Great Ocean Road. Day 14. Stony Point.

February 18th 2020
Published: February 18th 2020
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GOR Day 14. Stony Point.
The forecast was right. Rain, followed by rain, followed by rain.
We were away at 0730 for an excellent and speedy breakfast in Blairgowrie, 6 km away from our hotel, and we only managed to lose two riders at that point. They had to have breakfast in Rosebud. The rain dampened things a bit after breakfast but the sun came out briefly by Rosebud and we could cycle on the Bay Trail which was interesting along the coast. (Whoa, we are just having thunder and lightening as I write this as we wait for the ferry to Philip Island. Big flashes and big noise, flowed by rain). I stopped in Dromana to look at the history board telling the story of how it was developed before Melbourne in the early 1800’s. What I found interesting was that at that time no one over the age of 10 could bath within 200 metres of the pier and even then had to bathe in a Canadian bathing suit. How times change. After Dromana we headed east and over the hills to Balnarring for lunch after another drenching and then to the coast at Stony Point where I found the fellow travellers hiding from the rain in the railway station. I am just glad we were all here under cover during the thunder and seriously heavy rain. No wonder the grass is green this year as opposed to the usual summer brown. This is not what we signed up for. Eventually the ferry came but due to the low tide and silt in the approach to French Island we had to go on the smaller ferry and with 4 foot passengers and us 12 with bikes was a squash. I spoke to a French Island resident on the ferry who goes ashore to do tattooing and who remarked how many people are having too many tattoos covering their whole arms and legs thus defeating the object by creating a big blur. As expected, when we landed on Philip Island it started to rain again but were soon on our way to the Tropicana Motel and into a nice warm shower. What a day. Come to sunny Australia and avoid the UK winter.

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