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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison March 13th 2018

Day 16: Tapawera to Murchinson 96 km, More gravel roads and the sandflies attack The distance for day 16 of just under 100km was deceiving. Through trial and error the Donkey had cottoned on to the fact that the course profile and riding surface was as, if not more important, than the distance. Gravel roads halved his speed compared to asphalt and single tracks halved that speed again and uphill, well, he was better of to get off his bike on some steep stretches. Today was 60km of gravel with a lot of climbing and Headwind had returned once more. The Donkey set out early enough at 7.30 a.m. to try and beat Headwind but Headwind was just lurking around the corner and hit with a vengeance when the Donkey rode up the Tadmore Valley. Headwind ... read more
Lake Rotoroa and the Gowan River outlet
Lake Rotoroa, sandfly country

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison August 16th 2016

Richmond Mall proved a great palace to upload my blog. I had logged on in Nelson city to the Maccas wifi on Saturday and the Richmond Mall Maccas automatically recognised and let me in, no password, no time limit and more importantly fast upload. Today our plan was to drive to Murchison and fish along the way if possible in the Buller River which runs alongside much of the road. So head through Richmond, Wakefield and follow the signs towards Westport. The road takes you through major pine forest areas, over the Spooner Saddle and throug dairy and sheep farming. There is a major intersection just past Murchison, left to Christchurch via the Lewis Pass or right over the bridge to the West Coast. The largest swing bridge in NZ is just past the turn off ... read more
The Buller river
Our lunch spot
Brunker with Maori guides took 550 days to explore from Nelson to Westland

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison January 19th 2016

Onderweg van Greymouth naar Murchison rijdt je eerst langs de mooiste scenic kust van Nieuw Zeeland. Dat moet wat worden. We hebben al zoveel moois gezien. Niets gelogen, inderdaad prachtig. Je komt langs de pancake rocks. Als pannenkoeken op elkaar gestapelde rotsformaties in de zee. In de tijd uitgesleten door de kracht van de golven. Bij hoog water moet het nog mooier zijn. Tijdens de reis hebben we, tegen alle voorspellingen in prachtig weer gehad. Bij Cape Foulwind hebben we een wandelingetje gemaakt naar de pelsrobben kolonie. Lui op de rotsen in de zon. Wel op afstand. In dit gebied komt de Weka voor. Een brutale vogel, familie van de Kiwi. Van de Westkust hebben we afscheid genomen. Langs de Buller rivier kronkelend landinwaarts naar Murchison. Steeds slechter weer. De voorspellingen komen toch nog uit. Ook ... read more
Pancake rocks
Pannenkoeken, stapels op elkaar
Meer pannenkoeken

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison March 22nd 2015

Took a walk across the swing bridge and a stroll round the historical Gold panning area on the other side of the water. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison November 27th 2010

Wednesday morning was a fairly late start. It was very nice to be in a room without snorers for a couple of nights! We gave our new friend a lift down to the West coast then turned north. As on the Stray bus the West coast is simply stunning, forest clad mountains on one side and rugged coast on the other. We stopped a few times to admire the view & pick up more fuel & food but our main stops were again the Pancake Rocks & the Capefoulwind Seal colony. It amused me that we also passed 2 Stray buses on the way although the only driver I saw wasn't one I knew. We then headed inland from Westport & followed Buller's Gorge up to a lovely little farmstay hostel the other side of Murchison ... read more
West coast bays
West coast hills

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison January 9th 2010

Leaving Kaikoura we headed inland to the Nelson National Park region (North Central South Island) through the Mauri plain, a vast grassland with some beautiful driving country. Onwards to the forests of Hammer Springs which is fabled for its mountain biking. We had no time to stop maybe next time! The route had many things to see along the way, the most notable of which was Maruia falls a stonking falls which is shown in the attached piccies. We then climbed through the Nelson National Park to the Buller Gorge region of NZ to Murchison. Not just a great place to stop and rest but also as we found out the home of the New Zealand Kayaking school being at the centre of covergence for 4 rivers in the region. We had to have a go ... read more
Nelson National Park mountain view
Maruia falls
Owen river kayaking

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison October 5th 2009

We were looking to Shantytown to deliver something pretty great to lift our spirits but on closer inspection discovered it was New Zealand’s Black Country Museum so gave it a miss. Morale was pretty low (how sad are we but I so wanted to go to Glastonbury again!) and even the biggest muffin ever couldn’t cheer me up - especially when I bit into it! We saw one of the brown attraction signs saying Pancake Rocks and Blowholes so decided to pull over and have a look. It was brilliant, there was a lovely walk through a fern lined boardwalk and then there were the pancakes rocks which have been formed over millions of years. After this you carried on walking to the blowholes which were amazing. The biggest blowhole, can’t remember the name, kept blowing ... read more
Pancake rocks!
And again

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison July 13th 2009

Day 84 (Monday 13/07/09, NJJ) Visited Punakaiki to see the Pancake Rocks and Blowholes - nice, different, unusual. Had lunch at Dirty Mary's in Westport. I tried my first NZ flat white (coffee), was ok. Arrived in Murchison around 4pm. Jay ill with earache, 'blocked' head, bad back and uncomfortable belly. Pasta for dinner. Watched few episodes 'The Inbetweeners'. Relaxed in back of van.... read more
Nat walking on pancakes

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison April 26th 2009

Hey! My wireless adaptor is working again! :) :) :) So today was spent driving through old volcanoes, bush (aka forest), and rain. LOTS AND LOTS of rain. It rains 80% of the time on the West coast of the South Island. Last night mom and I were itchy from the no-see-ums…or at least the NZ equivalent of them. They got our feet pretty bad. So I took Benadryl and it basically knocked me out for the whole next day…I didn’t know Benadryl was that strong but I slept most of the day in the car. Before I realized I was too tired to drive, I started out the driving that day and when I crossed a bridge around a corner, I swerved around a PENGUIN!!!!!! (I know…DON’T swerve. BUT IT WAS A PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!) It looked ... read more
drive from Franz Joseph to Murchison 004
drive from Franz Joseph to Murchison 006

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison March 5th 2009

If you feed a child chocolate spread and diet coke in a forest, and no nazi organic food only mother is around to see it, are you still wrong? Backpacking round the world on a budget is kiddie food heaven. Chocolate spread sandwiches (‘cos no fridge, so can’t take along butter), cereal bars and a variety of meals in tins and pasta and tuna. He’s loving it! Well, yesterday was a big day for driving. We drove all the way through from Queenstown to Fox Glacier, stopping along the way every so often for the sights. With stops, the drive was about 7 hours but the funny thing is, with these great views, it only seems like half an hour. Fantastic roads, yet again. We stopped at Arrowtown, which is a lovely little place. Picture perfect ... read more
lake matheson
Franz joseph glacier
from Queenstown to fox glacier

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