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Hi all now in Fjordland. Left Lincoln and the dogs early as had severe sinus allergy. But ok now. Drove down to Omarau where the blue penguins colony is. Omarau town has wide streets of an old Victorian town, cast iron filigree around the buildings. Waited until 9pm to watch the blue penguins swim in to the hides. 4 rafts came in, rafts terminology meaning groups of penguins. Over a couple of hundred came in overall. They swim to the beach, then waddle up the bank into their purpose built hides. This works well as keeps the vermin away. All spectators had to be quiet, and no photography was allowed. But earlier on, spotted all these penguins, shags, cormorants sitting on this abandoned pier in separate groups as though they were waiting for dusk so they ... read more
Mount Cook

5 januari was een reisdag: van Kaka point naar Te Anau. Op weg naar het nationale fjorden park. Aangekomen in Te Anau de cruise over Milford sound geregeld. Er waren nog precies 2 plekken op een kleine boot beschikbaar. Zo'n 25 passagiers is leuk. Sommige boten varen met wel 300 man aan boord. De volgende dag vroeg op. Om 7:45 uur werden we opgepiktd door een minibus. De chauffeur wist een hoop wetenswaardigheden te noemen. Onderweg nog een paar stops en toen aan boord. We hadden mazzel: stralend weer. Uitzonderlijk want het regent hier minimaal 2 van de 3 dagen. Prachtige tocht over eindeloos water, tussen hoge groene bergen met hier en daar een waterval die loodrecht van de berg zo de zee in stort. Onderweg nog vele pelsrobben gezien. Vandaag een fikse wandeling gemaakt naar ... read more
Prachtig weer
Woeste bergen rond het fjord
Klaterende watervallen

Milford Sound has to be one of the most remote places there is. You travel all of the way to New Zealand; go to the larger, more sparsely populated South Island; leave behind the East Coast with its towns and cities and head into Fiordland; you pass through Te Anau - the last real settlement before Milford; travel along a highway for 120 kilometres; cross over a high, steep mountain pass; and eventually arrive at a ferry terminal in the middle of nowhere. Yet, if you meet anyone who has been on the South Island of New Zealand for more than a couple of weeks, they will tell you about their experience of Milford Sound. They generally regard it as one of the best things they did whilst they were on the South Island. Whatever weather ... read more
Fiordland National Park
Milford Sound Waterfall
Milford Sound Cruises

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I got a surprisingly good sleep despite the pile of rocks we were lying on. We woke to an extremely cold morning and struck camp as soon as we could. Two full days of walking lay ahead of us and we were looking forward to it. This was all of the Kepler Track that we could do due to lack of accommodation on the trail - we would walk out one day and back the next by the same path. We saw it as a practise for a full multi-day hike later in our time on New Zealand. It would certainly stretch us: forty-four kilometres over two days with full packs including tent, sleeping bags, stove, food and water. We had a few things to do in Te Anau so it was around 11am when we ... read more
The Big Slip
Beech Forest
Lake Te Anau

With a 4 month vacation and an impending move to The Netherlands coming up we figured we couldn’t leave New Zealand without one last trip to the South Island. Before flying off to Australia we rented a campervan from Juicy in Queenstown for four nights. Our last New Zealand experience. We had to make the best of it. It’s Nimarta’s birthday when we touch down in Queenstown. She’s a young 31. It’s a beautifully sunny day and we hurry over to Juicy to get our campervan. She still thinks we are spending her birthday eating noodles out of the back of our campervan. After a quick shopping stop at New World I tell her it’s time to head to the hotel. “What!?” she says. “Yes, babe. You think I was gonna let you spend your birthday ... read more

Die Uni hier ist besser als in Deutschland. Sozialtechnisch Also Alex hat hier keine Prüfungen. So ähnlich wie bei mir damals in Schottland. Demnach ist der Aufwand also auch so hoch, wie das betätigen einer Klospülung. Naja, genügend Druck sollte man schon aufwenden, im Becken muss genügend Wasser vorhanden sein damit überhaupt gespült wird und: vergessen überhaupt zu spülen sollte man nicht. Sie hat also ein bisschen was zu tun. Und zwar muss sie viele Aufsätze schreiben. Die bisherigen Noten sind streberhaft - fast nur 1en. Entweder ist sie so schlau, das Niveau ist so weit unten oder keiner liest was sie da eigentlich fabriziert. Ich würde auf letzteres tippen...*aua*. Das macht die Uni natürlich nicht besser, es zeigt aber wie gut wir bis hier hin schon "ausgebildet" wurden durch unsere Trink-Eskapaden zu Hause. Was die ... read more
Das gespritzte Teigbällchen
Jeder darf hier rein!
Der Blick nachm Aufwachen!

Great early morning 2 hour cruise on the sound. Awesome. no sand flies! !!😊... read more

Happy birthday Katie - our eldest grandchild is 5 today. An early start for the trip which took seven hours and consisted of a boat ride across the lake a coach ride from there to the fiord. This road was built in the 60s to service a new hydro electric power station and is stated to be the most expensive in NZ and there is not even any tarmac on it. Well the scenery was breath taking. It started off in cloud on the east side but brightened up on the west side of the Southern Alps. The water was flat so the skipper was able to take us out into the Tasman Sea to get the view Captain Cook got when he said that he would not enter the fiord because it was doubtful that ... read more

Friday drove around Lake Wakatipu and on for another two hours to Manapouri, finding another fantastic lodge to stay in on the edge of the village. Saturday morning up early for our trip to Doubtful Sound. The first leg was 45 minutes by boat across Lake Manapouri, early morning mists still hanging over the mountain tops but all beautifully still and calm as the sun began to pierce the clouds. On to a coach then to climb up and over the mountains on a narrow road cut through this area of temperate rainforest. Have never seen such dense thick forest carpeted with hundreds of species of moss and lichens, no soil here at all so all the trees growing out of the bed of moss, often on incredibly steep mountainsides. Each view studded with waterfalls crashing ... read more
The sound of silence....
Fur seals enjoying the sun
Enjoying the view

Geo: -44.6698, 167.928Here I am in the most picturesque, scenic cabin after the most breathtaking, awe inspiring drive I have ever experienced. The Te Anau - Milford Highway is an experience in its own right. We arrived at Te Anau around 10, after departing Queenstown at 8.15. Its a pretty place by a lake for a stroll, to top up fuel, gather supplies and information before heading North towards Milford. We grabbed a pepper steak pie from here which lived up to its hype. Heading north is a journey into the heart of the Fjordland National Park. Its basically a sole 120km highway all the way to Milford with the exception of a 30km unpaved turnoff, Hollyford Road which finishes at Humboldt Falls. Along the way, dozens of short and long walks, lakes, tracks, pools, waterfalls ... read more
Humboldt Falls
Leaving Queenstown

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