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Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi June 14th 2020

The world should be sketched out by engineers and scientists but shaded and coloured by artists and linguists. Of course being one of the former means I get frustrated when I see a framework having being made up by creatives leaving my “square headed” brain to overheat. This is never more the case than when learning a language; the rules taught are never actual rules unless your mind can access that esoteric rationale that only polyglots have access to. Being over-analytical I mentally try to explore those synapses linking all the obscure rules to somehow relieve my mind. Imagine that scene from A Beautiful Mind where the protagonist is madly mapping the positions of pigeons. (Here’s to hoping that my uni mates will someday, far in the future, give me their bic pens in ... read more
Potentially an ancient Tibetan Meme
Hands up who wants to Latinise Vietnamese
Arabic Mecca Compass

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi November 3rd 2012

Geo: -17.8, 177.42We are working our adaptability muscles. Every time we drop into a new city or country with new surroundings, climate, currency, perhaps language and if not language an accent or habits that are unfamiliar it requires us to let go of what we are comfortable with and embrace the new. Each time I can feel my mind, body and soul aching for the more familiar then settling into the excitement and challenge of another place. It's all good. In fact I really dislike it when I am feeling stuck or too attached; it is a sign to change things up. After our first 10 hours of travel, we arrived in LA with the intention of rendezvousing with my brother. Without any cell phone or access to internet and having sent him only our itinerary ... read more
Hanging Out; Resting Up
Testing the 'Burst' Function on Donna's New Camera
An Unfamiliar Seagull

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi May 7th 2011

Bin genau zur richtigen Zeit aufgewacht, also gegen 8h ohne mir den Wecker zu stellen. Ein gemütliches Frühstück bei beginnendem Sonnenschein hat schon erwarten lassen, dass der Tag ein guter wird Ich hab noch ein anderes Mädl, Luna aus Holland beim Frühstück getroffen, und sie hat uns begleitet, weil heute ihr letzter Tag war und sie sowieso nirgends großartig hinfahren hat können. Um 9h waren wir dann alle versammelt. Scherz. Kann ja nicht sein, dass alle Frauen pünktlich sind. Aber auf Fiji gibt’s sowieso „Fiji Time“. Das ist wirklich ein gebräuchlicher Begriff hier, den auch die Einheimischen verwenden. Und zwar bedeutet das, dass man die Zeitangabe nicht wirklich genau nehmen darf. Wenn ein Bus um 4h Fiji Time kommt, dann kann man schon mal mit halb fünf rechnen. Ist sehr entspannt und gut so, sobald man ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
im Hindu-Tempel

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi October 2nd 2010

Today is my last day in Fiji. I haven’t done much with it. Yesterday’s Seaspray tour was my big farewell treat. Today I just lounged in my bed until I had to check out of the dorm. I spent the afternoon reading, sorting and editing photos on my computer and just taking time to reflect. Coming to Fiji has been at the top of my travel list for years. I’ve “planned” on making the trip here multiple times only to make other life choices or have things come up and get in the way. I began to fear that seeing Fiji was going to become the thing always said I’d do and never did. But I did it. I have such a great sense of satisfaction the entire time I’ve been here, just knowing that I’m ... read more
Pool at the Backpackers
Final Sunset
Final Sunset

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi May 21st 2010

We made it to Fiji for our honeymoon adventure! It was quite an adventure—an hour flight from Raleigh to DC, a 2-hour layover, 5 hours to LA, a 3-hour layover, then 10.5 hours to Nadi, Fiji (with a dose of Ambien to help get through that flight). We were then picked up by a driver in an older, black Mercedes and driven 2.5 hours to the south side of the island. By that time it was 10am Fiji time, and we were supposed to be met by a boat to get us to the first island where we are staying, but we were told the water was too choppy for a small boat, and all 3 of the big boats were out on dive trips. So the driver dropped us at a resort called The Pearl, ... read more
Beqa Lagoon
a greeting song from the staff at Beqa Lagoon Resort
the dining "bure" at Beqa Lagoon Resort

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi April 4th 2010

Je savais depuis un bout de temps que Vancouver allait être mon point de chute, de l'autre côté du vaste Pacifique. Ce que je ne savais pas, en revanche, c'est qu'allait m'être offerte la chance de faire deux arrêts imprévus sur la route. Après quelques heures de farfouille sur la toile et des réservations forcées dans une agence de voyage de Melbourne, je me suis retrouvé avec trois e-ticket en poche : Auckland – Nadi, Nadi – Honolulu, Honolulu – Vancouver; le tout pour un peu moins cher qu'un vol direct. Chic ! Bon, au final, l'opération s'est en fait avérée un peu plus couteuse que prévue. Une erreur dans les dates de réservation par cette foutue agence et une confiance mal placée de ma part m'ont forcé à reprogrammer mon dernier vol vers la Canada. ... read more
Fijis, coté campagne
Sur les pistes des Fijis
Sur les hauts de Natawa

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi March 14th 2010

BULA! We arrived in Nadi International on the mainland Fiji, 6th March at 6:00am. We had a short transfer to the Hostel, which was more like a hotel than a hostel with two pools and two restaurants, a movie room and games room. We quickly felt at home! As we started early we lazed around in the sunshine by the pool. After recovering from some jet lag, we lost the 5th of march, it never happened, we had dinner in the restaurant which was really good food and cheap. We re-packed leaving some heavier thicker clothing at the hostel on the mainland. Our island hopping adventure started at 6:30am; after breakfast we jumped aboard the window less bus to take us to the marina. Denarau port was very pleasant with a golf course winding between the ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi March 6th 2010

I left San Francisco at 3pm thinking my flight was at 18.50 but i got put on the earier 4pm flight to LA then a 3hr connecting flight over to Fiji. I left at 9pm LA time on 20th feb and arrived at 6am on 22nd in Nadi having crossed the international date line. Fiji is one of the closest countries to the date line meaning that it is one of the earliest place of daybreak in the world. This made me think that as I saw the sunrise on Monday i would be one of the first people on the planet to welcome in this new day. Back in England this would not be seen for another 13hrs! I got a shuttle bus to my hotel, which is on the same bay as the airport ... read more
Kava ceremony at Oscar's house
Oscar's kids making Kava
Mala Mala Island

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi May 8th 2009

Dear all, Here I am in Fiji! Yes I am in paradise and so you would think that I would be feeling blissfully relaxed..but sadly it was not to be! We flew in two weeks ago and after spending two nights in Nadi we went down to the Coral Coast. We stayed in a room in the village of Korotogo. For the first three days we hired a car as there was some diving that we wanted to do which was a couple of hours away. So we drove to Pacific Harbour and did a days diving on Shark Reef in Beqa Lagoon. We dropped down to 30 metres and sat on the bottom and then the divemasters let out a mixture of fish guts which attracted a lot of fish! There were huge trevally’s but ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi April 12th 2009

12/4/09 = From Beach House to Mango Bay = Easter Sunday Woke up lots of times in night itching. Not mosquitoes, not sandflies...but ants. I hate you ants of Robinson Crusoe! That was also way woke up at 7:30, itching. Got changed and went straight for breakfast. Found kitchen easy enough - couldn’t see anything when arrived in dark last night - and glad to see breakfast had already started, with plenty of options. Made cup of tea, started on cereal, then Deb came down too. Followed up ceral with toast and juice - got to make the most of these free breakfasts - and when totally full, went to reception to both check in and out. Moving on to Mango Bay resort today. Orangised pick up for Mango at midday so at least had a ... read more
A hut by the sea
A nice bure to sleep in
Lovely bure

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