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Så er tiden i New Zealand ved at gå på hæld. Men inden da havde jeg da lige mulighed for at tage på endnu et eventyr. Denne gang den meget lange og øde Dusky Track. Ruten kan kun nås ved færger. I den ene ende går der fire færger om dagen, i den anden en gang om ugen. Problemet var bare at jwg lige netop havde misset den færge der gik en gang om ugen, og jeg havde ikke tid til at vente en uge mere. Ruten er en af dem der kan blive ubenyttelige efter for meget regn, da man skal krydse floder uden broer. Og Fiordland er kendt for at få en del regn.. Op til 8000 mm om året i de vestlige dele. Derfor planlagde jeg at have et par ekstra buffer dage, ... read more
Te Anau 1
Te Anau 2
Te Anau 3

The highlight most anticipated by many visitors to New Zealand's South Island is a visit to Fiordland National Park, and for many that means a cruise on Milford Sound. In normal times, this means about a two hour car drive from Te Anau or a longer drive from Manapouri or Queenstown, followed by a relatively short cruise on what is a surprisingly small body of water. However, this was not normal times. Continuing our string of catastrophic near-misses, we arrived in Fiordland just days after an historic flood event devastated the road to Milford, stranding hundreds and requiring several air rescues. Over 39 inches of rain fell within a 60 hour period. The result of the consequent flooding was that the road into Milford was several damaged in several places. When you drive the road, ... read more
Eglington Valley
Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake

Although enjoyable, the trip to Milford Sound was a little underwhelming, given its rank in the pantheon of world travel destinations. Lots of waterfalls, but small in size and little else to see on the Sound itself. However, the next day went the other way. Our day started with a short drive to another lodging in Te Anau with a large parking area, where we parked the car and took our small overnight bags for our overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound. Doubtful Sound is much more remote than Milford, perhaps accounting for its second place among South Island attractions. To get there, we took a van about 20 km from Te Anau to Manapouri, boarded a boat which took us about 35 km across Lake Manapouri to the Manapouri Hydro Station, then boarded a smaller van ... read more
Raging stream on way to Deep Cove
Doubtful Sound
Doubtful Sound

Absolutely the best morning of the entire trip! We woke up deep into Doubtful Sound. We had a 180-degree view from the bunks on the top deck, and we were surrounded by magnificent mountains, waterfall and calm see. Within 20 minutes we had dolphins jumping out of the water. Amazing! We had booked an overnight boat trip on Doubtful Sound. It had required a bit of planning and researching to find out how we could best see the Fiordland National Park. The two big sounds are Milford and Doubtful Sound. A blog comparing the two explained (in much more detail) how Milford has more jaw dropping landscape, higher waterfall and taller mountains. It’s also the busier of the two, and often has several helicopters flying above you at any one time. Doubtful is less dramatic and ... read more
Sooo many waterfalls
Our room was perfectly placed on the top deck
Our penthouse cabin

Píše se pondělí 3. února 2020, je 5:30 ráno a naše skupina startuje vstříc poznání Fiordlandu. Výletní loď, kterou se máme plavit po Milford Soundu odplouvá ve třičtvrtě na devět a nám to z Te Anau bude trvat asi 2,5 hodiny než tam dorazíme. Vyrážíme i navzdory prudkému dešti a po bouřce, která nás v noci nenechala moc vyspat. Počasí neslibuje dobré výhledy, ale loď prý vyplouvá i za nečasu. Nutno dodat, že do Milfordu vede pouze jedna cesta, a tak jediné, co nám může plavbu překazit je neprůjezdná silnice. Bohužel se tak stává. Asi 50 km před cílem nás zastaví ohromný sesuv půdy, který leží přes celou silnici, naštěstí tu už nějakou dobu je a nikdo není ohrožen. Chtě nechtě, obracíme se zpátky. Tentokrát se do srdce Fiordlandu nikdo z nás nepodívá. V Infocentru v ... read more
Vzácná slípka Takahe
Socha Takahe ve městě

Day 1: Admittedly, a little hungover but grateful for the quiet buses to Te Anau. Driver of 2nd bus borderline racist, true Southlander as it were. Very much in love with the landscapes. Paired up with Dutch elephant zookeeper, adventure guide, Stefan. Wonderful 20km in thick rainforest. Crystal clear waters. Nutters at the hut, one very against radiation and lived off the grid for over a year (See letter for more context). Sandflies aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Gambling without a tent...36km day in two days time... Day 2: New year's Eve. Birdlife is off the charts. Greeted by a resident local on his dingy, of which turned the day from scenic walking and waist-high bog trudging to jetting up the Pyke river with Bruce Reay. Learning about the place from someone ... read more
Lake Alabaster Hut at Sunset
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The last two days Tony and I were in Fiordland National Park! Our first stop was a short walk around Milford Sound and then we hiked to the top of Key Summit Track! The following day, we took a boat cruise through Doubtful Sound! If you ever make your way to this part of the world it’s worth the extra bus and boat ride to experience this fiord!!! We happened to be there after a night of heavy rain, so the waterfalls were countless and amazing! Truly an experience of a lifetime! ... read more

Doubtful Sound, named by Captain Cook as a doubtful harbour. The westerly roaring forties would have taken him in, but he wasn't sure he'd get any wind to take him out. The Maori name is Patea, meaning ‘place of silence’ and it was, when the skipper of the 36 metre catamaran, switched off everything and asked us all to be quiet and listen to the silence. It was certainly a wilderness full of moss, ferns and undergrowth clinging to the perpendicular rock faces. Yesterday's rain meant the waterfalls were all running and today's sunshine made everything gleam. New Zealand is the cleanest place I have ever been to, and there was no litter anywhere. The flotsam in Doubtful Sound consisted of organic matter only - leaves, twigs and branches from the tree avalanches. Wilmott Pass, the ... read more

Just over ten years ago, I didn't have enough time to make it down to this bucket list world wonder - Milford Sound. And now, I've arrived! Pulling into the picturesque town of Te Anau after dark, I didn't know what to expect this morning. It was chilly, OK, it was snowing. But the flakes stopped falling right as I walked out my door to the bus stop and the clouds parted to reveal that I was at the foot of some 2,000 meter glacially carved mountain peaks. It was physically jaw-dropping! It was just below freezing, and I was way below freezing, but the excitement of finally seeing Milford Sound today kept me hyper and heated! I almost missed my bus, even though I was standing in front of it for ten minutes, because I ... read more
45 degrees South. I've arrived!
The early morning bus stop
A perfect day

Blog 19 Hobart, Tasmania – Fiordland National Park, New Zealand, March 30-April 2 ,2018 Friday, March 30th - Weather forecast: mostly sunny, daytime temperature of 18°C; wind speed 16kts (5 Beaufort) We left port on time and headed out to sea for a full two-day passage over to New Zealand. Saturday, March 31st – Weather forecast: cloudy, daytime temperature of 15°C; wind speed 14kts (4 Beaufort) We were pleasantly surprised when we received an invitation to the Mariner’s Award Ceremony and discovered we had actually achieved 300 days of sailing time and would be awarded our silver medals. The next level is gold achieved after 500 days sailing. Our 5-star Mariner status will come sooner as it is calculated by combining our days sailed plus credit for ship-board expenses. Following the award ceremony, we enjoyed lunch ... read more

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