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Oceania » Fiji » Suva March 5th 2018

Today we brave driving up the hotel’s 3 mile dirt track-come-river and visit the capital, Suva. It’s a further 50 miles along the Queen’s Road, the main road which circumnavigates the island. The road condition plus speed bumps in the villages mean it’s a 2 hour drive each way. Suva has a population of 85,000. It’s weird to think of a capital city less than half the size of Bournemouth. Maybe Dorset should become a republic? First we head for a supermarket. The remoteness of our hotel has induced the owners to charge exorbitant prices for food and drink so we buy some provisions to keep costs down a bit. The road hugs the ocean for much of the drive, but the closer we get to Suva, the more polluted it becomes with bottles, tyres and ... read more
Fiji Museum
Puffer fish hat
Clock tower

Oceania » Fiji » Suva April 11th 2015

So there is the cyclone occurring at the moment that could hit Fiji so I'm moving from Nadi (where it's more likely to hit) to Suva. I had a nice breakfast and then got the bus from Nadi for 4 hours to Suva which was a bargain $15 for an air conditioned bus! I just read my book the whole way. When I got to Suva my hostel was only a 5 minute walk so I went there and checked in at city hotel. I was meant to be in a 10 bed dorm but got upgraded to a private room with double bed and en suite- luxury compared to what I have been used to! Then I wandered into town and had a look around before getting some tea and cake in a cafe. Then ... read more
Fiji museum
Tsulu Bunk House
Diving Crew- PADI course

Oceania » Fiji » Suva September 20th 2014

In January 2014, Judy (my mother) and I walked into our local Flight Centre to book our first ‘Mother and daughter cruise’ to the South Pacific with Princess Cruises. This was actually my ‘dream cruise because because I’ve wanted to do a Fijian cruise since age of sixteen, and finally in my dream has come true. Prior to this, I had never been on a cruise ship before, and it was also my first time out of Australia. Departing from Sydney Australia: - The morning of ‘Saturday, 20th September 2014’ finally arrived. I got out of bed and asked myself, "So can I get excited now?" After a short purse I said, "Yep" and spent the rest of the morning wanting one thing... to get onto the ship! Wendy Grace was the lady who looked after ... read more
The (late) Dawn Princess is now out at sea
Meet our room steward 'Tony Campbell.'
The Champagne Waterfall

Oceania » Fiji » Suva March 4th 2014

Tuesday, March 04, 2014 Today is an exciting day. We arrived at the first stop in Fiji. I have so been looking forward to this part of the trip, going to such an exotic location in the world. It is so remote and a big mystery to us. Today we are the port of Suva, Fiji. I woke up at 5:00am and headed down to the Royal Promenade to my normal spot to work on this blog. It is so peaceful sit down here before the hustle and bustle of the day. I returned to the cabin around 7:00am to wake up Cindy. We needed to eat breakfast early because our tour was meeting 845am. Today we needed to bring along our swimsuit, towel, lotion, change or clothes and a pair of shoes that ... read more
View of the river and mountains in the distance
View of the Navua river
View of the Navua river

Oceania » Fiji » Suva March 3rd 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014 Today is a sea day for our cruise. A lot of fun things planned for the day. They ship is really good about offering a variety of activities for everyone. To start the day off, I woke up early, 4:40am. This is a good thing because I am behind on my travel blog. I headed down to the Royal Promenade and settled into my usual spot in front of the Irish pub. Around 6:20am, Cindy came up behind me and scared the living you know what out of me. Cindy is joining my world, walking up early. After working on my blog, Cindy and I got dressed and headed to breakfast by 7:30am. We ate breakfast in the dining room this morning. As I have mentioned in prior blogs, it ... read more
Adult pool where Cindy and I relaxed
Ice Odyssey Show
Ice Odyssey Show

Oceania » Fiji » Suva October 20th 2013

We had a wonderful stop two days ago on the island of Druvani, Fiji. Only 150 people, white sand beaches and a wonderful warm, clear blue-green water day. We just tendered ashore, had a stroll around in the morning and then went back to the ship for lunch. In the afternoon, we returned to buy some of very special forks they used to use on very special dinners (think Alferd Packer) and found some. We'll see if we have problems getting them back home though - Australia and New Zealand are very stringent in their rules on bringing organic material into their countries, so we have to have them vetted on the ship. Hope it works. Anyway, also had a tour of the little three-room school and a wonderful talk with the kindergarten teacher. The kids ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Suva August 26th 2013

Arrived in Suva at 7.00a.m. - had a leisurely breakfast and decided to just walk around the town itself - after all the amazing places we have been Suva was a little uninspiring - but the weather was a lovely breezy 24 so perfect for a long walk. Walked about 7kms along the beachfront past Albert Park, their big sporting ground, Thurston Gardens which is a very nice botanical park lush with flowering plants, shady trees and lily ponds. Overlooking these gardens is the Government Houses which is a very grand looking mansion - over the top when you see the basic homes people have to live in around the place - sadly lacking TLC, many beggars and the beaches close to town were strewn with endless rubbish, plastic bags and bottles. People very friendly and ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Suva May 4th 2013

More than four months into this crazy journey and it is almost at its end. On any given day I go back and forth between just wanting to get the hell out of dodge, and not wanting to ever leave this weird, not so perfect, paradise. In less than a month and a half I will have my feet planted firmly back on US soil, I will have my dog constantly at my side again, I will have consistent wifi, a Starbucks down the street, Chick-fil-a within walking distance, my momma back on speed dial, and my beautiful Jeep sitting in the driveway just begging me to load up the dogs and go for a drive. Maybe it is a little bit too early for me to start getting nostalgic, but regardless, I am. Before I ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Suva March 1st 2013

Bula y'all! I've had several friends ask me what the Fijian language is like. Well, it's a tough language because everything is spelled differently than it is pronounced. Many Fijians, from the younger generation, don't even speak much of it. But there are some basic words that everyone knows and uses. Here is your Fijian lesson for the month: Bula: hello, goodbye, and just a general all around greeting Vinkaka: thank you Moce: pronounced mo-de, means goodBye kata kata : very hot! We use this one a lot because it gets VERY hot! One of the perks of living right on the equator I guess. That is about the extent of my Fijian language skills, but I plan on learning more! Luckily so much communication in Fiji is unspoken, and pretty odd. I got the remarkable ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Suva February 20th 2013

So here's the thing about Fiji: it's weird. And I mean really weird. So much so that I am dedicating an entire blog to all things odd and Fijian. Starting with coffee. Back home in the states I survive off coffee, my blood is about 40% leukocyte and Erythrocytes and 60% caffeine. So needless to say I was shocked when I found out that all coffee here is instant, yes instant. I feel a bit like a crack addict going through withdrawals, hopefully this will pass. Thank God for a little place called the Republic of Cappucino which offers a pretty decent espresso served in an air conditioned environment with free Wifi (coincidentally that's where I am sitting now). Now let's talk buses. The transportation system in Suva is pretty decent all in all. There is ... read more

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