Seals, Pancake rocks and Lots of Rainbows

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October 5th 2009
Published: October 17th 2009
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We were looking to Shantytown to deliver something pretty great to lift our spirits but on closer inspection discovered it was New Zealand’s Black Country Museum so gave it a miss. Morale was pretty low (how sad are we but I so wanted to go to Glastonbury again!) and even the biggest muffin ever couldn’t cheer me up - especially when I bit into it! We saw one of the brown attraction signs saying Pancake Rocks and Blowholes so decided to pull over and have a look. It was brilliant, there was a lovely walk through a fern lined boardwalk and then there were the pancakes rocks which have been formed over millions of years. After this you carried on walking to the blowholes which were amazing. The biggest blowhole, can’t remember the name, kept blowing every minute or so and straight afterwards it produced a gorgeous rainbow -I’m such a sucker for rainbows! After watching it for about half an hour and taking too many pictures we got back in the van and made our way towards Abel Tasman National Park. Another brown sign appeared saying seal colony and having enjoyed the last free attraction so much we decided to go look at the seals. It was about 25km off the main road and I was pretty sceptical about seeing any seals as they promised lots at Milford and didn’t deliver, so when we walked down the path and up the hill and lent over the viewing balcony we saw just a load of rocks! When our eyes finally adjusted we could make out a few seals, than after a few more minutes we could see about 100 seals. It was magical. I stood there watching them swimming and hunting and playing and feeding for about 2 hours, it was one of the highlights of my trip so far - nice work brown signs! So although we hadn’t got our Glastonbury tickets we had an absolutely brilliant day after all and it didn’t cost a penny - don’t you love it when that happens! After the Seals we made it as far as Murchison before the rain set in and we stopped for the night before making our way to Abel Tasman National Park.

Happy 30th birthday Cha,
Hope you had a fab day, so sorry we missed it, hope you got the flowers and texts, love ya x x x

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A very large muffinA very large muffin
A very large muffin

very disappointing tho, more scone!

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