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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley November 26th 2015

Alright, legs are really hurting today. On the bus now to Wellington, my last stop on the north island. Capital of New Zealand, the locals call it windy Wellington because it's one of (if not the) windiest cities in the world. Spending 2 nights there before taking the ferry to the south island. The day after the mount doom hike, the whole group went back to where the volcanos are and did a 2 hour walk around the area. We could see the volcano I hiked and couldn't believe I hiked it. Such a high volcano and so steep, just kept saying wow I was up there! Felt really proud and accomplished, even if the legs are hurting 3 days later. We stopped at a place known as gollum's hole. It's in the scene from the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley April 7th 2015

Dansker bus Hold nu op, der var mange danskere med bussen mod River Valley. De var tolv! Det var jo fuldstændig vildt! Det var lige før der var flere danskere end briter, hvilket er en sjældenhed. Som altid var der en del briter og tysker. Der var også nogle canadier, svenskere og aussies. Det tro jeg dækker nationaliteterne om bord på bussen rimelig godt. Vi kørte ud til Tongariro Nationalpark, hvor man kunne vælge at gå en tur på to timer. Det valgte jeg ikke at gøre. Mine ben var stadig fuldstændig smadret efter Tongariro Crossing og Mt Doom. Jep jeg var lidt ynkelig, det ved jeg godt, men mine ben var færdige. En stor del af The Lord Of The Rings er optaget i Nationalparken, der har tre aktive vulkaner. Ja Mt Doom er en ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley March 4th 2013

Pain! Serious thigh pain had set in from our walk yesterday and our bus driver informed us that we would be heading back towards the national park for more walking!! The waterfalls at the end of the long walk (Taranaki falls) were however really pretty and we stopped for a quick lunch break before getting back on the road. Upon our arrival at River Valley we quickly started preparing the group BBQ and our first job was to make 50 burgers. They were really yummy burgers if I do say so myself, and we had lots of compliments from the rest of the bus. Our sleeping arrangements were a little odd, we along with 30 other people were in the orgy room - essentially just a wide bench with mattresses running down alongside one another. There ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley September 14th 2012

Right, so we arrive at our River Valley lodge. What an amazing place. It feels like a ski chalet in the alps. Beautiful wooden building with an open fire in the middle of the chillout room set right in a valley on the river, as the name suggests. The room options were either standard bunk bed dorm rooms or one big room which sleeps 16 on a row of connected bunks. I think 11 of us opted for the big room. Unfortunately there had been alot of rain so the rafting was cancelled and we were told there was a chance we could go in the morning. So we decided to go for a walk across the river and up a steep hill. There was no bridge across the river so in order to cross we ... read more
Snow Capped Mountains on the South Island
South Island Hills, photo taken from ferry

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley February 2nd 2011

Saturday 27th November 2010 (Taupo – Turangi – River Valley) Leaving Taupo we all picked up some lunch for a relaxed hike to Taranaki Falls in Turangi, stopping for a picnic on the river near a small waterfall, however it wasn’t till we left that we discovered the large waterfall from LOTR that our guide had been talking about. An exceptionally windy journey took us to River Valley, basically the middle of nowhere, slightly delayed after hitting a New Zealand traffic jam (a flock of sheep being herded down the middle of the road). We had a good laugh jumping into the river from a large wooden board that rolled out from the bank to the deep side of the river where you could jump off and swim back to start all over again! After dinner ... read more
Turangi Falls
Mount Doom from afar
Falls from LOTR

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley December 19th 2010

River Valley was an experience we hadn't had yet. Firstly everyone had to get off the bus a mile from our accommodation as the bus couldn't fit down the steep hill or turn around at the bottom. Then we realized we actually were in the absolute middle of nowhere and our driver wasn't exaggerating. There were only two rooms in this log cabin style place, both of which consisted of one long bunk bed which was meant to fit ten people on the top and ten on the bottom all squashed together on one big bed. Thankfully there was a bar. Although definitely not much else. At first I was glad we were only staying one night but then everyone got into the spirit of things. The owners of the cabin cooked our whole bus a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley February 5th 2010

The day started out on a good note when we arrived at our pick up location. We both had a good night stay away from the rest of the group. I spoke with some German girls that we had befriended along the way. They told me that the Hostel was pretty loud and they wish they got more sleep. It was pretty much what I had expected to hear thus solidifying our notion that all Base Hostels were awful for anyone that wanted to get a good nights sleep. Ideal if you want to get drunk and party all night long. The driver for this bus was in good spirits. Her name was Lauren and she had an awesome personality. She filled us in on the itinerary for the day. She seemed to make friends with ... read more
Mt Doom from Lord of the Rings
Pete along our 2 hr hike
The Tarango Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley March 31st 2009

hello!! just a quick entry to let everyone know that after a great few days in taupo i have arrived in the loveliest and most remote little place called river valley, and have a job here doing general housekeeping for food and board for 2 plus weeks with polly! so im sorry i wont be able to phone as there is no signal. I will try and write every couple of days though. Going horse trekking tomorrow, thought mum would love that! i knackered my knee a little doing the eight hour walk but it was so nice and worth it! climbed up mount doom which was an experience! hope you get this blog, im not sure if the others are being published, leave me a comment and let me know. thats about it, so i ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » River Valley March 25th 2009

Alrighty there. I'm full of beans today, having had a really nice afternoon/evening yesterday and a sunny morning teaching people Poi today. And a gooood sleep! I have also, funnily enough had a really good few days. I decided not to spend a 3 nights in Taupo, so that i could hang out with the crew on my bus as they are pretty ace. This meant I had to move my Tongariro Crossing walk to a day earlier than I had planned, which meant getting up at 6am on Tuesday morning. I had been a bit ill, but thought bugger it I may as well do it when my friends are doing it. The crossing itself is known to be one of the top 10 day hikes in the world, and one of the best in ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Mount Doom

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