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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri February 26th 2017

" We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us" . Anonymous Flight NZ 102 lifted lazily into the skies above Sydney and with, Auckland our destination, the prospect of visiting a new country took hold. We had done a lot of research on New Zealand in the week spent in Sydney but the wonder of travel is that it will be different to the picture framed in one's mind. As flights go this one on Air New Zealand was uneventful as we had a two row window/aisle seat so no one alongside to test us with quirky or strange mannerisms. A relatively short flight of about two and a half hours and the approach into Auckland confirmed that we were indeed arriving in the land of the long white cloud. Most ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri October 10th 2016

J'ai pris ce matin la route pour le North pour rejoindre Brigit et Ian les aider sur le bateau (et leur jardin) Il a d'abord fallut s'arrêter à Silverdale acheter de quoi équiper l'auto, puis direction le fil rouge de la journée, les cascades. Une première avec Piroa Falls, puis les Waipu Caves, où j'ai chaussé mes belles bottes en plastique pour observer des glowworms !! (des vers luisants) on se croirait sous une pluie d'étoile c'est magnifique. Seconde cascade avec la Whangarei falls, puis dernière avec la Rainbow falls. La voiture roule bien malgré un parallélisme elle tire toujours à gauche, tant pis. Et il continue de pleuvoir mais pas intermittence, ici les terres sont balayées par les vents ! Me voilà arrivé à Tortura North, Ian est né sur l'île de Man ! (TT) ... read more
J'aime trop ce hangar
Piroa Falls
Whangarei Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri March 15th 2016

C: We headed north from Auckland on Saturday morning. Our first stop was Puhoi where we had been recommended a cheese factory and shop/cafe to visit. It was a beautiful setting and there was some great cheese which seduced Roger into buying an overly expensive platter for brunch! Oh well. The cheese was good and the cheese was nice. After having gorged ourselves on cheese we drove to the coast and the strangely named Goat Island marine reserve. It's supposed to be a great place for snorkelling but the chilly wind and overcrowded black sand beach put us off a bit. We headed on and found a stunning stretch of white sandy beach at Pakiri, we were soon to realise this was the first of many, and were glad we did. After the obligatory British paddling ... read more
Robertson Island
Hundertwasser Toilets
Playful Dolphins

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri December 31st 2015

Thursday December 31 – We woke up to a beautiful beach sunrise and then drove to the Goat Island Marine Reserve. It has amazing snorkeling, but we were there too early to even rent equipment, so we walked around for a while and then carried on north. We stopped at a couple more places as we drove and then in Paihia to get the ferry to Russell in the Bay of Islands. The weather was not great and we were not really impressed with Russell. The best part was that Charles Darwin had been there before. Once we took the ferry back to Paihai, we went to the info site for help finding a place to sleep. It’s really high season at this time and camping is often already booked out. Plus, it is New Year’s ... read more
Goat island reserve
Pied shags

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri June 15th 2015

The last few weeks have involved rolling hills, mountains, sunshine, showers and camper vans!!! When we arrived in New Zealand the climate change was quite dramatic. A lovely 30 degree heat in Fiji, to 10 degrees at night and an average 14 degrees during the day in New Zealand. So not as cold as winter in England but still a bit of a shock to the system. During week one in New Zealand our mission was to find a camper van. In order to get our bearings and decide on the best way to travel New Zealand we hired a camper van for a week and travelled to a few areas not far from Auckland. Long bay regional Park was a fab coastal walk we went on made up of forest and beach routes, as we ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri February 20th 2015

A quieter day today. We started off by visiting the I site ( tourist information) to book a boat trip around the islands out to the 'hole in the rock', but again as it is now past the main summer season the boat was not going to run unless more people booked. That was what I call a self fulfilling outcome as who will book knowing the probable outcome is cancellation? However we went to Waitangi where the Treaty was signed between the English and Moaris giving the latter rights to land and customs. We then visited Haruru falls before travelling onto Kerikeri. We had a picnic lunch at Rainbow falls before reaching the Mission Station. This was the first European settlement in NZ, sponsored by the Anglican christian missionary service.The two original buildings where bequeathed ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri October 11th 2014

Today we visited Kerikeri. Brain had asked David to photograph the stain glass windows in the historic St. James Anglican Church. This church began as a mission in 1819 with the church being built in 1878. Along with the church are two of the oldest building in New Zealand -- the Stone Store and Kemp House. Kerikeri is considered to be the most important historical site in New Zealand as this is where the framework for their bi-cultural society was forged. While David was in the church, I spent some time wandering the grave yard. It was here, I met Vennie who had come to pull some weeds and plant new flowers on her first husband’s grave. We had a great conversation. Vennie's first husband died when he was only 48 years old (I hope I ... read more
Friends & Flowers
Stain glass window - St. James Church
Stain glass window - St. James Church2-Edit-Edit

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri January 9th 2014

Thursday January 9th, 2014. Paihia, Kirikiri & Russell, Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand We breakfasted at the Youth Hostel and then loaded the stuff in the car as we are staying somewhere else in Paihia for the next two nights. We booked it and went in and paid for it yesterday afternoon. Paihia is nestled between rolling green hills and tranquil blue harbours with yellow sandy beaches in the Bay of Islands. We headed out of town and rejoined the Twin Coast Discovery Highway (TCDH) and headed north to Kerikeri. Kerikeri is known for its orchards, wineries, subtropical gardens, artisans an art and craft galleries. It was one of the first places to be settled by Europeans in the early 19th century and is the site of New Zealand's two oldest buildings. We headed straight ... read more
3. St James Church, Kirikiri
6. The Stone Store, Kirikiri
8.  Kerikeri Kemp Mission House

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri May 21st 2013

Hi All, just a blog test run as I hope to create another blog for our 2 or 3 months in Australia starting in 3 weeks starting in Perth, and travelling sort of diagonally, then horizontally across the middle!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri April 2nd 2012

We gingen vanuit KawaKawa naar Keri Keri. De namen van de stadjes hier zijn soms echt hilarisch! Keri Keri is het noordelijkste stadje van het Noordereiland. Vanaf daar begint de weg naar 90 miles beach (90 mijlen strand) Cape Reinga. We besloten Cape Reinga niet te doen omdat we kort in tijd waren. We hadden afgesproken om naar Leigh (Goat Island) te gaan een paar dagen later. We reden wat rond en voor dat ik het wist stond ik met Jan in de 'Living Nature' winkel. Jan had de vlag zien wapperen waar er op stond 'Living Nature, 100% natural skincare'. En inderdaad ik kreeg een zalfje. Dat merk bestaat al 35 jaar en wordt verdeeld over de ganse wereld met een zuster afdeling in Duitsland. De verkoopster ging iemand halen en 2 seconden later stonden ... read more

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