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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua March 21st 2015

Ne pas avoir fait l'Agrojet était un de mes regrets lors de mon précédent séjour à Rotorua. Du coup, on a loué une voiture avec 4 autres étudiants de l'école et on est retourné là-bas exprès pour ça. L'expérience de la conduite à gauche était marrante, j'ai passé la journée à activer les essuie-glaces au lieu des clignotants. En tout cas ça valait le coup ! Un énorme moteur dans un si petit bateau avec juste 3 personnes à bord (dont le "chauffeur"), c'est forcément génial. Il n'a pas freiné une seule fois, il s'est juste contenté de tourner le volant violemment (2-3 G)... Énorme en gros, juste un peu court. J'en redemande !... read more
Questions 7 & 8
Agrojet à Rotorua (2)
Agrojet à Rotorua (3)

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Matamata March 21st 2015

Je voulais le faire depuis un moment, c'est chose faite ! En résumé, un superbe endroit qu'ils préservent très bien (vrais légumes par exemple). C'était sympa de découvrir ce lieu particulier du tournage des 6 films. J'ai adoré, l'ambiance était super. Et à la fin de la visite on a eu droit à une bière typique brassée exprès pour la taverne "Green Dragon". De très bons souvenirs ! Il me reste moins d'un mois en Nouvelle-Zélande déjà, le temps passe si vite.... read more
Hobbiton - The Shire (2)
Hobbiton - The Shire (3)
Hobbiton - The Shire (4)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island March 21st 2015

Nous avons profité d'une journée de repos pour visiter la Capitale Wellington grande de ces 200 000 habitants. Je l'ai toujours dis que Nancy a l'étoffe d'être la capitale Européenne! Un article un peu plus long y sera consacré ultérieurement car nous reviendrons dans cette mégalopole dans quelques semaines. Suite à un bruit étrange sur la roue avant droite (claquement métallique régulier) de la voiture nous avons décidé de chercher un garage pour checker. Nous sommes arrivés trop tard 16h45, ce qui nous a valu un accueil agréable de la part de la réceptionniste. Heureusement un homme dévoué à quand même pris 5 minutes pour vérifier avec nous. Prise de volant sans ceinture, crissement des pneus, accident loupé de peu après le premier virage pour au final ne plus rien entendre.... Au final décrasser la voiture ... read more
Traversée en ferry
Vue du restaurant Marlborough
Vue du restaurant Marlborough

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns March 21st 2015

Hello People, As we had decided not to go to Cape Tribulation (because it was so expensive to get there and we hadn’t met anyone with a car), we decided to go to the Lagoon in the center of Cairns. It was relaxing and sunny! We also booked up Frasier Island- 3 days and 2 nights on the island with a night at the hostel before and after the trip on Rainbow beach for $400 each. This was probably the best deal we found for that amount of days, however we have seen bulk deals including the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays, Fraser Island, and nights at Mission beach, 1770, Rainbow beach etc. for about $800 each. This is probably cheaper than doing it separately than booking it separately in advance like us but it does run ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Westport March 21st 2015

So, it's time for a quick update :) I can't believe how much is happening these days and how many places we've visited so far. It's been quite intensive, moving to a new place every day doing activities on our way to the destinations - but at least people are the same :) After Taupo, where I wrote my previous post, we went to River Valley, a place literally in the middle of nowhere but a very beautiful place. No internet signal, no phone reception.. In the beginning it felt strange not to be connected to the outer world at all. But I guess it's good to be offline sometimes :) I remembered about the offline challenge that Olesya, one of my best friends and my dear TAA-mate, suggested a couple of weeks ago. I thought ... read more
Nelson lake
For my Irish friends :)
Road scenery

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 March 21st 2015

18/3 Yesterday was a boring day. I checked out at 9:30 and had to hang around until 13:00 for the bus. As Kennedy wasn't in my hostel at Rainbow beach we didn't even wait around together. We then had a six hour bus journey to Agnes Water/ 1770 (two tiny towns next to each other so people use both names). The hostel we stayed at was really cool so we were a bit gutted we only stayed one night but there wasn't that much in the town to do. Today we did a tour called Scooter Roo which was basically s big convoy of backpackers riding motorbikes and looking at kangaroos. They gave us leather jackets and stick on tattoos which was so funny. We had to practise riding the bikes on a small track first ... read more
Sunset on the harbour

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 21st 2015

Hi everyone, set off in the morning and walked to the cable car at Lambton Quay which takes you to the top at Kelburn at the top of the botanic gardens, where there were great views across Wellington, I was amazed to find out that a lot of people have their own private cable cars as they live in the hills surrounding Wellington. We went into the museum and had a look at the older cars, construction started in 1899 and opened 22 February 1902, carrying 4,000 people on its first weekend of operation, also later on a tea house was built at the summit. We then walked through the Botanic gardens which were lovely, the trees are so big, we went into the Begonia House which contains the tropical plants, so hot. We also walked ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 21st 2015

After a three hour flight from Auckland to Adelaide on Monday morning, we arrived to 28 degrees of sunshine! After a short drive we arrived on North Terrace in the centre of the city which was to be our base for the next 8 nights, and proved to be an ideal location; it was a short walk to the railway station and tram stop, the parliament buildings, the Oval Cricket Ground and the River Torrens. It was a time to regroup, do some washing and plan the next stages of our trip. I ventured out into the town centre to find food and was astounded by the number of shops. We had also arrived during the Adelaide Fringe Festival and there was a variety of performers giving short performances in the city centre each day. I ... read more
Monument to first settlers in Adelaide at Glenelg
Out on the jetty at Glenelg
Sea lion  at Seal Bay Beach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland March 20th 2015

Hi Bloggers and fellow humans, Today was a right off day as we had hangovers. We did make a good breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers, but then we went back to bed. We spent a little time in the pool; went for a food shop at Coles, watched TV episodes on the laptop and watched some of the cricket (Australia V India) in the afternoon. We were expecting the cyclone to be in full force today but it was sunny; it looks like the worst of it was last night, which was only a little bit of wind and rain. This means that diving for Sunday should be fine!! We had nice lunch, I had half a roast chicken and bread and Vick had hot noodle salad!!! Our high light of the day!!! LOL I ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand March 20th 2015

The one thing everyone kept telling me before I began my adventure was "you're going to have a great time in New Zealand, you're going to meet SO many amazing people from all around the world". Well, they were right. I am having a great time and I am meeting amazing people from all around the world. But there is something that they left out - what happens when I meet these people, get attached to them and then have to say goodbye? We're all travelling (usually) so we meet, have some amazing chats and spend quality time together and then suddenly its time to go our separate ways? Having to do that every few days (because thats how frequently people are coming in and out of the hostels and how quickly friendships are being made) ... read more

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