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Manapouri – Finished making beds, which ended up not being too bad! Good team, and a fast 3hr work day, in exchange for luxury - in other words a room for myself, and classic greasy pub meal, nightly. Circle track - took small boat accross river, joined 2 Germans in their early 30s along the way, talked about Germany city architecture all the way down, and had great group selfies along the beach Kepler track –met cool recently high school graduated Germans along the way, did Luxmore caves with them after a smooth shot of whisky – was beautiful, relaxing & fun, walked to and from caves under a moonlit sky. Did them again the next morning with Danielle and her buddy Adam. Didn’t go as deep though, and was less flexible in the morning! Routeburn ... read more

Nach einer Woche in Garston, als ich dort meinen Sold quasi erfüllt habe, mache ich mich wieder auf den Weg. Meine Gastgeber fuhren an dem selben Tag auch nach Invercargill, nehmen mich also bis zur Abzweigung nach Fiordland mit. Der Fiordland National Park ist ein Wunderland der Natur, nicht zu Unrecht also auch Teil der South West New Zealand World Heritage Area. An diesem Tag habe ich Glück was das Trampen angeht. Das dritte Auto nimmt mich hier mit bis Mossburn und dort hält das nächst Auto an, als ich fast noch im Begriff bin, aus dem ersten Auto auszusteigen. Bald bin ich dann in Te Anau, einer kleinen Stadt am Lake Te Anau mit großartigen Blicken auf den See und die dahinter aufragenden Berge des Fiordland National Parks. Das Hostel, in dessen Garten ich mein ... read more
Panorama auf dem Key Summit:
Mich nennt man Berg, seht ihr warum?
Wie Herr Hugo von Hoffmansthal schon sagte:

For the prequel to this trip please see NZ South Island Road Trip Part 1: Picton to Queenstown. Queenstown is the self-proclaimed adventure capital of the world. It's a thrill seekers paradise. Bungy jumping was commercialized here. There are hundreds of other adventure options as well, from swinging on a rope through a canyon to riding a jetboat a million miles an hour on the lake. The population of the town is only about 8,000 people, and all 8,000 apparently work in the tourism or service industry because there is not much other industry in town. At any given time the town has far more tourists than residents. This leads to an abundance of hotels and restaurants to choose from though. We are staying at the Copthorne Millennium Hotel and Apartments. We have booked a two ... read more
Routeburn Track
First Glimpse of the Peaks
Mitre Peak

Geo: -44.6698, 167.928 Today the pickup was at 7.20 am and it was only 5 mins walk from the hostel to Athol st. Again the tour was with Great Sights and the coach had glass-roof for views of the skyline but the weather was gloomy, cold and it had rained heavily at night. The tour was packed and along the way there are few stops for brief walks at Mirror Lake, The Chasm a short walk over footbridges spanning a series of swirling waterfalls and at the Monkey Creek which was good place for pictures. We passed the rugged mountain terrain past Te Anau on the shores of the largest lake in the South Island. This is a Journey through the Southern Alps and along the picturesque Eglinton Valley, a place of ancient alpine forest with ... read more
Milford Sounds
Milford Sounds
Seals at Milford Sounds

Wow, so last night I had the weirdest dream that Jackie Earle Haley was trying to sexually molest me (maybe it's time to stop playing sex offenders in your films JEH?) and when I woke up I couldn't quite seem to convince myself that Jackie Earle Haley was not currently in my room at the backpackers and waiting to do nasty nasty things to me... eventually I fell asleep again and had a much nicer dream that I don't remember (something about cooking and eating I think). Up bright and early to go on a trip to Milford Sound, the laptop guy is still asleep by the time i've showered, dressed, eaten a few things out of my boot... the boot of my car, it's where i was storing my supplies, don't judge me... so yeah ... read more
milford reflections
Celia - friend for a day
take a bow

January 31, 2014 We traveled south today from Queenstown to Milford Sound. Milford Sound is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a very interesting drive through some spectacular mountain passes to the coast and the sound. Milford Sound is a large Fjord surrounded by very high mountains rising almost vertical from the ocean. For anyone interested in mountain scenery this is a must trip. Lakes, huge valleys, rivers, waterfalls, forest and the sound itself. At Milford Sound we took a boat trip, just under 2 hours, in the sound and out to the mouth and back. Nice trip on a very comfortable boat and more spectacular scenery. Way too many photo ops here. ( good thing we are using digital now ) Finished the day with a 2 hour drive back from Milford Sound ... read more

That's glow worms. Larvae actually. Not allowed to take photos in caves as they believe that taking photos will steal their souls and they won't morph into moths. Or was that the Aborigines? It all blurs into one big dreamscape after a while. Actually the Aborigines believe that they come back as moths (or is that possums?), so probably correct anyway. Anyway you'll have to imagine a big cave in the dark with lots of tiny green and blue led lights on the ceiling....and they charge you lots of money to get in....a bit like Santa's Grotto at B&Q..except you don't get 10% off on Wednesdays ( that's a private pensioners'll understand one day....soon). Well, that was 2 days ago at Te Anau, if anyone's bothering to look at a map..and why would you, what ... read more
Giant Takoe...nearly extinct
Lake Manapourie
Doubtful Sound

Wednesday 4th December, 2013. Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand We had to get up early again as we had to be at the Wharf in Manapouri (about 20 minutes drive from Te Anau) at 7.40 for an 8 am departure. We arrived first at about 7.30 am and were issued our boarding passes immediately. Doubtful Sound is not accessible by road. It is necessary to go by boat across lake Manapouri (the 5th largest in NZ) to the "neck" and then cross the Wilmot Pass before taking another boat up the Sound itself. Doubtful Sound was originally named "Doubtful Harbour" by Captain Cook when he sailed past in the Endeavour on his first circumnavigation of NZ in 1770. He skirted past the entrance wondering whether there was sufficient wind to manoeuvre his vessel in ... read more
68. M, Marjorie and Mike on Doubtful Sound Cruise
27. Doubtful Sound
54. Crooked Arm, Doubtful Sound

Awesome day!! Started out in Milford Sound - full of clouds and gray overhead, but gorgeous high mountains and SNOW! We were all bundled up on deck, but got some beautiful pics. We offloaded over 90 passengers who are doing an overnight land trip to our next port of call. We pick them up tomorrow in Dunedin. We continued cruising in two more Sounds - Doubtful Sound (because the first boat captain thought it was doubtful that his ship could make it - thought it was too shallow!) and here's the Oosterdam sailing through, up to almost the end and then we turned around and sailed back out. The last one was called Dusty Sound and it was more of a circular sound where we sailed through the entire Sound. These are all glacier-carved valleys - ... read more

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Geo: -45.4151, 167.718Last night was the coldest yet at -2 degrees but our motel had underfloor heating and was very cozy. We stepped out onto the balcony to view the weather hoping that the Milford Road had opened. The sky was a little overcast however we were informed that our tour was on and that it would be busy because of the backlog. We were picked up from our motel at 9.30 and when we tried to board the buss which had come from Queenstown there was all hell to play because people were swapping seats and god forbid if you sat in somebody else's seat. Please remind me never to go on a bus tour holiday or shoot me if we ever book one, at least today's trip is only two hours!Finally on board the ... read more
A stop on the Milford Road
Some LOTR forest - Milford Road
Milford Sound Road

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