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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei October 30th 2014

We had a wet and windy night but this morning we had a bit of fine weather between the showers so we set off early to visit Haihei and Hot Water Beach. First to Hot Water Beach where it was very windy and cold so after a short walk, we went to Haihei beach which was warmer and nicer to walk along. Then time for coffee in Haihei and the crossword before heading to Cathedral Cove walkway. The car park was full, so as Leigh did not want to do the walk, he waited in the car for a park and then walked a little way while I went on my own. It was well worth the walk, down steep steps, slippery slopes and muddy paths to Cathedral Cove. It was supposed to take 35 mins ... read more
Hot water beach
Haihei Beach
Haihei Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei February 16th 2012

The first day I left on my 'Kiwi Experience' I woke up at 7am in order to be ready to catch the bus at 8:20. As if I needed a reminder that traveling in a group can be tedious by the time we had collected everyone and they had gotten their tickets sorted out we didn't leave Auckland till 10:00am. But in the spirit of fairness the first place we stopped in the Coromandel peninsula is called Cathedral Cove and it is the place they filled Narnia. I had no idea it existed until I got there, so I definitely would have missed out if I had been traveling on my own. The hike down to Cathedral Cove took about an hour and then an hour back. Basically it is straight down and back up a ... read more
Cathedral Cove
Green Pastures
Twisty rivers

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei February 4th 2012

Today we are in the Coromandel. A beautiful part of New Zealand, where Aucklanders go on holiday. From Hahei bay we walked along the beach to Cathedral Cove, so named because it's the shape of a bishops hat. Cathedral cove is a cave formed because of a fault in a rock which causes the unusual shape. Our first day with our new travel group. They all seem up for a good time. Most of them appear to have travelled everywhere! We hope to see some shooting stars as the sky is clear later tonight.... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Auckland Museum

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei October 27th 2011

Real Kiwi’s are not easy to see, ask any New Zealander and chances are they haven’t. So we gave up wandering through dark forests and went to the Kiwi breeding sanctuary in Rotorua. It was a smart choice as they had eggs, day old chicks, adults and all sizes in-between. Liz went a bit goey-eyed at them and implored me to smuggle a little one out, but I said “they probably just taste like chicken, why bother”? As you drive round Rotorua steam spirals up from vents all over the town, pools of boiling mud are all around and minor earthquakes a common event. The locals are oblivious and are very happy to take your silver coins and show you round their homesteads, some of which they accept fall into the smoking earth when hopefully they ... read more
Cathederal cove beach 2
Sunset Coromandel Campsite 1
Hot springs beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei August 2nd 2011

Heute hieß es für Bernd mal wieder „The earliest bird is catching de schendschde Sunnauffgang“. Alleine machte er sich auf den Weg, die ersten Sonnenstrahlen zu erhaschen. Nach dem gemeinsamen Frühstück wanderten wir dann zur Cathedral Cove. Diese Höhle wurde im Laufe der letzten Jahrtausende vom Wasser des Pazifiks ausgehöhlt. Dort machten wir ein paar schöne Aufnahmen und verewigten unseren Blogtitel in der Cove. Als nächstes fuhren wir zum nahegelegenen Hot Water Beach. Hier findet ein seltenes Naturschauspiel statt. Von einer Magmakammer in 2 km Tiefe erhitzt, sprudelt Wasser mit ca. 65° aus dem Sandstrand. Mit Campingstühlen bewaffnet machten wir uns vom Parkplatz aus, auf die 10 minütige Wanderung, zum Beach. Als wir anfingen zu buddeln, merkten wir gleich, dass das Wasser sehr heiß ist und Michi holte sich erst mal ein paar Brandblasen. Daraufhin holten ... read more
Waihi beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei July 16th 2011

Hoewel het hier nu volop winter is, valt het weer super mee Los van de erg koude avonden en nachten (mede vooral door de erg weinig geïsoleerde huizen, ze zijn niet meer dan een houten frame met wanden en ramen van enkel glas) is er van winter weinig sprake! Noem het eerder herfstig. Ik zat vorig weekend zelfs een uur of 2 in mn T-shirt in mn strandstoel buiten in de zon lekker te lezen :D Dit weekend was zelfs nog beter: Chris moet om de 2 weken veldwerk doen op zn researchstrand, 2 dagen lang opmeten van de hoogtes van de duinen tot zo ver mogelijk in het water. Hij kan dat alleen doen wanneer het laag water is, dus die dagen verschuiven wat. Aangezien het deze keer op zat en zondag viel, ging ik ... read more
Coromandel - Fieldwork
Coromandel - Fieldwork
Coromandel - Fieldwork

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei June 6th 2011

Waar ter wereld trekken mensen met een spade naar zee? Om er een put te graven? (OK, behalve duitsers aan het noordzee strand) jeep hier in Nieuw Zeeland! Der is een plek, Hot Water Beach genaamd, waar je je eigen warme thermale bron kan graven met uitzicht over de zee en fraaie baaien :D Leuk hoor! De aardkorst is er op die plek zo dun, dat heet water zich een weg naar boven wringt en zo het zand en het binnenkomende zeewater verwarmd! Zaaaaalig! Alleen jammer dat je de plek waarschijnlijk nooit alleen voor jezelf hebt maw je deelt de 20m² met andere puttengravende wellness seakers Grrrrr En nee, ik heb me niet laten dienen en Chris helemaal alleen onze warmwaterbron laten graven. Ik ben gewoon de enige die foto's trekt ;-)... read more
Hot Water Beach
Hot Water Beach
Hot Water Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei February 20th 2011

Feb. 20 Hahei Beach to Auckland Hahei beach has been described as “ A little bit of Heaven”. It certainly is beautiful. Norm was up early to catch a beautiful sunrise while I made breakfast. Sunrise was lovely but sky is dark, full of clouds and surf is rough. Toast and cereal then, check out and off to find Cathedral Coves kayaks- an original “desk on the beach” – literally- with mobile VISA ! Looking at the weather I am not optimistic we will be going out. One lady spies my Calgary shirt and our Tilly hats and asks us where in Canada we are from. She is from London with a cottage in Port Elgin. We have a lovely chat and visit. She is truly an inspiration – she is 75, travelling New Zealand on ... read more
Ready to launch into waves
Hahei Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei November 13th 2010

Walked to Cathedral Bay in the morning. Drove to Hot Water beach in the afternoon - which is exactly what it is. Two hours before and after low tide you can dig a hole in a particular area and it fills with hot water. We were like kids again with our spade!! We dug a hole and wallowed for ages - it was great. There was quite a party atmosphere sharing our hole with strangers and sometimes it was so hot we had to shift along a bit!... read more
hot water beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei November 11th 2010

Day 8 Wednesday Up and off by 10ish. Long journey today driving down through Auckland and then east to Hahei on the Coromandel Penninsula. Took most of the day. Lovely B&B 200 yards from the beach, had supper at the local pub and after a walk to the beach and a paddle off for an early night. ... read more

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