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April 10th 2007
Published: April 10th 2007
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this has to be quick as i have little time... however, there is so much to say!

i shall attempt to summarise my various activities:

Rotorua White water rafting:

7m waterfall...the highest rafted waterfall in the world...and lots of rapids. i was at the back of the raft... which was a HUGE mistake... not only was i sitting next to a git of an instructor who thought it would be HILARIOUS to push me out of the raft at the earliest possible moment...
but there was also the fact that the two at the back of the raft got pounded with tonnes of water. and i mean tonnes.

so over we went... clinging on to dear life... and supprise supprise i got sucked out of the boat and under the waterfall, was nearly strangled by the helmet strap and nearly drowned i was under so long! i think it even worried the instructors... :S still. i am alive!!!!
but they were a little nicer to me after that happened 😉

Waitomo - Black water Rafting

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. the best thing ever. firstly absailed down a 35m hole with a really tight squeeze, then went zipping down a flying fox in the pitch black... then we had to jump what felt like 10m down into icy water with little rubber rings... saw 1000000s of gloworms, walked through caves up to our necks in icy water and climbed 3 waterfalls to get out. the best thing ive done so far!!

said to be one of the best one day walks in the world, across the second oldest national park in the world. absolutely amazing. but challenging and hot.

the park was exactly like mordor, it was so barren and beautiful.

today we are in River valley... which is in the middle of nowhere. so its rest and recuperation before we hit wellington!

more soooon....

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10th April 2007

My god Lou...
Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Not sure about nearly drowning though... Is Kate enjoying herself?! Are you two still talking?! Miss ya lots at the crap hole! Jo xxx

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