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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 12th 2006

Big tip for today: never ever ever do the Tongariro crossing with a hangover and anything less than 8 hours sleep. Never. Ever. Having said that I managed to trek, climb, walk and crawl the 17 km across volcanic craters and up to 2000m above sea level with both of the above having gone out the previous night in Taupo. However, this is not a good idea when all powers of concentration and coordination are needed to make sure you don't fall down sheer scree slopes over crater rims (fortunately not bubbling with molten lava) in howling gales. I bumbled along with two Brits, Adam and Daisy, who I had met on the bus. They are super nice and humoured me for the trek, and I don't think I would have made it without them. Plus ... read more
Mt Tongariro
Another one of Mt Doom
What a view

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 11th 2006

....having said my farewells the night before I waited patiently for the bus in the early hours...back on the road...travelling alone. We pretty much headed straight through to Taupo where I decided to jump off and attempt the sky dive or the Tonagariro crossing again....only to my dismay that crappy weather once again stopped any fun! Trying to entertain myself in the town that I'd already spent exploring the week before I headed to the tourist info in search of the cinema (always a good rainy day option!). And that's when luck struck! Who was to be enquiring about the same thing...but off we went to the cinema....and then the beers followed. It's always good to meet a friend... the next day we caught the same bus back to Auckland. Stopping off at Matamata ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 11th 2006

Ok so the pictures have given it away... I jumped out of an AIRPLANE!! My dear friends, family and who ever else is reading this... I actually did it, and it was awsome! I must say though the pictures of me just as they opened the door pretty much tell the truth of EXACTLY how i felt! SO the night before my sky dive - Saturday I was feeling a bit nervous to say the least... ! Was very funny though, I met up with my friend Catherine in Taupo only so we could do this here and we had planned this for weeks!! So when I booked it last week I was amazed I managed to keep it silent from anyone back home, or anyone else for that matter!After which it was done, and I ... read more
Sky Dive
Sky Dive
Sky Dive!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 9th 2006

To date, miserable weather has prevented us from doing our intended exploits in Taupo. 100kmph winds and snow at 1200m has meant that our planned hike across the Tongariro Crossing (between two large volcanic peaks) has been cancelled for the past three days. Also failed to skydive (bad weather - not incompetence) on Tuesday, so we opted for a leisurely 16km trip from Taupo to Huka Falls taking in the Craters of the Moon. Huka Falls is NZ's largest volume waterfall with 270m3 squeezing through a 15m gap every second. All very technical - it's a lot anyway... True to current form, it poured with rain on our trip out. Seems the weather predictions have been back to front so far (good weather on south island and wet and windy in the north island). Let's hope ... read more
Craters of the Moon
The Devil's Bath
Antimony on Trees at Wai-o-Tapu

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 9th 2006

Arrived in the Coromandel Peninsular with Magic Bus on Friday. Fantastic YHA hostel in Whitianga (pronounced Fitianga) aptly named "'On the Beach"' and my bunk has fantastic sweeping views of Buffalo Beach through massive bay windows. On the way here we did a 40 minute walk to Cathedral Cove which consists of two lovely bays separated by a large rock archway. Also went to Hot Water beach where, at low tide, you can dig your own thermal pool in the sands and soak in hot water. We got there just before low tide, but nevertheless crossed the beach armed with our spades! The tide wasn't low enough to successfully dig our own pool, however even just by sinking your feet deep into the sand you could feel the hot water below, often too hot to leave ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 8th 2006

Ok..... so we've made our way through Taupo. Had an amazing time. After famill ourselves with the area we went and watched Amy and Asha (new and old friends) do their first skydive!! And all reports were that it was amazing! Didnt tempt us this time though as we're saving that for when my big bro gets here (pauls - that is!!). After a couple of crazy nights out at the Holy Cow (much to Natalie's delight) - dancing on tables and the like. We, somehow, managed to convince ourselves that a bungy jump - the least favoured thing to do by all of us - was the best idea. So off we went... to throw ourselves off a cliff, into water, upsidedown, 50m below, stupidly! I think Natalie will agree with me when i say ... read more
Bath Time!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 5th 2006

In the center of North Island is New Zealands biggest lake, Lake Taupo. It is fed by Waikato River, a beautiful river with clear turquise water. A few kilometers after the rivers outlet out of Lake Taupo the river flows into a gorge and tumbles down Huka Falls. A free campsite right on the river bank gave us a good opportunity to explore the place. Just a little bit further north we could enjoy a hoot stream. A small river flows over thermal ground in a forrest creek and is heated to about 40 degree. Several steaming pools hidden in the forrest invite for a bath. At the weekend it's popular with the locals, in the daytime families visit and in the night the local youth sets up BBQ and beer right next to a pool. ... read more
Waikato River
Hot Pool
Power Station

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 2nd 2006

After leaving Rotorua our trip took us to Taupo. On the way we stopped at Huka Falls...not really a waterfall more like a thunderous mass of white water....a 100m wide river compressed into a 15m i've been told. A lot of water. Not something you'd like to fall into. Anyway, we rushed on in hope of doing our skydive today...picked up in a white limo and driven to the air field to find that the weather was turning. Three people got to jump (including Ames and Asha) while Paul, Nat and I looked on. The winds picked up to 26+ knots (I hear that's windy!) so the rest of us were cancelled. Nevermind the night was young and Amy and Asha were adrenalin junkies so a night of drinking and dancing were a must! The ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo February 24th 2006

Well I'm sitting here wondering whether I'll ever walk again. We just did this "day walk" which involved climbing a volcano after a 4am start. My knees went about halfway through the descent, so I just had to do a very sporty high speed hobble, inlcuding falling flat on my face at one point and being carried in a very fetching fireman's lift position down some of the slopes. I'm such an action girl! Anyway, Auckland was great, not least because Jeff who I did the flying scholarship with 10 years ago put me up in his naval base. It took a bit of time to readapt myself to military life - but the sight of young men doing drill outside my room at 8am every day certainly helped. Got to go on Jeff's warship, but ... read more
climbing trees in bay of islands
working group sign on tour
being a cripple in front of Mount Doom

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo February 22nd 2006

Interesting statistic: it is safer to jump out of a plane in midair, than it is to finish the flight in a more orthodox fashion. Skydiving is also safer than travelling in a car. These kind of facts are comforting when you are about to hurl yourself out of what appears to be a perfectly good plane. 12 thousand feet up is quite high. 12 thousand feet seems especially high when you are looking down at the scenery below from an open doorway. With a word from the man who is going to save my life in the next few moments, we jump. The feeling is so surreal, to be falling and have nothing beneath you. We freefall for about 45 seconds. I scream my head off, partly with joy and partly with fear. It's a ... read more
M&M all smiles
Alive Alive O, Taupo

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