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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands November 18th 2005

Hi everyone, You know you are in paradise when its beautiful even when it is pouring down rain. Apparently our trip falls in the monsoon season, so we have been experiencing some rain! After breakfast on South Sea, the rains started coming in, and the little island became a really wet and windy place. Rachel and I thought we should do a 'sun dance' to get the sun to shine. We said Movai (fijian for goodbye) to all our new found friends on Southsea and got on the ferry to the next island. Ryan changed his plans to meet us in Manta Ray, our last island of the trip, so we could all hang out for a little longer. The hour long ferry ride was wet and rough, and i spent the ride sleeping on the ... read more
Welcome to Kuata
View from Kuata beach
Fijian Clothesline

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands November 17th 2005

Hey friends~ If you ever want to escape, I suggest coming to Fiji...the land is everything one would expect, gorgeous, untouched and absolutely heavenly. But, in my opinion, it is the people who make this country of islands so wonderful and so unique. Fijians are often referred to as "th friendliest people on Earth"...and I can assure you it is the truth!! Everyperson I have encountered is full of smiles, laughter, and zest for life...they are truly amazing. I am thankful that (with the help of a great traveling program, locally owned and operated) I am able to travel through the islands casually, and fortunately avoiding the "tourist-catered, commercially operated, disney world-esque fake fiji, resorts"on the mainland. My trip is going to be island hopping the mamanuca and yasawa island chains, which are considered some of ... read more
On Seaspray Boat
Hoisting the Sails
The Crew at Southsea

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands November 16th 2005

The three hour plane ride from Auckland, NZ to Nadi, Fiji gave me a chance to transition from my experience in NZ to looking foward to my time in Fiji. Flying over the south pacific, i was expecting to see a glimpse of several little green spots floating in a deep blue sea, which I imagined was Fiji in the Pacific. But as the plane approached, I was surprised at how large the islands really seemed! The main island, Viti Levu is quite large in comparision to the Islands I would spend most of my time on. FIji is comprised of 322 islands scattered in the ocean. he main island, Viti Levu holds the country's capital, Suva, and its largest city, Nadi. Arriving in Nadi airport, I was instantly aware I was no longer in NZ ... read more
Fijian Paradise
Sitting by the pool at  Nandi
Breakfast at nandi

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi November 15th 2005

BULA EVERYBODY!!! i am here in nadi fiji, just outside the mountains with andy and mike. we finally have some internet access. i miss everyone, and im sorry for the late entry we have done so much check out we stayed on that island and conquered it for our stay here snorkeled, tanned, aqua dumped, got really bad fish diahrea, stayed with the mamas and got wasted off Kava....dont mess with that stuff...look it up if you wish. fiji has been eye opening and we cant believe we are actually here. we will be in new zealand in auckland tommorow afternoon...which is actually a day and a half ahead of you guys...oi vay! i hope everyones okay at the courthouse...i miss you all the mamas hooked us up with safe awesome meals...while we lifted our ... read more

Oceania » Fiji November 11th 2005

Well here we are finallty at Fiji, one the places ive been looking foward to going to the most out of my hole trip. When we first arrived we went to this hostel which was really cheap to stay bout 6 pound a night but the beach were really crap. Loads of rubbish water was dirty and sand was like mud!! So the next day we booked a trip to go to the outer island called 'Beachcomber' or as we like to call it 'Party Island'. The boat trip over alone was amazing and when we arrived to the Party Island it didnt disapoint!! White sand, crystal clear waters and clear blue skys! Been having a wkd time so far leaving Beachcomber today to try another Island out, whicdh i bet going to be crap!!buuurrrrd! Take ... read more
On Aukland skytower
Before our skydive

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands October 31st 2005

fiji time. let me explain. meesh and i arrived in fiji at 4am and were immediately bombarded with travel agents attempting to usher us into their offices. we succumbed rather quickly, my fault, but it wasn't all bad. we had air conditioning and comfy couches to sit on for the next 6 hours while we waited for our bus. we then were transported to our boat, "the yasawa flyer" that took us to our destination, sunset resort on big waya island. we were greeted a short distance away from the island with a shuttle boat. we loaded our gear and boarded the boat to find only two other people with us. two much older, but very friendly other people. we were serenaded upon docking (or beaching really) with fijian music (think typical island songs) and fresh ... read more
coconut milk
samu and me
fiji sunset

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi October 29th 2005

Bula from Nadi, Fiji! Caitlin and I arrived in Nadi (NAN-di) Wednesday. The 11 hour flight was not bad, unless you count the awful in-flight movie of the Fantastic Four. At least they give you free drinks! We arrived at the tiny, two story Nadi International Airport at 3 AM. I immediately started to shed my fleece and New England fall mentality. It was humid and about 80 degrees in the middle of the night. Sweeeet. After customs (no bodily searches this time), Fijians in loud "Bula shirts" (think Haiwaiian type shirts) asked us where we were staying. They ended up being travel agents who act as representatives to resorts on the outer islands (Nadi is on the main island, Viti Levu). To us, they don't charge any more than booking directly. However, they take a ... read more
View From Tent
Volcanic Coast

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Suva October 26th 2005

Me and Willy jumped off Wallaby here and backpacked around Fiji for a few weeks. What a great place, and met lots of cool people. ... read more
some friends in Fiji
another sunset
Sunset bond fire

Oceania » Fiji October 23rd 2005

Fiji Time is Any Time... no need for watchs and clocks. The people are probably the friendliest and most chilled-out people in the world. Fiji exceded my expectations. And my budget. After a day in Nadi I found the perfect place to head to for some excellent diving... Robinson Crusoe Island on the Coral Coast. I got stuck right into a PADI open water course and withing a few days I was certified (as a scuba diver, not a nutcase) and hooked. Next I wanted to see some more of Fiji and sample the diving somewhere else. A 3 day sailing adventure onboard a 40' yacht fitted the bill perfectly and I got to see a bit of the Mamanuca and Yasawa island groups. Then back to Robinson Crusoe for more diving, hammock time and fire ... read more
Sunset of Nadi
Fiji money
Robinson Crusoe Island

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast October 14th 2005

11thOctober The start of our Fijian Holiday!! We left Adelaide Airport at 6.30pm and reached Melbourne Airport in 55 Minutes. Before we got off the plane, the Stewardess announced to everyone that we were getting married and that it was my first flight- how embarrassing! Melbourne Airport was huge and built like a rabbit warren. I decided to take Quell for the next flight. It made a huge difference and I could look out the window without feeling dizzy! The plane was bigger but only half full. 12th October Bula from Fiji. We arrived at the Airport in Nadi at about 4.00am Fiji time. As soon as we got off the plane, we could feel the humidity and warmth. It was a nice change from cold Adelaide. The Airport was not as modern looking as Australia, ... read more
Arriving at 4am
Outrigger pool
Outrigger Rooms

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