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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Williamstown May 31st 2017

Two more sleeps before the Four Amigos start their epic adventure traversing the "Land of the Free". Visas and Insurance in order. We've all selected our "stallion" of choice. Degreased and cleaned. New shiny bits bought. The biggest question to answer still, do we use Road cleats or MTB? We've organised accommodation in LA, not sure if we have a car yet? Plenty of time for that. The nerves are starting to tingle as it sinks in that 5000kms is a bloody long way to pedal. Especially as we have 3 mountain ranges to cross before hitting Baltimore 5 weeks later. So let's introduce the Amgos . . . Amigo #1: Jeff Hilder: Age: Younger than he looks Description: Hasn't been big on training, except the one he caught back from Frankston last week. He will ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock May 30th 2017

Hi all, well we finally reached Uluru. When we started to plan this trip Uluru was to be the final destination of our trip. To date we hav found that this rock has become part of our journey and not the ultimate standout. Mind you it still sparkles. Ok now let me start you on this very interesting day. The first couple of hours was consumed by breakfast and the loading of our cars. It is harder to re load your cars against the clock than it is to just quietly load your car at home. Anyhow we had every scrap of useless piece of camping equipment loaded onto the car and off we went. Now given we had a 450 km trip you would think we would head straight out. No that wasn't going to ... read more
Transport Hall of Fame
Transport Hall of Fame
Transport Hall of Fame

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly River May 30th 2017

Geo: -13.7654, 130.712We pulled into the roadside info stop for a quick look at what is around at Daly River about 11.30.Seeing only a few signs should have told us something but we were excited to be here and to set up camp. Not being used to the street signs here we got lost. Apparently all the caravan parks, attractions, farm stays or whatever else are listed in blue with km distance on a massive sign but no arrows. The street name is above this in green with an arrow. Well we should have turned right but kept going. No biggie as we came to the end of the road only a few kms away. Chucking a u turn and taking a left we finally made it to Banyan Farm Caravan Park. Nice place to stay ... read more
Daly River
Daly River
Daly River

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Marlborough May 29th 2017

Saturday 3/4/17 and the skys are dark and we are in for another weather bomb. So we opt to hunker down in Richmond for a few days before heading off to French Pass Tuesday 6/4/17 finally we are on our way to French Pass in the Marlborough Sounds. This was on our list the last time we visited the area but we hadn’t realised it was a long weekend and there was no room at the camp so we didn’t get there. The road out is windy and long from Elaine Bay. A little narrow in places and as they have widened the road there are some Power poles virtually on the road so you need to be careful in large vehicles or towing. A fellow camper arrived the next day at camp with his brand ... read more
French Pass
Beach - French Pass
Pelorus Jack Lookout to French Pass & D'urville Island

Hello again, today is our last full day in Alice Springs. The dilemma, what do we do? Last night we decided there were two things left On our list. One was a four wheel driving drive along a sandy creek bed and the second was to take a drive through the sites along the East MacDonnell ranges. The decision was easy. Tracey freaked out when we talked about sand so we decided on the East MacDonnell ranges. The first stop was, yes you guessed it, McDonalds for coffee, and cake of course. We headed along the Ross Highway. The first stop was Emily gap. This gap in the East MacDonnell Ranges rock wall is associated with the Eastern Arrernte Caterpillar Dreaming trail. Emily Gap, 16km out of Alice, has stylised rock paintings but there is no ... read more
Xavier making friends
Finally eating out of his hand
Emily Gap

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Batchelor May 29th 2017

Geo: -13.0505, 131.031Sunday we took a short 40 km drive to Berry Springs. This is a thermal pool for swimming and was opened on the Saturday after clearing out the crocs. Guess we were the guinea pigs!! After seeing crocs jump I just shut my eyes and took a leap into the water like a flying whale. Nat said "I saw a sign that says no swimming as you may get sick with gastro" Shit too bad my head went under and I was brushing the water out of my eyes. Gastro & Crocs.....yeah who's idea was it to swim here. DAVID!!!! Well we arrived in Batchelor on Monday 29th. No gastro in sight yet. Lots of burn off happening and the park was full of smoke. Set up camp, lovely spot and settled in for ... read more
Berry Springs
Berry Springs
Berry Springs

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Tamworth May 28th 2017

We ended up at the Cassilis bowls club camping spot because we drove into a tremendous downpour and the free camp we intended to use was awash, despite being on top of a mountain! Apart from the day that we left Melbourne, this was the first time we had run into any real rain on the trip, so we cannot complain too much. Certainly we have had some very cold mornings and the odd day, but generally the weather has been fairly kind. It was a bit of a surprise however to find the day after arriving in Cassilis that we could do some sightseeing around the area in good weather. Cassilis is a very hospitable hamlet, but has very little else to hold ones attention. We popped into Merriwa, which unlike Cassilis has a larger ... read more
Burning Mountain South of Willow Tree
Quirindi  & Bobs shed
Bobs shed

Hi everyone, we are still in Alice Springs. It started with Xavier feeding the local parrots. We ended up being surrounded by bright green parrots and local collar doves. Today is Sunday and we thought it would be good to start the day by attending mass at the local Catholic Church called Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. It was interesting to see the different cultures coming together at church. Close to half the church were of Indian descent. Another large contingent of Asian background and the rest were Anglo Saxon. No Maltese and no Aboriginals. It appears there is another mass at 11 am for the aboriginal community. After mass we headed off to Todd Mall where there was a street market. Not impressed with what was on offer. We had a lunch there but ... read more
Looking for food
Getting ready to be hand fed
Is that all

Oceania » French Polynesia May 28th 2017

Geo: -17.52, -149.56... read more

Hi all, today is our second full day in Alice. We decided it was time to go and find the famous waterholes. But before we could do that we needed the obligatory McDonalds coffee and cake. Headed off on a 90km drive to find the Ellery Creek Big Hole. It is a spectacular waterhole fed by the Ellery River. It is not running at the moment but you can see the signs of the floods meters above the current level. The river cuts through the MacDonnell Ranges and no doubt it has taken millions of years to cut out this gorge in the mountains. The Terran is rugged and unforgiving and the bird wildlife was abundant. I wanted to bring one of the local Quails home. Even though the scenery was spectacular we found a significant ... read more
Ellery Creek Big Hole
Ellery Creek Big Hole
Ellery Creek Big Hole

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