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April 18th 2007
Published: April 18th 2007
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Day 7: This morning I woke up early to go horse back riding. There was only 4 of us going so it was a nice small group. It was an interesing experience. The scenery was amazing, we had beautiful hill sides and lots of sheep everywhere we went. It felt just like riding in the lord of the rings movie, it was pretty cool. My horse tho had a mind of its own so it would start running at random when it was by a horse it did not like and it did not always want to listen to me. And went it was not acting up it would walk really slow so we were always beind from the group. it was alot of hills as well and since it had been raining so much latly it was all really muddy so i was a bit worried going down hills but it turned out fine. The weather was finally really nice so it was a perfect day for being out on a two hour horse ride. The girls that lead it both live and work at the hostel so they were really nice and helpful. i was a bit stressed because i had not been on a horse in a very long time but for the most part was pretty relaxing. I'm glad I decided to go out, it was for sure a cool experience being in the country where lord of the rings was filmed and bing o a horse like they were in the movie. Everyone else went water water raffing during this time so after we went back for lunch and then got back in the bus. We had a 4 and a half hour drive to Wellington so it was dark when we got here. So a few people went to go see a movie beacuse very few people were staying longer then just the one night but since I was staying longer I just stayed at the hostel and had an early night to get a good sleep for once. I'm glad its nice where we are staying since I'm spending a few times here. It has about 6 floors, rooms with 6 beds per room but the rooms are bigger which is nice and the bathrooms are really clean and there is lots of computer and room to hang out, its also located really close to down town so it will be nice and easy to get around.

I am now on day nine but since I am running out of time of the computer I'm going to update day 8 and 9 hopfully before i leave wellington. I really like it here tho so I will be spending a few days here so that should not be a problem. Its hard to beleive its been a week since I left Melissa and Hoppers. But I'm having fun and have lots of pictures to show people when I get home. I'll update again soon! Hope everyone is doing good!


19th April 2007

I have been following your trip daily from the trip web site and reading all your journals as they are sent. Sounds like way to much fun one for just one person, so I thank you for sharing your expierences with myself and all your followers, but Jess please do not forget your origanal starting address. [HOME] Good job you. and honey you have heard me Im sure through out the years alway's say that a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. LOVE DAD. P.S. - have to go and shovel the snow, Chat with you later Hon,be good.

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