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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island April 6th 2015

Ended up in Franz Joseph, this small Alpine-type town near the Franz Joseph Glacier. Today we went on a guided walk to the base of the Glacier. At least some of us went all the way to the base. I went about two-thirds of the way from the car park to the Glacier before the winds got too cold and made me start to cough. Our guide took us to the middle of what would be a raging river during the spring thaw but now was a dry boulder strewn creek bed. There he proceeded to draw a map of the area in the creek bed, showing how the NZ Southern Alps were formed by the Australian tectonic plate diving under the Pacific plate. He said the mountains were still growing at about an inch a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island April 6th 2015

Today is the last day on the western side of the South Island. Headed to Reefton, a town that was part of the NZ's gold rush era, but is now a small town limping along. In the old days there was a gold vein worked by underground miners, but when the vein ran down, a lot of the miners left. An major overseas company, Oceania Gold, bought up a lot of the land outside the town.They are more of a strip mining company. They break off giant chunks of rock, pulverize it with giant pounding pistons, add water, run through a sluice then apply different poisonous chemicals - mercury and cyanide (one causes gold to melt, the other causes it to fall out of solution) (freaked me out when they talked about the chemicals, both are ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland April 6th 2015

Hi Party People, We had another lazy day again, making the most of the house to ourselves. So again we read our books, watched more GOT (the red wedding OMG!) and we popped into Woolworths. I rang Robbie to see what time they were coming back later and if they wanted us to make dinner for us all. They weren’t sure so we bought enough ingredients to make spaghetti bolognaise and garlic bread just incase. Robbie rang again in the afternoon to say to go a head and eat as they really didn’t think they would be back around dinnertime, and that only Terry was coming home anyway. This was fine with us, Terry came home about 9pm so we had eaten and cleared up. We had a chat with him but I think we all ... read more

Oceania April 6th 2015

Ran out of room before I had a chance to tell you about Punakaiki or the Pancake Rocks. The rocks were formed millions of years ago when alternating layers of limestone and mud were laid down by nature. Erosion caused the mud to wear away leaving stacks of rocks that look a lot like giant pancake stacks. They way they eroded, not all the mud between layers eroded, so there are slight even gaps between the layers. There must have been close to a hundred of these stacks around. There was even an entire area that looked like a small village. There were some amazing examples of water erosion in the rocks at the bottom of the stacks. On super windy days there are blowholes, but although we thought it was really windy, the Kiwis visiting ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru April 6th 2015

Sunrises and sunsets. Long walks and short walks. We rode the bikes too. We packed a lot in these days. We stayed at the Yulara campground which was OK. It had a pool. We ate local food (croc, barra and roo) at the pub. Next stop is Kings Canyon (now known as Watarrka National Park).... read more
Not much water left in this pool
The rock from the Visitor Centre
The rock from a sunrise / sunset carpark

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney April 6th 2015

On Friday 27 Mar we did a 9am tour of the Sydney Opera House which was really interesting from the point of view of how the design was chosen and then realized and also from the human aspect of the architect, Jørn Utson, who never visited the Opera house after it was completed. At 11am went for coffee and cookies as we had tickets for 'Tea and Symphony' in the Opera House where we listened to Holst's Planets Suite played by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. It was brilliant! We then walked around the bay to circular Quay where we joined a Tall Ship lunch Cruise on the Søren Larson. We sailed under the Harbour Bridge twice and around the Harbour in brilliant sunshine with as much wine, sparkling wine or beer as you could responsibly drink ... read more
Roof tiles of Opera House are self cleaning so stay white
Søren Larsen tall ship
Captain of Søren Larson with 19th Century mobile

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane April 5th 2015

Hello People, Easter Sunday- so it would have been wrong not to have a lie in. We put a bit of washing on, read our books and watched a lot of Game of Thrones (coming to the end of season 3-red wedding-very exciting!). We did venture out into the small town, but being Easter Sunday everything was closed so we made do with what we had; we made do with steaks in the evening, and drank wine. It feels like a holiday for once, as we have complete privacy, our own room, full rein of the kitchen and a bath. They have a pool, but Robbie said only the dog uses it at the moment so we stayed out of it. Even though we have so much time to just relax, we have been very slack ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Matakohe April 5th 2015

Hi everyone, we left the 'sticks' this morning after a lovely sleep in the middle of the forest, it was cold though, had as many blankets on as we could find, but very snug !! We decided to drive to The Kauri Museum which was recommended to us, it was about an hour and a half drive away from where we stayed and was in a place called Matakohe, set on an estuary at the upper reaches of the Kaipara Harbour. We spent the afternoon there, it was really interesting, it gave a good insight into the Kauri Trees, (that big one we saw), the Gum that comes from it (it's like Amber), pieces of furniture from the 1800's, the Pioneer Settlers, Kauri logging and the machinery used, an original school used from 1878 to 1972, ... read more

Oceania » Australia April 4th 2015

Hi Everyone, Today we had a lie in, Neil made the best porridge I’ve ever had with a few extras spices he found in the cupboard. We then caught the bus back into the city, we saw some friends from Fraser as soon as we got there, and then went to get some Internet at a travel agent for about 20 minutes to book up our next bus journey to Surfers Beach. We then wandered 11 miles around the city-urh my legs hurt so much when we got back in the evening. We went to the QUT university art museum on the university campus on George street, we passed the city hall, passed a racism protest, got preached to about eating dogs (Neil wound her up saying he had eaten it and said who were they ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand April 4th 2015

For the last few days I've been feeling really strange. My oldest and best friend who lives back home in toronto really needs me right now (or maybe I just really need to know I can be of support and help to her) and Im thousands of miles away. Technology connects us but also makes me feel neither here nor there. Today I think about a special someone who came into my life when I was around 8. He was always nice, very generous and quickly became one of my favourite uncles. He showed me what it looks like to fight and he taught me that life can be unpredictable and precious. Thank you for everything you taught/showed me and all of us. I'll miss you, N uncle. ... read more

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