at) birds and they spent time looking at us before flying off!We came across several monuments relating to the Burke and Wills expedition and wondered how the explorers could have performed such travelling feats. They travelled over 3,000 kilometres (from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria) in less than six months.Upon entering Swan Hill, we saw a large sign advertising the Regional Art Gallery so ... read more
Kerang area
Kerang area
Kerang area

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance September 24th 2015

Sadly no whales were around Fowlers Bay yesterday morning when I treated myself to a 2.5 hour cruise in the hope of sighting some. And while it was a lovely thing to do and most enjoyable, the weather was absolutely perfect, I found the experience very tame after the absolutely spectacular day I had the day before on my 4x4 tour previously described. And while some of the photos I took will probably make it into my “abstract photography” album, really there was nothing taken that could rival the previous day’s pics. One good thing came out of it though – note to my Marine Rescue friends – I did not get seasick or show any tendency to do so, even though the swell was noticeable outside the heads. So full steam ahead I should imagine ... read more
Head of Bight far horizon
Head of Bight up close cliff face
Head of Bight with landscape

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown September 24th 2015

Despite yesterday's foray into the black and gold world of the 'Pak n Save', we were missing a few items (vegemite needs butter) so after a quick trip into a nearby convenience store (basically like buying stuff in a Bright 7/11), a leisurely breakfast followed. Once we did the requisite photo stops by the lake, the church and atop Mt John and then we were on our way to Queenstown via Mt Cook. Unlike driving anywhere near a hill in Australia, the roads weren't vomit-inducing. Fantastic scenery, driving conditions and a few local radio stations providing the soundtrack meant the journey was very easy. Overcast and a little chilly, we rugged up in preparation for our three hour hike along the Hooker Valley trail. We scoffed our hastily prepared lunch in front of the Visitor Centre, ... read more
On the way to Mt Cook
View from the Hooker Valley hike
View from the Hooker Valley hike2

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown September 24th 2015

Waking to a gorgeous sunny morning, New Zealand breakfast television obsessed by the All Blacks and a shower that Dean christened 'the tattoo remover', I was looking forward to exploring the town. We spent the day wandering around and the girls stalking some Brisbane you-tuber. It was a truly magnificent day weather-wise and the forecast looked good for the next few days. Queenstown offers lots of adventure activities and we decided that skiing would be the major one. However, we wanted the girls to try some other things too. Having experienced 'Escape Rooms' in KL and Melbourne, we thought we could try the one here. It certainly challenged us and if we hadn't been given lots of hints, we'd probably still be locked in the study with the revolver waiting for Colonel Mustard. Our second full ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland September 24th 2015

Let’s do it again……….that’s the Largest footbridge in the Southern Hemisphere. As we said goodbye to Otamure and headed for Ngunguru we decided to stop and walk the South Whananki Reserve Track. Back over the famous footbridge at North Whananaki then over to South Whananaki Beach. What a beautiful expansive beach, with nobody on itJ. As it was low tide we were able to walk around the beach perimeter of the reserve. It takes you in a loop from the beach around the end of the peninsula and entrance of the Whananaki Inlet, then back to the footbridge. All flat easy walking, can get a little wet underfoot on the inlet side, but you won’t melt:). Lance found a Kontiki kite floating in the surf on the beach side, I'm sure he will dream up something ... read more
Whananaki Footbridge
Clouds building - Whananaki South Beach
Whananki South Beach (1)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Roma September 24th 2015

It was a short drive from our free camp to Hebel where we needed to refuel. While filling the 4WD we could hear loud Mooing sounds and crashing noises. Looking over we saw a cattle truck road train with very excited cattle, mooing and kicking at the sides of the truck. Initially we were puzzled but then we came to the conclusion they had only recently been loaded and had not yet settled down. Joan was also puzzled as to why the ladies toilets were locked but not the mens. Leaving the town we saw a popular area to free camp next to the local river. That needs to get added to “Camps Australia Wide”, so we made our own addition for any future trip to this area. This morning we saw a variety of wildlife. ... read more
Emu crossing, please give way. This was NOT the racing emu incident – that came later.
Wild flowers graced our free camp.
Yes it is a tight squeeze but well worth getting to the free camp spot

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Deniliquin September 24th 2015

We were looking for somewhere warmer to stay for a few days and so we initially headed north from Canberra to the Hume Highway and then cut across country. Along the way we stopped to say hello to the dog from Gundagai and then drove through Wagga. From here we went "bush", driving on back roads to Lockhart and Urana before coming back to the Newell Highway at Jerilderie. Jerilderie was the town that Ned Kelly and his gang held up in 1879. They were out of their territory by a long way, having spent most of their time in Victoria. I like to think they came here for a holiday, but Ned and the boys took over 2,000 pounds from the bank and Ned attempted to have the "Jerilderie Letter", a 7,500 word essay of ... read more
Our campsite
Georgi at Gundagai

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide September 24th 2015

Port Adelaide here we come! We set out to explore and see what the once lively, but not so much anymore, Port Adelaide had to offer on this overcast day. We were limited for time because I had to head to the Adelaide Exchange teachers dinner. We wanted to make the best of the day. It is quite a nice area with many historic buildings, and I am sure being a Port that back in the day it was quite busy and bustling. The buildings are absolutely beautiful and it is a shame that it doesn’t draw more business. Teresa had mentioned that money was being back into the area so that businesses would open and hopefully draw people to the area again. The do have markets in a building on the wharf on Sundays. We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide September 24th 2015

Luckily people are so generous and willing to lend a hand here as I managed to gather and borrow baby stuff so that Lisa and Craig didn’t have to lug it all with them. I set it all up and had to laugh as it really did look like perhaps I was setting up to have a baby, that was not the case. Craig, Lisa, and Hudson arrived for an Adelaide Holiday and the adventures began immediately. The weather in Adelaide has been a disgrace to say the least and it was sunny the day they arrived. They are totally used to having sunny weather and I on the other hand was not. So, I said lets get in the car and go I have a plan. We hopped in the car and took the scenic ... read more
Giant Rocking Horse
049 (2)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance September 23rd 2015

Thursday 17th September We arrive at the camper van depot around 9.30 and have it is checked over before we swap it for our Hi Top van. We have driven over 8,500 Km. We get away soon after 10.15. A fairly easy change over. Our first stop along the road is Northam. At Tourist Information we get given a Heritage walking trail with a booklet prepared by local school children. We soon see some wonderful looking buildings and the school children's booklet provides some excellent background to them. On finishing we treat ourselves to a couple of beef pies and sit in the park to enjoy them. A nice warm sunny day. On the road again and running alongside us all the way is a 750 diameter pipe taking water from Perth to Kalgoorlie. We pull ... read more
2 Our constant companion
3 Cunderdin Museum
4 Rabbit proof!

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