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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley January 16th 2009

No sooner had we checked in we were heading down to the lake in our bathers with a few of the boys off the bus. We had a dip. The water was very cool, very very cool, almost freezing! But we swam for half an hour and had a race round a bouy, 200 metres out and back. I came in a respectible joint first. We cleaned up and headed to a pizza place for a cheap meal. Ten bucks bought us a large pizza and wedges, that was more than enough for the two of us. We headed to the Irish Bar, Mulligans, which was highly recommended by Lauren, our driver, for evident reasons. They gave us money off for being kiwi expereince travellers. They also sold full pint, not poxy schooners or whatever everyone ... read more
Mt Doom
The River Valley

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley December 9th 2008

Day 162: Monday 8th December - Driving to River Valley After leaving the Tongariro national park the bus winds its way through the rolling green hills south east to river valley, a lodge located on the Rangititikei river. Towering cliffs and bush-clad hills surround the lodge in its remote location. Here, we have the option of white water rafting and horse trekking - but these activities are all happening tomorrow. The evening is spent chilling out in the beautiful surroundings over a few beers. At 10pm I've had enough as the last few nights have caught up with me so I retire to the dorm to read a book. The dorm houses 32 people and is more like the facilities you get in huts when you're camping than a hostel. Its cheap though but the downside ... read more
2. Team photo before the rafting, River Valley
3. Learning the rafting moves  before we go on the river, River Valley
4. Boat photo before the action commences, River Valley

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley June 14th 2007

River Valley was the stop after Taupo. Like most stops it was only for one night. In the morning we went white water rafting which is something I’ve always fancied doing but just never got around to it. Unfortunatly the rapids were not at their meanest because of the lack of rain but we still had such an amazing day especially with the instructor we had who was a right laugh :o) He was more than happy to point out all the places where people had got stuck under rocks and drowned….nice. At the end of the ride I was admiring the scenery and foolishly turned my back on the other lads who took the opportunity to push me in… was so cold and I could hardly breathe! Sorry I havn't got any pics for this ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley April 18th 2007

Day 7: This morning I woke up early to go horse back riding. There was only 4 of us going so it was a nice small group. It was an interesing experience. The scenery was amazing, we had beautiful hill sides and lots of sheep everywhere we went. It felt just like riding in the lord of the rings movie, it was pretty cool. My horse tho had a mind of its own so it would start running at random when it was by a horse it did not like and it did not always want to listen to me. And went it was not acting up it would walk really slow so we were always beind from the group. it was alot of hills as well and since it had been raining so much latly ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley April 10th 2007

HELLO!!! this has to be quick as i have little time... however, there is so much to say! i shall attempt to summarise my various activities: Rotorua White water rafting: 7m waterfall...the highest rafted waterfall in the world...and lots of rapids. i was at the back of the raft... which was a HUGE mistake... not only was i sitting next to a git of an instructor who thought it would be HILARIOUS to push me out of the raft at the earliest possible moment... but there was also the fact that the two at the back of the raft got pounded with tonnes of water. and i mean tonnes. so over we went... clinging on to dear life... and supprise supprise i got sucked out of the boat and under the waterfall, was nearly strangled ... read more
Sky Tower- Sunset
Sky Tower at Night
Bay Of Islands - Paihia

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley March 20th 2007

Wow, we have really packed in a lot! It's been non-stop! We've been weaving down the North Island and a few days ago took a ferry to the South Island where the scenery just gets more and more stunning. In Waitomo, we suited up for some serious spelunking in the Waitomo Caves, we repelled down a narrow opening in the earth and wound up 50 meters underground. Above our heads were glowing worms on the ceiling of the caves - they looked like stars in the sky! After a zip line, a leap off a ledge on our inner tubes into the river system below, we began our float through the caves. We carried on exploring the caves stopping for lunch in the pitch black (only our head lamps leading the way). It was quite an ... read more
Blue Crater Lakes
At the Top
Tubing the Caves

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley March 18th 2007

To save some money we took a less expensive bus route through the town of Napier located on the east coast of the North Island. It was such a great detour and a really interesting city. In 1931 Napier was devastated by a huge 7.9 earthquake. The quake demolished the city and lifted up the sea floor - the town actually grew by 17 square kilometers! The entire town was rebuilt from the ground up. Since Art Deco was the style of that time, the whole town was done in that style. It is the most complete collection of Art Deco architecture in the world. We only had one full day in Napier and spent it taking a walking architectural tour. It was fasinating! We were glad to discover this town just becuase of a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley February 28th 2007

Left Taupo early morning feeling tired from the night before but not too hung over(a little intoxicated perhaps) Very Grey day and ever so slightly chilli, jeans and sandle weather (jandles?). Today we were to have quite a long day on the bus. So as we drove to the Tongariro National park we watched 80s cheesy classic Rambo. Handnt seen it before and it made the time go by. Reached the National park by midday and spent a view minutes in the visitors centre learning a little about the park. The centre piece of the park is 3 large volcanos in the middle (one used for Mt doom in Lord of the rings) which some are still active and go off every so often. I may be wrong but I think it was the site of ... read more
Centurian Tank
Centurian Tank 2
Brad first

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley February 13th 2007

We arrived in River Valley in the late afternoon, after a smooth pick up in Taupo, another "quick" hiking stop in Tongariro National Park, and a rather uneventful drive to the beautiful River Valley Lodge! What an amazing place! In the absolut middle of nowhere! Lord of the Rings Scenery, and a fantastic River... great chicken roast dinner and a few kiwi beers, a game of janga with real bricks, small talk with a group of older German tourists who were going on the scenic raft trip in the morning, and then off to bed to get some rest to be energized in the morning to tackle all the class 5 rapids that were awaiting us! So after a hearty breakfast, we all got issued our gear... a fleece, a wetsuit, booties, another loose top and ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley December 13th 2006

After the Tongariro Northern Circuit I relaxed in Taupo abit and recouperated before I moved on to River Valley a remote place just south of Tehape- basically in the middle of no where, yet perhaps the most beautiful of all the places Ive been! The lodge was located in between a gorge next to a river. picturesque! Here I realxed the first day taking in the views then the day after I went Horse trekking, and I can honestly say it was absolutely amazing I cant describe how cool it felt. I did a half day exploring the areas of farm land around River Valley. The views were spectacular, My horse was called 'Buster' - abit wilder than the rest I think. Although it took me about 30minutes to get going I had it sust and ... read more
Me and Buster
Me and Buster

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